Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 1-2

Chapter 1

The reflection from the octagonal bronze mirror showed a girl, about the age of eleven or twelve, sighing alone. This young girl was already a stunning beauty at her age, with fair skin, rosy cheeks, and pouty, luscious lips. However, there was a trace of worry that was uncommon in a young lady who should be innocent and carefree. She touched her flat chest and mumbled to herself, “Oh… It’s still so small…” 

“Ruwan, what are you doing?” a crisp female voice sounded from behind. 

Song Ruwan turned back and saw that it was her cousin, Song Qizhen. In her previous lifetime, Song Qizhen treated her like a sister, and she had learned all her skills in bed from her. Song Qizhen had even spoken to her about her experience with how she did it with her husband, and she blushed as she thought about what Song Qizhen told her back then. 

“Cousin, why are you here?” 


“My mother is talking to the female butler in the residence. I was bored, so I came over to chat with you.” Song Qizhen was a regular visitor here, so she found a place to make herself comfortable, like she always did. 

Song Ruwan chuckled, as she placed a plate of melon seeds in front of Song Qizhen, then sat down beside her. 

Song Ruwan was the only daughter of the second son of the Marquis of Yongan. Her father had passed away many years ago, so she lived with her mother all her life. Song Qizhen, on the other hand, was the eldest daughter of the eldest son, and her father was going to eventually inherit the Marquis position. Naturally, her position in the house was high. However, she had always treated Song Ruwan well, and the latter recognised that too. 

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However, Xie Xue was really well-endowed. His c*ck was long and thick, and was completely incompatible with his dashing and refined looks. 


Chapter 2

Song Qizhen was astounded by some of the poses in the book, and initially, she wanted to lean her arm against Song Ruwan in shock, but unexpectedly, her elbow knocked onto her tiny chest instead.

“Ouch…” Song Ruwan groaned, then frowned and said, “It hurts.” 

Song Qizhen quickly put down the book in her hand and asked worriedly, “Where did I hit you? Let me take a look?” 

Song Ruwan was uncertainly not going to allow Song Qizhen to see her chest, and she covered it before saying, “Cousin, I’m fine.” 

Song Qizhen saw Song Ruwan covering her chest and knew that she had accidentally hit that area. She was not attracted to women, so she would not insist on checking her cousin’s chest. However, she furrowed her brows and asked, “Ruwan, has your br*asts developed yet?” 

What did she mean by that question? Where did she learn to ask such things from? If Song Ruwan had not been close to Song Qizhen in her previous life, and had heard her mention these things frequently, she would not have understood what she meant. 

Song Ruwan blushed, and she bit her lip, refusing to reply to her cousin. 

Song Qizhen was thinking about Song Ruwan’s almost non-existent br*asts. The man her cousin was in love with was the male god of all the noble women in the capital, so her competition was going to be intense. Even though Song Ruwan was pretty, her figure was like a child’s! How could she compare with other women? And so, she advised Song Ruwan, “Ruwan, you’d better drink a bowl of milk everyday. Also, if you have the time, rub them with your hands, they’ll grow bigger this way.” 

Song Qizhen’s words caused Song Ruwan to become even more bashful, so much so that she wanted to dig a hole and hide herself in it. In her previous life, her chest was so flat when she married Xie Xun that only her n*pples were protruding, but Xie Xun still loved them a lot. Whenever he had the chance, he would rub and play with them, and he would even use his mouth to suck the nubs when they were doing the deed. After a couple of years, her tiny br*asts become two big melons that Xie Xun could not even hold in his hand. He loved it even more after that. 

“Mm, got it. Thanks, Cousin.” In fact, Song Qizhen had reminded her the same thing before in her previous life, but she had been too shy back then and did not dare to do it. That was the reason why her figure did not become better when she got married. Fortunately, Xie Xun did not dislike her because of it. He even loved to rub and suck her tiny br*asts. However, now that she had the experience from her past life, and knew that men still preferred women with big br*asts, hence she would take her cousin’s advice this time. 

When Song Qizhen saw how her usually shy cousin agreed to it without hesitation, she said teasingly, “Oh? You’re already thinking of preparing your body for your Brother Prince?” 


“What nonsense are you spouting, Cousin!” Song Ruwan’s flush travelled to her ears, after Song Qizhen saw through her thoughts. 

Song Qizhen covered her mouth and giggled, “Since you’re preparing it for Xie Xun, then let him rub it for you. I’m guessing that he’ll be willing to do so! Besides, once a woman’s chest is rubbed by a man for a certain period of time, it will naturally grow. You’ll find out when you try it for yourself.” 

Song Ruwan looked at Song Qizhen’s voluptuous chest and exclaimed, “Cousin, could it be that you allowed Brother Mu to rub it for you before?” Mu Yun was the eldest son of the highly regarded General Mu. He had a carefree personality, and was childhood companions with Song Qizhen. In their previous life, both of them got married too. 

Song Ruwan’s words caused Song Qizhen to gulp in fear. Ever since Mu Yun had a taste of it once, whenever they met privately, he would start kneading her br*asts, and would even use his mouth to suck them. During this period of time, her bosom was supposed to be developing, and it would hurt sometimes even without anyone touching them. Together with his rubbing and sucking, her chest would be so painful that she even wanted to cry, but he still refused to let go of them! He was truly a pervert! 

PS. The female lead was reborn, while her cousin transmigrated ~

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