After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 37: Gleaming Eyes and Red-Tipped Ears

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Ning Yan didn’t really believe it, but after thinking about it, he figured it probably wasn’t a big deal. Otherwise the Pact-aura would have knocked Lin Rong out already. 

Since he hasn’t passed out, nothing is the matter!

Once he reached that conclusion, Ning Yan temporarily set the matter aside and instead contemplated what the big pervert was doing inside his room. Could it be that he is still feeling tipsy and needs to sleep it off?

He cautiously ran over and pressed his ear against the door to listen. 


In the room, Lin Rong had opened the app at that moment, saw this, and was speechless. 

Feeling off-kilter, he turned around and looked at the closed door.

If he could still question his own hypothesis when he had seen this the last time, then this time he felt completely different. 

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Lin Rong subconsciously touched his chest. 


In the next second, his pupils shrank and his heart thumped against his chest. 

Everything happened within a single second. 

On the screen the white puppy instantaneously changed shape and extended… and became a slender young man. 

He was naked and willowy, with messy black hair that draped softly over his forehead. He looked very soft and biddable. 

The young man seemed to be caught off guard by his own sudden transformation. He sprawled stiffly across Lin Rong’s chest, at a loss for what to do. 

The camera clearly captured the young man’s frantic face. 

Lin Rong couldn’t have been more familiar with those delicate features on that handsome and cute face. 

That is someone he has dreamt about countless times, someone he has thought about time and time again. 

That is Yanyan. 

Lin Rong sat frozen as he stared at the recording, his mind in turmoil. 

The recording ticked forwards second by second. Those vague, dream-like scenes were now clearly displayed in front of him. 

The young man accidentally pressed against… an important body part and he woke up because of the pressure. 


Lin Rong’s breath caught. 

In the video he held the naked young man in his arms and rubbed against the other’s cheeks. The young man was both embarrassed and anxious. He pushed Lin Rong down on the sofa and convinced him to sleep before jumping off the sofa and going into the bedroom to get dressed.

That… that is one of his shirts. 

Only the shirt. 

Maybe it is because of the sizing difference… but he isn’t even wearing underwear. 

The shirt covered the young man’s upper half and was indeed a little loose. The bottom of the shirt barely covered the young man’s cute, rounded butt and gave him an air of cute sexiness that came with being half-dressed. 

Lin Rong averted his gaze as his ears and cheeks reddened. 

He raised a hand and covered his lips as he lost control of his breathing. 

 After two seconds, he couldn’t help but look back. 

The young man used his phone to call someone. Lin Rong guessed, or rather he was certain, that the phone call had been to Ning Yue. 

Maybe Ning Yan was afraid of waking him because not two sentences later, the young man went into his room and shut the door. 

During this time, he woke up on the sofa and walked unsteadily into the living room with his hand pressed against the wall. 


The young man finished his phone call and came out, only to find Lin Rong gone. He looked around anxiously and quickly discovered where Lin Rong was. He ran into the bathroom, which meant he left the view of the camera. 

Lin Rong didn’t miss a single second and stared intently at the recording. Emotions crossed his eyes. 

The camera didn’t capture what happened in the bathroom but Lin Rong’s mind had kept remnants of those scenes. 

He remembered holding the young man’s hand and also remembered the young man shyly saying that if Lin Rong behaved, Yanyan would let him do what he wanted. 

Lin Rong’s spine stiffened and his breathing got heavier. 

He remained that way until the young man walked out naked and turned off the living room lights. In the dim light coming through the cracks between the curtains, the young man’s figure shrank once again until it became a little puppy. Lin Rong paused the video and closed his eyes. 

He inhaled deeply and then exhaled, repeating the motion several times, each time swallowing hard. 

Some of his suspicions had cropped up time and time again but he had always dismissed them because they were too outlandish. 

But the recording in his hand did exist, without question. 

Sweat pooled in Lin Rong’s palms and the tips of his fingers also trembled. 

He recalled the night he had first met the little white puppy. 

He had been on the phone with Lu Ming and only glanced at the pitiful little white puppy on the road before brushing past it and continuing on his way. 


The next thing he knew, the white puppy had already bitten down on his pant leg. 

Lin Rong had actually never thought about getting a pet while living alone. 

He liked quietly writing his songs by himself and quietly loving the person in his heart. He didn’t like having his space invaded by anything or anyone. 

But the white puppy was a trickster and knew how to act cute. There was a glint in those eyes and his intelligence went beyond that of a normal dog’s. 

Lin Rong sat on his bed and pressed his fist against his forehead. His ears were flaming. 

That… really wasn’t a normal dog. 

That was Yanyan. 

His Yanyan. 

That night Yanyan had chosen him, came home with him. 

He’d been with him this entire time. 

Lin Rong’s fists tightened. Only when he recalled again what Ning Yue had once said to him and the hints he’d given did Lin Rong finally connect the dots. 

“… When can I see Yanyan again?” 

“I don’t know, but if you want Ning Yan to come out sooner—” 

Ning Yue had pointed to the white puppy and said, “Spend more time with him and it’ll be sooner.”  

Lin Rong’s eyes flew open. 

… Does Yanyan need to be with him because of some inexplicable reason in order to return to his human form?

But Ning Yue had also said that because of certain reasons, they couldn’t tell him the truth for the time being. So he can’t ask either? 

Lin Rong vaguely remembered that after Yanyan turned into a human the previous night, he had kept trying to get Lin Rong to think that it was all a dream. 

Just now in the living room, and every second before then, Yanyan had tried to hide who he was. 

Lin Rong didn’t know what those inexplicable forces were that bound them and also didn’t know whether him knowing the truth now would break those inexplicable forces and what effect that would have. But since something as mind-boggling as humans turning into animals could happen, maybe those inexplicable forces would be capable of putting someone’s life in danger.  

Otherwise Ning Yue and Yanyan wouldn’t have been this cautious. 

Lin Rong frowned. 

Up until now at least, everything had seemed normal. Then for the sake of Yanyan’s safety…

Maybe it would be better for him to pretend ignorance from now on?

Lin Rong’s gaze turned hesitant. 

Just then he heard the tiny sound of someone carefully scratching the door. 

Lin Rong turned around to look. 

His fists tightened and his ears turned red once again. 

Ning Yan was a bit worried. He had just hesitantly scratched the door when it suddenly opened. 

He was caught off guard and jumped back and stared confusedly up at the man standing there. 

And the man had been looking at him weirdly the entire day.

Starlight gathered in those dark eyes and the light seemed to encompass very complicated feelings. Ning Yan didn’t understand; he could only tell the man wanted to say something but didn’t. In the end, the man suddenly looked up, took a deep breath, and turned red, even down to his neck. 

Ning Yan, “…” 

He gave the man a cautious glance—What, what’s going on? 

Both of Lin Rong’s hands clenched into fists and then unclenched, loosened and then tightened. After several rounds of this, he gathered up his wits and opened his mouth to say, in a tone that was so gentle it could soothe a baby, “Se… Yeye, good morning… good afternoon.” 

Ning Yan, “???” 

Why so formal all of a sudden?

Also who’s Yeye?

Is that the name that Ning Yue had randomly pulled out of a hat for him?I

Ning Yan wasn’t entirely sure and also a little worried. 

Lin Rong seemed to have remembered what had happened the night he picked up the little white puppy. 

He coughed lightly and the tips of his ears turned red. His gaze wandered around the room as he explained self-consciously in a quiet voice, “I just woke up and suddenly realized that ‘Sese’ is not a nice name.” 

Lin Rong said and hurriedly bent down to say earnestly, “I’ll call you ‘Yeye’ from now okay, okay?” 

Ning Yan fell silent.

Sudden realization after two months??

Ning Yan’s eyes were filled with doubt. 

Lin Rong froze and sweat quietly dripped down his back. 


On the matter of the puppy’s name, Lin Rong had decided, in the end, to completely change his ways no matter how Ning Yan reacted. 

Ning Yan didn’t understand and even worried that the big pervert had become stupid after getting drunk. Why else would he be acting so weird? 

As he contemplated the problem, he ate the kibble in his bowl. 

When Lin Rong walked out from the bathroom, the man and the dog both froze. 

Ning Yan stared straight at the man with his tail perked up. 

What’s up with the big pervert today? Is he heading out? Why is he wearing a white shirt and suit pants and even a necktie? He also did his hair! So handsome! 

As for Lin Rong, he had made himself presentable in a state of distraction and stepped out only to meet the puppy’s delighted gaze. Before he had a chance to smile, he noticed the puppy was sitting by the bowl and eating kibble. Lin Rong’s breath immediately hitched. 

A flash of panic crossed his face and he walked over before abashedly saying, “Se… Yeye, don’t eat the dog food. Let me make you some steak, okay?” 

Ning Yan, “?” 

No need. Steak takes time and he’s hungry.

With that, the white puppy headbutted the man’s hand away. He shot an admiring glance every once in a while at the handsome man and continued to happily eat the dog food like a good boy. 

“Se… Yeye!” Lin Rong hurriedly tried to grab the dog bowl away. 

Ning Yan paused and then barked confusedly at him. 

He’s really hungry! And he just wants a bit of dog food!

Also if Yeye doesn’t roll off the tongue then don’t call him by that name. He’s been called Sese for so long that it’s weird to find it odd now. 

Ning Yan lowered his head and continued eating the dog food without a care. 

“No, you can’t eat this… Yeye, let me make up a steak or some lamb for you, okay?” Lin Rong tried to persuade the dog more insistently. He petted the puppy’s head with one hand and grabbed the bowl with the other. 

Ning Yan blinked in confusion and when he realized what was happening, he opened his mouth and bit down on the other side of the dog bowl!

What’s up with the big pervert today? Who was it that had tried every trick in the book to get him to eat dog food?!

So a human and a dog began their tug-of-war over the dog bowl, neither wanting to give up. 

The white puppy became hangry without his kibble. When Lin Rong wouldn’t let go, the puppy started to growl threateningly. 

Lin Rong… Lin Rong’s eyes held a trace of desperation. 

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