After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 45: A Daytime Soap Opera

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Ning Yan didn’t dare call back. He didn’t know how the fight between his parents was going over in City C. When he stopped trembling, he hurriedly indicated to Lin Rong that he should call Ning Yue! 

Lin Rong explained what happened over a phone call. Ning Yue fell silent for a few seconds, said that he understood, and then sighed, “Prepare yourself tomorrow.” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

After he hung up, the white puppy nervously hugged the man’s arm and looked up. His expression indicated he wanted to know what Ning Yue had said. 


Lin Rong stroked the puppy’s head reassuringly and said gently, “Brother said it’s fine. Don’t worry, Yanyan.” 

The white puppy still nervously made circles on the bed.

Lin Rong picked up the white puppy and spent a long time comforting him before Ning Yan fell asleep and then Lin Rong hurried to turn off the lights. 

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Lin Rong looked over and hesitated. Then he said with a smile, “I won’t take it. I’ll leave it for you, just in case. I’ll just go ask brother when I come back.” 


Ning Yan tilted his head. Unfortunately, while he might be physically awake, his mind was still half-asleep and not working right. So he merely nodded his head vaguely. 

After Lin Rong headed out, Ning Yan yawned and continued to sleep. 

Lin Rong closed the door and his expression turned serious and intense as he put on his hat and mask. 

He looked at the address in his text message and inhaled deeply. He walked calmly into the elevator. 

Outside, he called for a ride, and half an hour later he arrived at the coffee shop. After Lin Rong walked in, he quickly saw the woman wearing a red sundress and sunglasses sitting by the window. She gave off an air of sophistication and elegance. 

Lin Rong walked over. The woman turned around and looked him up and down. 

Lin Rong greeted politely, “President Lu.” 

The woman he addressed as President Lu, who was actually Ning Yan’s mother Lu Ruan, nodded once loftily. She said casually, “Sit down, Little Rong.” 

When Ning Yan woke up again, it was because of his cousin. 

That cold, “Wake up; keep sleeping and your man will be gone,” immediately scared him into wakefulness. 


Ning Yan’s eyes flew open and he stared in confusion at Ning Yue, standing by his bed. He had no idea when the guy had arrived. 

Ning Yue said calmly, “Your mom arrived an hour ago and has probably already been speaking to Lin Rong for half an hour now.” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Ning Yan jumped up hurriedly and barked furiously in shock. 

Lin Rong went to meet mom?! The jerk had said that it was Lu Ming who had business with him!

Ning Yue asked expressionlessly, “Why do you think he didn’t tell you the truth? You going or not?” 

Ning Yan swallowed his words of protest. He was worried but also touched. 

He knew very well that Lin Rong wanted to solve the problem by himself because he didn’t want Ning Yan to worry. 

No wonder he didn’t take the keys when heading out. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to come back! 

Ning Yan hurriedly stood up and shook out his fur. Ning Yue picked him up and walked straight into the elevator with him. As they walked, Ning Yue gave him the rundown on the situation. 

Turned out that the previous night when Ning Yan’s father had called Ning Yue to ask how things were going, Ning Yan’s mother accidentally overheard. 

At the time Madam Lu1Madam Lu is Ning Yan’s mother (and still married to Ning Yan’s father); in modern China, women don’t tend to take their husband’s last name, so they can either be referred to as Mrs. so-and-so with the husband’s last name or Madam so-and-so (their maiden last name). had just finished saying goodbye to her friend who was visiting. She walked upstairs and saw the WeChat message her son sent about an hour prior. Just as she was about to reply to the message happily, she heard the sound of her husband’s voice coming from a crack in the door to the study.


Madam Lu was surprised to hear that her son had managed to shapeshift. Before she had a chance to be happy, she learned that instead of Ning Yue, their only other family member in City A, the Pactmate was an outsider. 

At the same time, she was also shocked to hear that the Pactmate was a male! Shock x2! 

At the same time, she overheard that not only was the outsider Pactmate male, he was also the nemesis that her son kept blabbering about—Lin Rong. Shock x3! 

Fundamentally, aside from outside Pactmates easily becoming a demon’s lover, they could also become best friends. 

But before Madam Lu could reassure herself, she heard her husband say to Ning Yue the phrase that made her heart clench in pain, “Urgh, I don’t even want to go see the brat! So embarrassing! He hasn’t even learned to control himself and has already signed himself away!” 

Immediately Madam Lu felt like her world had shattered. 

Ning Yan, “…”

Ning Yue said drily, “And then your mom fought with your dad for two hours.” 

Ning Yan, “….”

Nope, more likely than not it was his dad getting beaten up for two hours. 

Ning Yue continued drily, “Last night your parents slept in separate rooms. But when your dad woke up, your mom was long gone.” 

City C and City A were pretty close but still took two hours of driving. 


Right then it was nine in the morning. Ning Yan’s dad woke up to find his wife missing and had immediately called her, only to discover that his wife seemed to have blacklisted him. So he had to reach out to Ning Yue. 

Ning Yue thought about it and then called Lu Ming. 

Lu Ming was utterly confused and had no idea why Ning Yue needed to know where Lin Rong was. But he heard that it had something to do with Ning Yan, so he called Lin Rong after thinking things over. He pretended that he needed to talk to Lin Rong about something and managed to get Lin Rong’s location. 

So Ning Yue was here to pick up Ning Yan. 

Though Auntie said mean words, she never meant to get Ning Yan involved. Lin Rong would only feel the same way. 

But this thing couldn’t be solved without Ning Yan. 

Ning Yan’s mind was in utter chaos. A simple calculation shows him that his mother had snuck out the door before six this morning??? That is too much investment! His mother is someone who usually sleeps in till nine or ten! 

Ning Yan couldn’t imagine how Lin Rong was doing if his mother was this eager for a fight. He was so anxious he could neither sit nor stand still.  

Half an hour later, they arrived at the coffee shop. He immediately caught sight of the two people sitting by the window. 

Though he didn’t know how things were progressing, Ning Yan’s sharp eyes caught sight of his mother taking out a check and slamming it down onto the table. 

Ning Yan, “???” 

As soon as the door opened, he rushed out of the car and dashed into the coffee shop. 

Though the majority of public places allowed pets, they had to be with their owners. So before the waiters could get scared, Ning Yue scruffed Ning Yan and picked him up. 

Ning Yue walked into the coffee shop, nodded at the waiter, and then walked directly over to the two people by the window. Ning Yan heard his mother say cooly, “… Then I’ll toss in another 50 million for a total of 100 million. Leave my son!” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Despite knowing that he shouldn’t make a fuss in public and there wasn’t anyone around them, he couldn’t stop himself from letting out a low, “Woof.” 

Immediately the two froze and then turned around. 

Lin Rong’s expression changed slightly. “Yanyan.” 

Madam Lu blinked in confusion and then tossed her sunglasses aside. Her lowered voice couldn’t hide her excitement. “My son, is that you?” 

Ning Yue carried Ning Yan over and put him on Madam Lu’s lap. She grabbed a hold of Ning Yan and started to pet him all over the place. “As expected of my son! Your demon form is so cute! Yanyan! Awwww!” 

Lin Rong shot Ning Yue a silent, questioning look. 

Ning Yue glanced at him. 

You’ve gotten to the “tossing out a check” part of this soap opera and you still think you can solve this without Ning Yan? 

Ning Yan was in shock. 

He had been terrified all the way over, but when he saw his mother toss the check on the table he was truly shocked! 

He had asked so long ago for his mother to stop watching those dated TV series, especially those dated family-feuding ones!

He looked up and, since he couldn’t talk, he could only indicate for Ning Yue to take out his phone. Then Ning Yan started patting away at the notepad app on the phone. 

After a series of taps, Lu Ruan looked down to see: “Mom, Lin Rong and I truly love each other!!” 

Lu Ruan, “…” 

This line is even more soap-opera-like than hers. 

Her face darkened as she said, “Didn’t you always declare that he was your nemesis? I even stood on your side for so long and now you and your nemesis have turned into lovers?!” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

That question cut too deep into the heart of the matter, and for an instant, he didn’t know how to answer. 

Ning Yan was confused for a second and then started passionately patting the cellphone again. “I was wrong. I actually liked him a long time ago. We fell in love, at first sight, five years ago!” 

Lu Ruan’s features turned even darker. “You fell in love five years ago? Then what were you doing all these years???” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Ning Yan was about to go crazy. He threw his dignity to the wind and typed out: “I was too conceited and proud!! Okay, I was conceited and proud!!!” 

Lu Ruan’s anger was about to boil over when she saw that line, “…” 

She gave the white puppy in her arms a weird glance as she asked, “You actually admit that you’re conceited and proud?” 

Ning Yue and Lin Rong also glanced at the white puppy. 

The truth in those eyes made Ning Yan burst into tears. 

He glared viciously at Lin Rong. 

Lin Rong stiffened and immediately shook his head, declaring with absolute certainty, “Yanyan is not conceited or proud. Yanyan is very cute.” 

Lu Ruan sat in shock. 

You really don’t have to lie to such an extent in order to be in a relationship!

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  1. DayLo

    Is mom testing Lin Rong or being petty?? I love her for being so strong and loving Yanyan so much, but she should know about pactmates and how it works, right?? Not to mention that she was totally an outsider herself.

  2. Spinthepickle

    I was SO happy to see that the author mentioned twice (TWICE!) that this matter couldn’t be solved without Ning Yan. I hate novels where one romantic partner goes off with the other one’s parents to resolve the problem and their (grown) child waits around to hear the results. Ew. It infantalizes a grown adult. It’s his parent, of course it’s his responsibility. Geeze.