After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 47: Puppy Knight Seeking Abs

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Ning Yan and Lin Rong had no idea how many soap operas had flashed across the minds of those around them. 

Regardless, President Lin was very quickly escorted out by an assistant, who kept shouting insistently for President Lin to “please calm down.” The jealous man held Ning Yan and walked onto the set with his face twisted into a bizarre expression. 

This ad was very simple and had no need for human actors, just two puppies—that was right, in the end, Lin Rong chose not to film this commercial with Ning Yan to prevent problems down the road. So the director group found a female puppy for Ning Yan. 

The female puppy was a Shih Tzu. Her long hair had been combed and cared for until it gleamed as it fell in soft waves around her body. She sat demurely next to her owner and looked softly at them. 


Ning Yan managed to see in that dog the shadow of a young lady patiently waiting in her bedroom…

The staff member gave Ning Yan’s fur a quick once-over and the director came over to discuss the general plan for the shoot with Lin Rong. “… Afterwards if sese can give Alice a kiss that would be best. Hmmm… does your sese like pretty little female dogs?” 

The director casually asked this question. 

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Everyone acquiesced. 


Ning Yan now felt keenly interested in stirring up drama. He patted the jerk’s arm lightly and indicated that he wanted to get down. 

Lin Rong’s eyes looked intently at him and he said quietly, “Yanyan…” 

Ning Yan stared at him victoriously. What? Who was it that teased him about female dogs? 

Yanyan does like little female dogs!

Lu Ruan sensed something and arched an eyebrow as she joined the fray. “Hey, Little Lin, hurry so that we don’t cause trouble for the people working.” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

He pressed close to Ning Yan’s ear and said, in a voice so quiet it might as well have been inaudible, “Yanyan, just think of me. Then I’ll show you my abs when we get home.” 

Ning Yan, “?!!” 

He looked up in shock. 

The man was done with his “attack.” His gaze wandered around while his face flushed in embarrassment. 

But when his gaze met Ning Yan’s, the seduction in his eyes was obvious. 

“Then, Yanyan can look wherever he wants.” 


Those words might as well have been written on the man’s face. 

Ning Yan inhaled sharply. 

The jerk has evolved!

He had at least tried to be subtle about it before, but now he’s started flagrantly using his body to seduce him!

So unsophisticated, this kind of seduction technique… Ning Yan loves it! He swallowed hard!

When the filming officially began, everyone discovered that the white puppy seemed to be unsteady on his feet???

When shooting commercials, pets definitely needed their owners to help guide them. 

But Ning Yan once again shocked everyone’s eyeballs into falling out of their sockets—he didn’t need his owner to give directions and just accurately acted according to the script. 

The set was a simple “Animal Kingdom” environment. There would be a lot of cartoons added in post-production. 

Ning Yan sat below a “tower” and played the part of a depressed and scraggly white puppy. Alice was in the tower just a few steps above him. She wore a pink frilly dress and a crown, clearly playing the part of a doggie princess. 

The Shih Tzu gently looked at Ning Yan below her and Ning Yan dutifully acted the part of a dog who had fallen on hard times. His ears drooped and his gaze was lowered, looking absolutely pitiful. 

The director couldn’t stop with the praises, “Good, good, good! This is excellent! Hey, sese is so smart, what an amazing dog!” 


They quickly began filming officially and because of Ning Yan’s intelligence, they made quick progress. 

The white puppy was a doggie knight fallen on hard times. One day, he was walking dejectedly below the castle walls when he looked up and spotted the beautiful doggie princess. 

The white puppy immediately lost his heart to her and under the encouragement of the doggie princess’s gentle gaze, he howled and decided to cheer up!

He had to become stronger, faster, and more handsome!

So the white puppy turned around and ran beyond the city. He marched through fields of thorns and faced challenges. Panting with his tongue stuck out in exhaustion, he climbed all the way up the rumored Treasure Mountain until he finally saw the legendary bowl of dog food at the top of the mountain! 

The dog food was radiating a golden light! 

The white puppy rushed forwards and scarfed down the food. After he had wolfed everything down, with a whoosh, he instantly turned into a handsome and muscular dog, shining as if he had a halo surrounding him. 

He returned to below the castle just in time to see the doggie princess being captured by an evil dragon. The white puppy immediately jumped up and punched the dragon furiously. The dragon was greatly damaged and let go of the doggie princess with an anguished howl. The latter landed safely on the ground. 

At that moment, the two puppies were facing each other. 

There was no difference in their stations in life and the contrast between one dog’s dejection and the other’s glamour disappeared. 

The white puppy’s gaze deepened as he took a step forwards… and reached out a paw to pat the doggie princess’s head. 

After the head-patting, the doggie princess lowered her head shyly. 


They had a very long and very bright future ahead of them. 

… The shooting went so well that it was unexpected. 

The director thought that if they had to, they’d animate the sequence of furious doggy punches later on. But the white puppy had done it all! Though he hadn’t kissed Alice in the end, this entire process had already knocked a lot of staff members senseless. 

As for Lin Rong, he let out a satisfied smile as he watched the white puppy pet the other dog’s head decorously. He clapped happily and the sound echoed throughout the room. 

Everyone, “…” 

Lu Ming, who was similarly awestruck by Ning Yan’s performance, called Lin Rong over to talk with the director. Ning Yan was picked up by Lu Ruan and taken off to the side to relax. 

Though Lu Ruan and Lin Rong had come to an unexpected agreement when it came to the wall full of posters, they were still awkward around each other most of the time. She couldn’t help but grumble, “Tsk, you didn’t see how closely he watched you this entire time. Just you wait, I’m sure he’ll be checking on you non-stop in the future!” 

Ning Yan wagged his tail demurely but his mind was occupied with the thoughts, Abs! Pecs! Biceps! V-line!

Lu Ruan wanted to continue but suddenly shivered. She glanced to the side and discovered that, at some point, the oddball President Lin had managed to escape his assistant and was squatting next to her, looking longingly at the white puppy, like an infatuated stalker.

“…” Lu Ruan said calmly, “President Lin, may I help you with something?” 

President Lin said schemingly, “I realized that sese is shedding.” 

Ning Yan overhead the dialogue and stood up with his fur bristling. He turned around and glared at the man. 

Where, where? Don’t joke about this, he’s not shedding!

President Lin immediately stuck out a hand. There were several strands of white fur in his hand. 

“…” Ning Yan howled! 

He cried out in shock and his fur stood on end! 

President Lin immediately patted his chest and said passionately, “Don’t panic sese! We have a brand of dog food that is especially good for fur! I promise that if you eat it, you’ll always be the most handsome dog with the most fur!” 

Ning Yan shut his mouth and glanced at him in a huff. 

President Lin stuck out a finger and asked hopefully, “If you let me pet you once, I’ll give you three bags, okay?” 

As soon as he asked, a shadow fell over him. The two humans and the dog looked up to see the handsome man standing expressionlessly there, his gaze very, very cold. 

Lu Ruan paused and was about to stand up when, for no reason at all, she suddenly became interested in what was happening. 

She did wonder how two men would fight over her son. They had just bid goodbye to that Shih Tzu and now there was another enchanted suitor. Little Lin sure is busy!

Lin Rong looked at her silently, to which she only blinked her eyes. 

The rich lady who favored soap operas held the white puppy tightly in an obvious, casual gesture of wanting a good show first. 

Lin Rong, “…” 

He bowed his head and thought deeply for a second. 

From the other side, the three assistants finally made their way into the studio after having been tricked into circling it. As soon as they saw what was happening, they rushed over worriedly. 

They had just gotten close when they heard Lin Rong, who had his back to them, suddenly say, “Mother-in-law.” 

Their footsteps halted. “????”

Lu Ruan and Ning Yan, together, “???” 

Lu Ruan reacted first by barely holding on to her temper and demanding huffily, “The other kind of mother-in-law!” 1In Chinese, the son-in-law and daughter-in-law use different words for “mother-in-law.” Lin Rong had initially used the term of address that a son-in-law would use and Lu Ruan is demanding that he use the one a daughter-in-law would use instead. 

Lin Rong fell silent for a second and then said, the tips of his ears flaming red, “… Mother-in-law.” 

Ning Yan was stunned. 

He saw how the man blushed but still said to Lu Ruan with utmost sincerity, “Mother-in-law, let me hold Yeye.” 

Though she had gained the upper hand verbally, Lu Ruan did feel like she had been checkmated. 

But the guy wasn’t above putting himself as the daughter-in-law, so she had no more reason to stir up the waters. She thought about it and then gave President Lin a regretful look and handed the white puppy over to Lin Rong. 

President Lin recovered from the shock but completely forgot about petting the dog. He could only ask in disbelief, “Mother… Mother-in-law?” 

His gaze traveled back and forth between Lin Rong and Lu Ruan as he asked in complete shock, “You and Ning Yan??” 

Lin Rong petted the puppy’s head wantonly and answered nonchalantly, “This puppy is a sign of the love between Yanyan and myself.” 

After that, he strolled away with a face full of subtle self-satisfaction. 

Lu Ruan also stood up and shook her head. Then she composedly dusted off her qipao and gave President Lin a slight nod before leaving. 

Leaving behind just the three thunderstruck assistants and the equally shocked President Lin.

After a few seconds, Assistant C was the first to recover and shout quietly, “I knew it! I knew it!” 

“What the heck do you know!” Assistants A and B both retorted back. “Did you hear that Lin Rong said ‘mother-in-law’ the way a daughter-in-law would?! You’d believe that?!” 

And President Lin stood frozen to the ground, completely at a loss for what to do… 

So if he wants to get sese, he has to first be gay? 

And also be on the bottom??

President Lin hugged himself tightly and shook his head desperately. No! He cannot! 


Ning Yan looked at Lin Rong strangely the entire way home. 

The man refused to look down at him and his ears remained red the entire ride. 

The more Ning Yan looked at the man, the more he wanted to laugh. Slowly, he laughed so hard his entire body shook. 

Lin Rong finally lowered his head and said quietly, “Yanyan.” 

The voice was filled with a sense of having suffered greatly. 

Ning Yan almost died of laughter. 

Once the jerk gets jealous, he really says and does whatever he wants!

Lin Rong, who dared to say and do whatever he wanted, immediately fulfilled his promise as soon as they returned home. Then it was Ning Yan’s turn to be unable to laugh, and to almost get a nosebleed! 

After staying in City A for two more days, Lu Ruan finally had to return, under protest, to City C. 

As for President Lin, who seemed to have suffered a great shock, he did end up delivering the dog food. There was a handwritten memo attached to the dog food that said, “I wish you and Ning Yan eternal happiness!” 

There was a water stain at the bottom of the memo, shaped like a teardrop. 

Ning Yan and Lin Rong, “…” 

After a month of tightly scheduled post-production efforts, the commercial for Excellence finally debuted to the public! 

The official Weibo account for Excellence wrote a teaser update before the release and revealed that they had invited a super smart puppy to participate in the shooting of the commercial. Some clever netizens immediately guessed who it was; after all, the most well-known puppy in recent days had to be Lin Rong’s sese, without a doubt! 

Some other netizens were initially hesitant over the announcement. At first, they had thought the puppy was plenty fun, but he was just so-so. Wasn’t it overkill to have his every appearance accompanied by such a massive push for marketing? 

Until they clicked on that ad. 

… What fools they were. 

That night, Ning Yan shot up to the top of the trending topic list again. 

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