Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 13-14

Chapter 13

Song Ruwan had an org*sm, and she could feel a warm rush in her p*ssy, the flesh inside writhing and tightening. Xie Xun clenched his teeth and pulled his shaft out a little, causing some of the l*wd fluids to spill out immediately along with his movements. 

Xie Xun looked down and saw that there was a wet mess between Song Ruwan’s fair legs, and amidst the clear liquid were drops of blood. He knew that this was her v*rginal blood. He had taken her v*rginity, so from now on, she was his woman. 

“Wanwan… I’ll treat you well…” Xie Xun raised Song Ruwan’s b*tt, then began to push his once-again thick c*ck into her slightly swollen c*nt. 

Due to their earlier tryst, Song Ruwan’s passage was completely wet, and Xie Xun’s giant c*ck could slide all the way in easily. Her passage was extremely narrow. Xie Xun pushed in and out fervently, as his large palms grabbed onto her fair b*tt tightly, as he lodged himself deep within her. He felt as though he was about to c*m from the tightness within, so much so that a layer of perspiration was glistening on his forehead, and it was with much difficulty that he managed to stop himself. 


Xie Xun’s thrusting movements were so vigorous that the entire peach blossom tree was swaying, and the pink petals fell off the branches. There were even some that fell onto Song Ruwan’s body, adding some colour to her snowy white skin, and he could not take his eyes off her. 

Song Ruwan just had an org*sm, and now, she was like a weak puddle of l*wd water, lying pitifully on Xie Xun’s body, allowing him to do whatever he wanted with her. “Brother Xun… Brother Xun…” 

Hearing Song Ruwan’s seductive and addictive moans, Xie Xun hugged her jade-like body tightly and his fingers drove deeper into her b*tt, as though it was poking through her skin, as he pushed even harder. The sound of the fluids squelching from the area of their copulation could be heard with every stroke he made! 

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Ubyrvla 14

That night, Song Ruwan lay alone in bed and was in a deep sleep when she felt someone caressing her face and whispering her name. 


She had just lost her v*rginity and was exhausted, yet she was still shocked when she realised that someone had barged into her bedroom. She quickly opened her eyes, and to her surprise, the person who was sitting by her bed was Xie Xun! 

She quickly sat up and asked, “Brother Xun, why are you here at this hour? Did anyone in the manor see you coming in?” 

Xie Xun pushed her back down, making her lie obediently back on the bed before saying, “Don’t worry. No one saw me coming in. I just wanted to come and check in on you. Does that area still hurt?”

Thinking about the searing pain between her legs, she involuntarily wriggled her body before looking down shyly and saying, “It hurts a little, but it’ll be fine after one night’s rest.” 

“Let me take a look. I want to see if it’s still swollen. I brought some medicine, I’ll apply some for you later.” As he spoke, he was about to pull her blanket away and check that area. 

Song Ruwan quickly grabbed Xie Xun’s wrist and stopped him. Her face was crimson as she said, “Brother Xun, don’t look! It’s too embarrassing!” 

Xie Xun chuckled, “We’ve already done the most embarrassing thing, so why are you still scared of me taking a look? I’ve already entered that area, so there’s no need to be shy, alright?” 

Song Ruwan also knew that she was just being pretentious. She had already given herself to him, so why should she be scared of him seeing it? But… This was different from the situation at the peach blossom garden. Back there, they went all the way because they were in the right mood for it, but here, it seemed like she was going to show him the most precious part of herself for him to examine and check in detail. 

“I’ll be fine. Brother Xun, you don’t have to look.” 

Between the two of them, Xie Xun had always been the more proactive one. This did not change even though Song Ruwan had been reborn. He forcefully removed the silk pants on her, then peeled her legs apart. 

The tender flower lips were a little swollen, and turned out slightly. Xie Xun carefully used two fingers to pry open the flower lips, and meticulously checked if the tiny hole had been injured by him. Fortunately, apart from the slight swelling, the inside was not injured. 

Then, he pulled out a pale green porcelain bottle from his sleeve and opened the cover. He put a little of the white cream on his finger, then gently rubbed the swollen flower lips, patting it softly till the two lips were covered with a thin layer. Then, he probed a finger into the tender and small passage, twirling around the area, covering the tunnel walls with the cream. 


Throughout the whole process, Song Ruwan covered her face, not daring to even take a look at Xie Xun. However, she could feel his finger lightly twirling around her passage. It felt comfortable and cool inside. 

“I’m done.” After Xie Xun applied the medicine, he pulled his finger out. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do those enjoyable things with Song Ruwan again, but he had just taken her for the first time today, so he wanted her to rest first. 

Song Ruwan peeked at Xie Xun through a small slit between her fingers, then said shyly, “Brother Xun, hurry up and put on my pants for me please.” 

Xie Xun was cleaning the remnants of the medicine from his fingers. When he heard that, he smiled and said, “Wait for a while more. I’ll help you put it back on when the medicine has dried.” 

Song Ruwan could not object to that, so she could only keep her legs open and wait for the medicine to dry. As for Xie Xun, he was sitting right at the spot where he could see the full glory of the area between her legs, causing her heart to pound even more rapidly like a rabbit hopping at top speed. 

“In a few days, once your body has recovered, I’ll use Baoling’s name to invite you to the Marquis of Ningguo’s residence for a visit, alright?” Xie Xun asked, but his eyes were fixed on the area between her legs. 

Faced with Xie Xun’s blatant stare, Song Ruwan could only stutter in reply, “Why should I go there?” 

“My silly Wanwan, of course you’re going there to visit me. Won’t you miss me if you don’t see me for a few days?” 

“I… I…” I won’t miss you. Of course, Song Ruwan could never act coquettishly and say these lies like other girls did, because she knew that she was scared to lose Xie Xun. He was too outstanding, so what should she do if she angered him and caused him to leave her? After all, there was a long queue of noble ladies in the capital who wanted to get married to him! 

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