After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 46: Convincing Mother-in-Law

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

At the very least he managed to control his own man. Ning Yan hmph-ed and pulled the check on the table to himself with his paw. With a few movements, he tore up the check. 

Lu Ruan said calmly, “It doesn’t matter if you tear it up. I’ve got so many checks.” 

Ning Yan turned around huffily and slapped out on the phone: “Lin Rong also doesn’t lack money. He doesn’t need this ten million!” 

“I have as much money as he wants!” Lu Ruan gritted her teeth.


“President Lu.” Though he couldn’t tell what Ning Yan had typed on the phone, Lin Rong still started to speak. 

Lu Ruan heard and looked up with squinted eyes. 

For the entire hour they’d been meeting, the man had kept his composure. 

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Lin Rong paused and continued, “I’ve liked Yanyan for so long that as long as he feels the same, I won’t leave him.” 


Lu Ruan questioned, “So you won’t break up with my son no matter what?” 

Lin Rong shook his head. “No.” 

Lu Ruan choked on her words. She was furious. 

Lin Rong’s gaze landed on the small white dog and softened a lot. 

He declared, “I’ll be good to Yanyan. I can give him anything he wants. If Yanyan is willing, I can even immediately propose to him.” 

Ning Yan, “!” 

He stood at attention. 

Lu Ruan pressed him down and commanded angrily, “Sit down!” 

Lin Rong’s lips curved and he said with furiously red ears, “As for what you are worried about, I’ve already explained myself. Please don’t worry. At least last night, Yanyan and I… didn’t.” Then he coughed slightly. 

Ning Yan blinked in surprise. When he realized what was happening, he turned around to look at his mom in shock. 

Lu Ruan averted her gaze and her expression twisted. 

Ning Yan slapped at the phone: “Mom, I’m already 25!!” 


Even if something had happened between him and Lin Rong it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary!! 

Lu Ruan couldn’t resist and retorted angrily, “Do you think I could finish processing all this information? When your dad said yesterday that you had given yourself away, I almost died on the spot!” 

Ning Yan wanted to tap the phone again but Lu Ruan stopped his paw and demanded with fake self-righteous anger, “Stop slapping, I’ve spent the last 25 years raising my son and suddenly discovered that he’s the one on the bottom. I can’t be angry about it for a moment?!” 

Ning Yan, “… “

Lin Rong, “…”

Ning Yan scrunched his neck and his eyes wandered around the room. 

Lu Ruan immediately realized what he was thinking. She gritted her teeth and asked, “With your figure, do you really think I can count on you to be the top?” 

The topic was getting more bizarre by the minute. Utterly embarrassed, Ning Yan slapped at his mother’s arm!

In retaliation, Lu Ruan slapped his butt as well!

Ning Yue couldn’t bear to watch anymore and calmly explained, “Auntie, Ning Yan can’t leave Lin Rong right now.” 

More directly, that sentence meant— 

No matter how much you protest, it’s crying over spilled milk. 


Lu Ruan was about to cry out of frustration. 

She tried but couldn’t hold it back. So she started to chide without taking a breath, “You kid, you helped cover things up for them. Yanyan has been in demon form for so long and I am just now finding out! Did I have to wait for an announcement on Weibo before knowing the truth?!”

Ning Yan, Ning Yue, and Lin Rong, “…”

Ning Yan typed out guilty: “Mom, I’m sorry. At first I was afraid of making you worry over me.” 

At first, he really did agree with Ning Yue to keep things hidden from his mom because he was worried about making her worried… but when his mom interrogated him last night, he suddenly realized why Ning Yue did what he did. 

But, but— 

His ears drooped and he nudged Lu Ruan’s arm. 

He’s sorry, he made a mistake. 

Lu Ruan slapped his butt a few more times out of frustration. 

Ning Yan endured it pitifully and didn’t dare put up a fight. 

Ning Yue sighed as well. “I’m sorry, Auntie.” 

Actually, Lu Ruan knew why they had kept her in the dark. 


Truth to be told, if she had known about this from the very beginning, she wouldn’t have been able to resist confronting Lin Rong. Then the cat would have been out of the bag and it would be Lin Rong who suffered. 

But she is still unhappy!

She only got the chance to pet her son’s dog form now!

Lu Ruan made a mess out of her son’s fur in vexation. 

But while they were on this topic, the other three could only keep quiet and let Lu Ruan act out her frustrations on Ning Yan until Ning Yan almost passed out of dizziness. 

Ning Yan carefully glanced up at his mother. 

Does she feel better?

Lu Ruan suddenly asked, “Wait, how come Little Lin knows the truth and hasn’t passed out yet?”

Lin Rong, “…” 

Ning Yue answered, “Probably because Ning Yan is special in every way.” 

Lu Ruan hugged Ning Yan tighter. “I knew my son was unique!” 

Ning Yan’s eyes darkened as he let his mother ruffle and squeeze him. 

Lu Ruan finally finished the petting session and downed her coffee calmly. She put down the cup and then said begrudgingly, “Fine, but let’s get some things straight Little Lin.” 

Lin Rong’s expression turned serious and he nodded to indicate that he was listening. 

Lu Ruan said stiffly, “Our Yanyan is so cute that everyone loves him, so beautiful even flowers bloom for him. You best treat him right or there will be many people waiting to fight you for him.” 

Lin Rong said seriously, “… I know.” 

After all, there had been He Congsheng before. 

Ning Yan couldn’t help but cover his face. 

The three of them had finally appeased Ning Yan’s mother and she finally put on her sunglasses. She said lightly, “Oh that’s right, Yanyan is living with Little Lin, right? May I go visit?” 

Ning Yan inhaled sharply. 

Lin Rong also froze. 

Ning Yan’s mom instantly turned vigilant. “What, what else are you hiding from me?” 

About half an hour later, she pushed open the door and saw the walls full of posters. 

Ning Yue blinked and said drily, “I really did not know about this, Auntie.” 

Every time he had picked up or dropped off Ning Yan, he had done so downstairs. He had absolutely no idea that upstairs was so awe-inspiring… 

Ning Yan and Lin Rong were both looking off into the distance, having turned into two frozen statues waiting for the angry shout. 

They didn’t expect, a few seconds later, the person in front of them would suddenly take a few quick steps in.

The two paused and looked up to see that Lu Ruan, having taken off her shoes, had walked in directly. She looked around and suddenly took off her sunglasses. She turned her head around and gave Lin Rong a big thumbs-up with a smile. “Well this was nicely done, Little Lin.” 

Ning Yan, Ning Yue, and Lin Rong, “…???” 


This day had been beyond their dreams. By the time they sent his mother off, Ning Yan had collapsed into a pile on the floor. 

His mother was staying at his place. Before she left, she finally took his father’s name off the blacklist and even called him back. As she walked out, she was scolding him. 

Though this was definitely him not being a good son, Ning Yan still wanted to offer up thanks to his father for drawing some of her attention. 

Though that wasn’t right either. After all, ever since his mom caught sight of this entire roomful of posters, she had started chatting passionately with Lin Rong. She even declared that the new mansion they had bought should also be decorated like this and had started discussing with Lin Rong where each poster should be placed. Reading between her lines, it was almost obvious that she was proud of Lin Rong for doing what she had wanted to do for so many years. 

Ning Yan felt suffocated! 

Lin Rong saw Ning Yan’s mother down to the ground floor and then returned home to pick Ning Yan up from the ground. He looked at Ning Yan for a few seconds and then said with a smile, “Yanyan, your mom has agreed to us dating.” 

Ning Yan’s ears perked up and he started wagging his tail happily— 

“My dad and mom will also be very happy. Which means that both of our parents have agreed,” Lin Rong continued in a quiet voice. Something glinted in his eyes. “Yanyan, it’s up to you now.” 

Ning Yan, “?”

He tilted his head in confusion. 

Lin Rong held him tighter and rubbed his chin against Ning Yan’s head. He said quietly and softly, “If you agree, we can get married.” 

Ning Yan, “!!!” 

He thought about what Lin Rong had said at the coffee shop during the day and immediately his tail wagged so hard it almost turned into a propeller. 

Having observed Ning Yan’s reaction, Lin Rong laughed quietly and asked, “Yanyan, does that mean you agree?” 

Ning Yan barked furiously, “Woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

He’s said nothing!

Whatever his answer is, the guy has to propose first!

He thought as he lifted his chin. 

Lin Rong seemed to have developed telepathy with him. He patted Ning Yan’s head and laughed quietly as he said vaguely, “Wait for me.” 


Ning Yan struggled to move himself and then stared at the man intently. 

Then… he really will wait for it!

Lin Rong looked at him and then smiled as he lightly tapped Ning Yan’s forehead with a finger. 

Ning Yan: Ohhhhh, hurry up and propose! If you don’t mean what you say, Ning Yan will get angry!

Lu Ming called right before bed to ask Lin Rong what exactly was going on. 

Lin Rong gave him a brief outline, mostly to let Lu Ming, his manager, know that he was in a relationship with Ning Yan and he had even met the parents. 

As Lu Ming finished listening to the story, he was stuck in a daze. 

He knew his artist pretty well. Lin Rong was a homebody and stayed home all day long unless Jiang Mo and Jiang Xiaoning called him. Otherwise, he rarely stepped foot outside his home, much less had any social activities. 

He was still getting over the shock of finding out that the puppy Lin Rong was taking care of belonged to Ning Yan. The news that the two had gotten together raised even more questions in his head. 

How did the two get together without anyone knowing? Through internet dating services???

The couple that had sneakily gotten together departed on Monday to film the pet food commercial. 

Lu Ruan hadn’t left City A. When she heard that Ning Yan was going to film the commercial, she asked, “Are you really going to eat dog food?” 

Lin Rong immediately stiffened and Ning Yan also cautiously glanced at his mom. 

Lu Ruan instantly knew why the two were afraid. She rolled her eyes and answered, “What? Afraid I’ll be angry? Truth to be told, I fed your dad my share of dog food way back when. His hair loss is pretty bad and eating the right dog food is much more effective than the medicine prescribed from the hospital.” 

Ning Yan, “!!!” 

And Ning Yue says the most dog-like person in the family is Ning Yan? Psh, his dad has kept the secret well! 

But his dad actually suffers from hair loss. Is that hereditary? Will he start going bald when he becomes middle-aged? 

While Ning Yan fretted, Lin Rong comforted him, “Yanyan don’t worry. You have really thick fur.” 


Ning Yan turned around and looked at the man expectantly. He saw that his fur moved through the man’s fingers with that movement and left behind a bunch on the man’s palm. A whole white patch. 

Lin Rong: “…” 

Ning Yan: “…” 

Lu Ruan: “Uh-oh.” 

Ning Yan howled! 


Though Lu Ruan felt bad for her son, she was also the self-declared expert in curing baldness. So she thumped her chest and promised that she’d put in an order for that specific brand of dog food and have it shipped quickly to Lin Rong. She promised that Ning Yan’s fur would turn glossy and thick with that food. 

Ning Yan remained in a daze. 

No, he refuses to accept that baldness is in his genes! 

But no matter how much Ning Yan was questioning his life, there was work to do. 

Lu Ruan wanted to watch her son shooting a commercial in his demon form, so she followed them to the advertising company as an executive from Morning Star Entertainment. 

The pet food brand was called “Excellence” and was made locally with a good reputation, but of course the price was a bit higher than the average pet food. They had never invited pets from celebrities to be the spokesperson. This was a first for them and it was purely because their President had been blown away by Ning Yan’s performance on TV and considered him to be the best dog ever. The President had insisted on working together at least once. 

They had perfect timing, because at that time Lin Rong had just found out that the bratty white puppy beside him was Ning Yan. Naturally, he had to let Ning Yan do as he wished. 

Excellence’s President was named Lin1Not Lin Rong’s Lin. and he was also someone who adored little animals. As soon as he saw Lin Rong and the others, he wasn’t curious who the elegant woman wearing a qipao and proclaiming herself as the “Morning Star Entertainment Executive” was, nor was he excited meeting the famous celebrity Lin Rong. Instead, as soon as he caught sight of them, he walked unsteadily towards the white puppy, a touched look on his face. “Ah sese, is this sese?” 

As he spoke, he walked in front of Lin Rong. Ning Yan was curled up comfortably in Lin Rong’s arms and the man knelt in front of him with an audible thud and gave him a scare! 

Ning Yan and Lin Rong: “…” 

Lu Ming, who accompanied them today and was also experiencing this for the first time: “…” 

Lu Ruan: “Oh dear.” 

Lin Rong’s face darkened and he shifted to the side to avoid being knelt towards. He said coldly, “President Lin, there’s no need to act like this.” 

President Lin stared, enchanted, at Ning Yan, “May I hold sese?” 

Lin Rong said coldly, “Yeye doesn’t like other people holding him.” 

President Lin continued, “But someone will have to style sese in a bit.

Lin Rong said coldly, “I can hold Yeye the entire time.” 

President Lin hesitated. “If Yeye can’t leave his owner, won’t it be inconvenient to shoot the commercial later?” 

Lin Rong lowered his head and ruffled the puppy’s head. “As long as I’m there, Sese will behave.” 

President Lin, “…” 

So is it sese or Yeye???

Wait, why can’t you just watch while I hold the puppy for a bit?!

Next to them, several assistants glanced occasionally at the voluptuous Lu Ruan. 

She wore a qipao so she didn’t wear sunglasses, afraid that they would clash with each other. 

Her pair of beautiful eyes watched amusedly at the scene unfolding beside her. Occasionally she’d glance lovingly at the puppy in Lin Rong’s arms. 

The dog-obsessed President Lin didn’t care about anything else, but they were into gossip and knew that this was Ning Yan’s mother. 

Everyone was curious why Ning Yan’s mother made it a point to fly from City C to City A to watch them shoot a commercial. It definitely wouldn’t be because of Lin Rong; in all her years, she’d never been known to be connected to Lin Rong in any way. 

Assistant A: “I bet that President Lu is here for the puppy. She’s glancing at the puppy eight times out of ten!” 

Assistant B: “I suspect that President Lu is here for President Lin. She probably heard that the world’s greatest weirdo is here and couldn’t help but come and see for herself.” 

Assistant C: “I suspect there’s something going on between Ning Yan and Lin Rong.” 

Assistants A & B: “???” 

Assistant C said contemplatively, “Didn’t Ning Yan and Lin Rong get involved in a scandal together before? To be honest, I actually read quite a few fanfiction stories about them.”  

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