Amorous Short Stories

TPE Chapters 51-52

Chapter 51

Fengzhen’s solemn promise caused Jiang Si to be in a daze, and by the time she snapped out of it, all her clothes were taken off. And the man was pressing atop her, buried in her chest. 

Fengzhen had not tasted Jiang Si’s body for seven days, so he was very excited at the moment. Not only did he use his face to rub against her tender flesh, he even sucked one n*pple while kneading the other with his other hand. What a busy man! 

Jiang Si’s br*asts had a unique fragrance that seemed to emanate from her body. And the way the Fengzhen was greedily devouring her chest really did not seem like what an emperor should be doing! 

“My darling, your br*asts taste so good… So fragrant and soft… I really love to nibble on them… If there was milk coming out from there, it’ll be even better…”


Jiang Si was enjoying it so much that her body arched upwards, closing the distance between her chest and Fengzhen’s mouth. Since the beauty was delivering herself to him, there was no reason for Fengzhen to reject! He opened his mouth wider and began sucking her soft mound with even greater enthusiasm, enjoying himself even more! 

It was only when the peak of Jiang Si’s mounds were hard and swollen that he finally let go of it reluctantly. By then, her entire chest was glistening with his saliva. 

“My darling… Spread your legs apart… I want to lick your sweet p*ssy…” 

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“Ohhh… Mmmm… It’s so full… Fengzhen… Slow down… I’m going to be f*cked to death… Ohhh…” Jiang Si had never expected her body to be so needy. However, it was not only her body which was asking for more. Her heart wanted too… She wanted Fengzhen to love her and pamper her like this for the rest of their lives. 


Jiang Si’s br*asts were bouncing continuously, and Fengzhen was panting heavily. He bent down, plunging his dragon root deeper, and his face was buried in Jiang Si’s chest, as he sucked her n*pples, and the entire chamber was filled with the sounds of his sucking and slurping. 

“Ahh… Fengzhen… Mmmm… I can’t take it anymore…” Before Jiang Si could finish speaking, her p*ssy had already began convulsing, and it sucked Fengzhen’s c*ck even more tightly. Fengzhen was perspiring all over, because he was unable to move anymore. 

Chapter 52

After Jiang Si recovered from her org*sm, Fengzhen played her with br*easts, and his hips began moving again in long strokes, as he began breathing heavily again. “Ahhh… Ohhh… Woooo… Si’er… You’re really sucking me so well… Ohhh… Your p*ssy is so warm and soft…” 

Jiang Si’s passage was grabbing his c*ck so comfortably that after a while of hard f*cking, he felt that he was about to shoot. He quickly grabbed her n*pples, and pinched and played with them as though he was milking her. A trembling sensation spread from his hips to his entire body, and he pushed all the way in and shot his thick load into Jiang Si’s flower pot. 

After making love, Fengzhen remained lying atop Jiang Si. She pushed against him and grumbled, “You’re so heavy.” Fengzhen was in a good mood, so he laughed heartily, then turned and lay down beside Jiang Si and pulled her into his arms. 

Without anything blocking her p*ssy, his thick s*men spurted out with a small plop. Jiang Si looked uneasily at her chest. Her br*asts were kneaded by Fengzhen till they were red and swollen, and there were even visible teeth marks and red spots from his sucking. As for her nether regions… Her c*nt was probably swollen, after being f*cked for an entire night. 

Fengzhen lowered his head and kissed her forehead before asking, “What’s wrong?” 

Jiang Si would never tell him what she was thinking, and she simply snuggled into his chest and said softly, “it’s nothing. I’m just tired.” 

Fengzhen smiled, then rubbed her b*tt and asked, “Did I overdo it?” 

Jiang Si hit his chest lightly and said shyly, “No!” 

Fengzhen pretended that he was going to go for another round, and Jiang Si was so scared that she pushed against him and said, “No… I’m definitely swollen down there…” 


It was only then that Fengzhen gave up and pulled her into his arms again. He kissed her once more, then said gently, “Sleep.” 

Ever since Jiang Si became the only woman in the harem, she clearly became more cheerful, and was no longer cold towards Fengzhen. Fengzhen was very happy with her change, and he would go to Hanzhang Palace everyday after the court session ended and he had finished his work. Just like this, the two of them lived the life of an ordinary couple. 

One day, Jiang Si seemed unwell. She felt weak all over, and she could not even stomach her lunch. After Fengzhen arrived, he coaxed her into eating a piece of lotus cake, but before she even swallowed it, she vomited everything out. 

The Imperial Physician was summoned, and he checked her pulse meticulously. After some time, he said joyfully, “Congratulations, Your Majesty, Her Majesty is pregnant!” 

Fengzhen was surprised to hear this. “The Empress really has a dragon seed inside her?” 

“She’s been expecting for slightly more than a month.” 

Previously, the Imperial Physician had said that the Yuanyang Pill’s side effect was infertility. Jiang Si’s pregnancy was proof that the poison from the Yuanyang Pill had been expelled. 

“Si’er… We finally have a child together…” Fengzhen was smiling joyfully, as he sat down to hold her hand. 

Jiang Si was still in disbelief about her pregnancy. “Is… Is it really true?”

“Of course it is… In the future, you’ll give birth to even more children for me.” 

Jiang Si touched her belly and felt like she was in a dream. She had really suffered a lot from initially planning to transmigrate back to the modern world, to eventually willingly bear children for Fengzhen. 


“Fengzhen… Will you love me all your life?” 

“Of course. I swear that I’ll love you forever.” 

“And you’ll love only me?” 

“I can’t promise you that. I still have to love our children.” 

Jiang Si giggled, then leaned into Fengzhen’s arms. 


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