After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 36: Drunken Pervert Mastery

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Ning Yan’s face turned red and he insisted angrily, “In your dreams!” 

Lin Rong’s expression turned blank for a second. Then he held Ning Yan’s hand and rubbed against it with his cheek. He asked gently, “Yes, it’s a dream. So… can I, Yanyan?” 

He looked up, his gaze tender and passionate, like stars melting together. 

Ning Yan inhaled sharply as his heart shook. The man saw this and immediately took advantage of the moment to try and lean forwards. 


Ning Yan panicked and stuttered as he backed away, “Y-yo-you, what are you doing! You’re not allowed to mess with me even in your dreams! What exactly do you want to do to Yanyan in your dreams?” 

Lin Rong’s face also turned red. But he smiled gently and asked, “Could we… take a bath together?” 

“…” Ning Yan refused, “No way! No way!” 

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Lkdt Zyd, “…”&dcpr;

He tried again and still couldn’t hoist Lin Rong up. Once again, he collapsed pitifully against the ground. 


The man was still laughing. Ning Yan got angry out of embarrassment and turned around to demand unhappily, “Are you doing this on purpose?” 

The man kissed his forehead and murmured, “Yanyan is so adorable.” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

No, there’s no use complimenting him!

Ning Yan, angrily: “Are you going to listen or not?!” 

Lin Rong: “Yeah.” 

Ning Yan: “Go to your room by yourself and go to bed!” 

Lin Rong: “Does Yanyan want a bath?” 

Ning Yan: “…” 

Just how much does this guy want to take a bath with him? Did they always meet up in the communal bath in his dreams?

Ning Yan felt a bit suffocated. He shut his eyes briefly and massaged his forehead. Then he decided on a more effective approach. 

With that, he opened his eyes and made himself look serious. 


The man also sat back down on the floor but kept looking at him with a smile. 

Ning Yan curled his fingers and tightened his face, asking angrily, “Will you go back to your room or not?”

Lin Rong looked down and answered, “I want to take a bath together.” 

Ning Yan’s fist clenched tighter. 

He thought he was crazy, or maybe he was also drunk, to think of saying something like that. 

But it’s okay, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter how embarrassing it is. After all, Lin Rong is drunk and will forget about all of this tomorrow. That’s the law of being drunk!

Ning Yan kept preparing himself mentally as his heart beat rapidly. With burning cheeks, he said softly, “You, you go back to your room like a good boy! Yanyan…” 

“Yanyan will let you do whatever you want…” 

By the time he got to the end, Ning Yan wanted to avert his gaze out of embarrassment. 

But in an instant— 

Really, just an instant. 

The air around the man changed. 


Even though he was drunk, he got more serious and sat up straight, staring intently at Ning Yan. 

The look in those black eyes surprised Ning Yan with the desire to swallow him whole. 

Ning Yan shivered and was a bit scared by the man’s intensity. He ducked his head and suddenly regretted his decision.  

Lin Rong stared at him and hoarsely asked, “Really?” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

He cheered himself up. Now that he’s said it, he absolutely has to trick the jerk into getting into bed!

Be-besides, would the jerk dare to force him if he wasn’t willing?!

With this, Ning Yan sat up straighter and forced himself to demand forcefully, “Of course really! I’ll give you a minute. Get yourself to your room and lie down on the bed. Otherwise it doesn’t count!” 

In the next second, the man stood up without hesitation. 

Ning Yan, “???” 

You jerk, are you sure you’re not pretending to be drunk to fool me? 

Lin Rong extended a hand and tenderly gazed at Ning Yan. He said shyly, “Then let us go to the bedroom together, Yanyan.” 


Ning Yan… took a deep breath and placed his hand on the man’s palm despite the goosebumps breaking out over his skin. 

Once they successfully got back into the room, the jerk became more obedient and followed Ning Yan’s instructions to the letter. 

“Get on the bed!” 

“Take your socks off!” 

“Clo-clothes and pants too!” 

The man was drunk after all. He tried very hard for a long while, only managing to free one button.

Ning Yan wondered whether the shirt was designed to be ripped open. The buttons couldn’t be unfastened but they had torn off so easily before. 

He stood off to the side, feeling conflicted. Then he walked over. 

Lin Rong noticed him getting closer and immediately released the button so that his hands fell to his sides. Lin Rong watched Ning Yan approach with a gentle smile. 

Ning Yan, though disgruntled, still crouched next to him and started unbuttoning the shirt for Lin Rong. 

As each of the buttons was unfastened, the shirt gradually fell to the wayside and revealed all of the man’s powerful muscles. 

The man lay there, looking at Ning Yan with the tenderest of expressions. 

Ning Yan didn’t meet the man’s gaze. He just kept repeating to himself that he had to stay calm, stay calm. He used all of his willpower to maintain a calm and steady hand as he took off the man’s shirt and then… moved towards taking off the man’s pants. 


With a single glance, Ning Yan’s face burst into flames. 

He’s gonna go crazy!!

Though he had thought of taking care of the big drunken pervert, this scene was too arousing and he couldn’t bear it!

But just as Ning Yan finished unzipping Lin Rong’s pants, the man spoke, “Yanyan, can I really do what I want to you?” 

He murmured and reached out a hand to lightly trace Ning Yan’s eyebrows and eyes with his fingertips. 

Ning Yan pursed his lips and his Adam’s apple moved as he gulped. He said quietly, “Yanyan just lay down next to you.” 

Lin Rong, “…?” 

Ning Yan kept his gaze and face lowered as he said, in all seriousness, “Yanyan just kissed you.” 

Lin Rong, “……?” 

Ning Yan continued, “Yanyan has now lain down and you can do what you want.” 

Lin Rong’s expression turned blank. 

Ning Yan felt no trace of guilt and, in a surprising bout of curiosity, he scooted closer and asked as he stared at the man, “Is this your first time?” 

Lin Rong’s eyes focused again. He quietly answered, “Yes, my first kiss belongs to Yanyan… and so will my first time.” 

Ning Yan’s lips curved as he said, “Mine too.” 

After thinking for a while, he put his chin on his arm and mumbled quietly, “The first time will hurt.” 

Lin Rong said slowly and calmly, “Yanyan, I’ll be gentle, very gentle.” 

Ning Yan looked at him. 

The man also looked at Ning Yan. 

By the time Ning Yan averted his eyes, there was a red tint to them. 

The man smiled. 

His fingertips brushed against the corners of Ning Yan’s eyes. “Lin Rong kissed the corner of Yanyan’s eyes.” 

Those fingertips then gently stroked Ning Yan’s ear. “Then he kissed Yanyan’s ears.” 

They trailed down until they reached Ning Yan’s chin. “Yanyan is so good.” 

Ning Yan was utterly embarrassed and finally blurted out, “Yanyan is not good at all!” 

Lin Rong smiled dotingly and said, “Then Yanyan can be on top and do whatever Yanyan wants.” 

Ning Yan, “???” 

“Or does Yanyan not want to do so much work?” Lin Rong laughed and continued, “Then let me embrace Yanyan.” 

Ning Yan hmph-ed. 

Lin Rong smiled and said slowly, “I’ll hold Yanyan and kiss Yanyan until Yanyan is no longer afraid…” 

Ning Yan lowered his eyelids and practically hid his face in the crook of his arms. 

Really… this is so embarrassing… 

He closed his eyes and, with his voice muffled, said, “Yanyan is not afraid.” 

At the end, he heard the man’s quiet laughter. 

Ning Yan had a hard time believing that, in the end, this was what he had done to get Lin Rong to sleep.

This time Lin Rong really was fast asleep. 

Ning Yan slouched by the bed and took a long time to recover.

He looked at Lin Rong softly for a while before quietly taking off the man’s pants. He ran into the bathroom and wet a towel to wipe Lin Rong down. 

Only afterwards did he realize that… he may have gone over the top. If Lin Rong wakes up tomorrow and realizes something is amiss, what happens if he remembers what happened?

Ning Yan stood rooted to the ground in confusion for a bit and then thought, When he gets back to his demon form, Lin Rong will have to face a puppy. Then it won’t matter how suspicious he gets, right? As for taking his clothes off, maybe Lin Rong will assume that he did it himself after being drunk? 

Ning Yan convinced himself through this logic—or perhaps he had long since given up on trying to convince himself. Just take it one day at a time. As long as Lin Rong doesn’t have evidence, his guesses will always remain guesses. He can be suspicious all he wants as long as the Pact-aura doesn’t react! 

As he thought, Ning Yan put everything away and kissed Lin Rong. Then he draped the comforter over the man. 

After almost three hours, Ning Yan took off the shirt and hung it back in the closet for Lin Rong. Then he returned to the living room. 


Lin Rong woke the next day with a pounding headache. 

His phone was buzzing. He frowned slightly and reached out a hand to slowly feel for it. He forced his eyes to open and saw that it was Jiang Xiaoning calling. 

When he picked up, Jiang Xiaoning said on the other end, “I called you twice and you didn’t pick up. Did you just wake up?” 

Lin Rong closed his eyes again. When he spoke, his voice sounded beyond hoarse, “Mmhmmm…” 

“Listen to how hoarse your voice is. Hurry up and get out of bed and get sober.” Jiang Xiaoning said resignedly, “If absolutely necessary, I’ll come over? Do you want anything to eat? Want me to bring it?” 

“No need…” 

“Oh fine. Hey, you’re living by yourself so try and not drink this much in the future,” Jiang Xiaoning said resignedly. 

If he hadn’t been sure the guy was alright last night after being dropped off, Jiang Xiaoning would probably have stayed behind to take care of him.

Lin Rong closed his eyes and instinctively retorted, “I’m not by myself—” 

Then he cut himself off. 

In the next moment, his eyes flew open.

Jiang Xiaoning heard half the sentence and asked quizzically, “What? Not by yourself? Who else is there?” 

Lin Rong stared at the ceiling. After a few seconds he sat up and tried to yank at his collar only to find that he… was only wearing his underwear. His shirt and pants were on the sofa by the window. 

Lin Rong gulped. 

He tried hard to remember and a few scenes flashed across his mind. They were vague and blurry, seeming simultaneously real and not real. 

He paused and rubbed his temple as he said, “I’m fine… Did you drop me off last night?” 

“Yeah, don’t tell me you slept on the sofa the entire night?” 

“… I got on the bed,” Lin Rong said quietly as his gaze darkened. 

They exchanged a few sentences and Jiang Xiaoning hung up when he felt like Lin Rong was doing fine. 

As for Lin Rong, he contemplated deeply for several minutes before putting on a set of lounge clothes and walking out of the bedroom into the living room, hair still a mess. 

His gaze traveled around the room until it landed on the white puppy on the dog bed in the corner of the room. 

The white puppy was curled into a ball, quietly fast asleep. 

Lin Rong squinted and stared for a whole minute. 

After a minute, he turned around and walked back into the bedroom. He closed the door. 

In the living room, Ning Yan lifted his eyelids a crack and peeked out. He sighed in relief and thought hesitantly, That went well, right?

But in the room, Lin Rong picked up the phone on the bed and opened up the app that was linked to the camera. 

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