Amorous Short Stories

TPE Chapters 49-50

Chapter 49

After resting in bed for two days, Jiang Fi finally got her wish to go kite flying and horse riding. However, this was a special horse – it was the Emperor itself. That day, Jiang Si rode on Fengzhen’s back, and her tiny hand continuously slapped his muscular b*tt like a horse, causing all the palace maids in Hanzhang Palace to tremble in fear. 

It was only when Jiang Si had her fun and slid down from Fengzhen’s back that all of them finally heaved a sigh of relief. However, this also affirmed their conviction that they had to serve Her Majesty as though they were serving their ancestors, and they could never make her upset. This master who could even ride His Majesty like a horse was someone they could never afford to offend. 

This day, Fengzhen was in the Imperial Study reading the reports from the officials. Suddenly, Jinbao burst in and walked hastily to him, then reported in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty! Something bad has happened! Her Majesty fell and hurt her head!” 


There was a dark ink spot on the petition, and Fengzhen’s expression instantly changed. He put his brush down, then walked over to Hanzhang Palace in a frenzied state. Jinbao followed behind him, wiping the sweat on his forehead as he walked. 

When Fengzhen reached Hanzhang Palace, the Imperial Physician had already begun to wrap Jiang Si’s head in a bandage. When Fengzhen saw Jiang Si lying there unconscious, without even flinching from the treatment, he knew that her injury was definitely serious. 

“How did all of you serve Her Majesty! All of you deserve to die!” Fengzhen was infuriated, and when the servants heard that, all of them fell to their knees in unison. 

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Just as Fengzhen said this, Jiang Si’s eyes fluttered for a moment, and she slowly opened her eyes. 


“Si’er! You’re awake! Does your head still hurt? I’ll get the Imperial Physician to take a look.” Fengzhen finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Jiang Si was awake. He quickly summoned the Imperial Physician. 

However, Jiang Si seemed strange. She didn’t cry or make a fuss, and simply stared at the bed frame above her head. She did not look at anyone, including Fengzhen. 

The Imperial Physician examined her and confirmed that she was fine before he left the room. Fengzhen held Jiang Si’s hand and asked tenderly, “Does it hurt? Shall I get the Imperial Chefs to prepare some pastries for you?” Even though he asked, he knew that Jiang Si would never answer him. He only asked out of habit. 

“… There’s no need.” Perhaps it was because she had not spoken in a long while, but Jiang Si’s voice sounded a little hoarse. 

Fengzhen was stunned when he heard these words. It had been a long while, and he asked in disbelief, “You… You’ve finally come back to your senses?” 

Jiang Si turned to look at Fengzhen, looking indignantly and hatefully at him, but there was also a conflicted look on her face. 

Chapter 50

Jiang Si was no longer in her crazed state, and she had even remembered every single thing that occurred in the six months she was in delirium. Fengzhen’s care for her could be described as meticulous. She was not a heartless person, so it would be a lie to say if she was not touched by him. 

Yet, she had been intent on transmigrating back, and had never wished to remain her. However… She no longer had the chance anymore. 

“Do you want to eat something?” Fengzhen asked carefully. 

All this while, Fengzhen had treated her like a child, and used food to coax her all the time. He had even used good food to trick her into bed a few times. But now, since she had regained her sanity, she would not be as greedy as before. 



There was an awkward silence between the two. 

After some time, all the servants in Hanzhang Palace could tell that something strange had happened to Her Majesty. But perhaps that was not the right way to say it. Rather, Her Majesty had become normal again! She was no longer like a child who was running about all the time! 

Nowadays, Her Majesty would sit by the window in a daze. If no one went to call her, she would just sit there, unmoving, for the entire day. Even if His Majesty came to visit her, they would simply sit there in silence, unlike the past, where he would be able to coax her into bed. 

“Si’er, what must I do before you’ll agree to be with me again?” After Jiang Si recovered, she treated Fengzhen coldly. He thought about the matter for many days, and decided that the only way they could reconcile was if she was willing to accept him again. 

Hearing this, Jiang Si looked up at Fengzhen with a hint of mockery in her eyes. “What I want is a man and his wife for a lifetime, with no one else coming between them. Can you do that?” 

Fengzhen did not give her an immediate answer, and did not even come to Hanzhang Palace in the next few days. This was the outcome that Jiang Si had expected, but she still felt a faint sense of disappointment. 

“Something happened! Your Majesty!” Honglian panted heavily as she ran to Jiang Si and reported, “His… His Majesty… He’s sending all the concubines in the palace to Chaohua Temple! But many of them refuse to get onto the carriages… They are just kneeling on the floor and crying!” 

Astonishment appeared on Jiang Si’s face. Could it be that Fengzhen was giving up on his harem for her? 

That night, under the lights of the red candle, Jiang Si sat in bed pouting. Her mind was in a mess. She had to admit, she did love Fengzhen, but she didn’t dare to trust him completely. A lifetime was a very long time, and men were easily swayed, what more the emperor himself. 

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice that Fengzhen had arrived. It was only when he hugged her around her shoulder that she came back to her senses. There was an awkward tone in her voice as she asked, “Why are you here so late at night?” 


Fengzhen could hear the change in her tone, so he hugged her even more tightly and said, “It’s already been seven days since we last had s*x. You need to relieve the poison of the Yuanyang Pill…” 

Jiang Si was astonished. “When did you find out that Iwas suffering from the Yuanyang Pill’s poison?” 

“I knew it from a long time ago. Don’t be scared. I’m here, and I have loads of s*men, so you won’t die from the poison,” Fengzhen teased. 

Jiang Si blushed, “Who wants you to help me with the poison? I might as well die.” 

Fengzhen lowered his head and captured Jiang Si’s mouth, stopping her for saying more inauspicious things. Then, he sucked her lips and began attacking her mouth. His tongue outlined her lips, and when she was about to protest, he dived into her mouth and toyed with her fragrant and tender tongue. After he licked every single inch of her sweet mouth, he finally released her. 

“I’m true to you alone, the heavens can be my witness.”

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