After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 35: Drunk Dreams

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

In that instant the living room became very, very quiet. So quiet that a needle dropping would be audible. 

If someone were to describe the scene right now— 

On the sofa, one of the man’s shirt buttons had been unbuttoned since dinner, and because of the way he was sprawled out, the collar had slipped open to reveal his sexy collarbones. His black hair was tousled and his entire being gave off a beautiful sense of decadence. 

Sprawled on top of the man was a youth who didn’t have the chance to clamber off to the ground. He was stark naked, without an inch of clothing on his slender figure. The young man had pale skin and wore a startled and panicked expression. 


If the two weren’t staring straight at each other, this scene would have been hard to explain. 

Ning Yan could die!

He opened his mouth slightly and stared at the man he was sitting on top of with an indescribable expression. 

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But the second his body shifted off-balance, the man’s other hand gripped his waist and Ning Yan sprawled back against the man’s chest so that he remained more firmly on top of the man. 


Ning Yan’s expression was utterly confused. He kept thinking that something wasn’t right. He panted a few times and then thought distractedly—


Lin Rong thinks this is a dream?


He swallowed while his cheeks turned bright red because of the gentle way the man’s warm palms touched him. His heart thundered while he thought timidly, No clue what’s going on, but, but—

“Mmhmm, you’re dreaming!” He declared solemnly. 

He didn’t quite understand if the Pact-aura wasn’t reacting because Lin Rong was mistaken, but right then his brain was a muddled mess and he didn’t have much ability to consider the problem further. He thought that since the big pervert had misunderstood the situation, he absolutely could not let the big pervert wake up. They’d be screwed if the Pact-aura activated. 

A smile blossomed on Lin Rong’s face when he heard what Ning Yan said. “Yeah… it’s not the first time anyway.” 

Ning Yan: ? 

“Yanyan, Yanyan…” The man called his name softly while both hands cupped Ning Yan’s face. He pressed his forehead against Ning Yan’s gently and then sighed, “You’re so cute in my dreams too…” 

Ning Yan: ! 

His face turned red, his neck turned red, his entire body turned red.


He struggled to stop the corners of his mouth from lifting and exclaimed quietly, “What are you talking about!” 

The big pervert is cheesier in his dreams than in real life, hmph! 

Lin Rong then let out a quiet laugh and gently nudged Ning Yan’s nose with his own as he murmured, “I said, Yanyan is so cute and I like you so much.” 

Ning Yan: Oh, well then! 

The jerk is such a sweet talker in his dreams!

After nuzzling Ning Yan’s nose, Lin Rong started nuzzling Ning Yan’s cheek. He was like a small critter, getting infinite satisfaction from such a simple act. 

Ning Yan’s body heated up in response and, just as his body was softening, he felt something happening under his butt. 

Immediately afterwards he heard the man shyly announce in a hoarse voice, “It’s this kind of dream this time…” 

Ning Yan: ???

He hurriedly opened his eyes to see Lin Rong glancing down at his lower body with reddened ears. Those ears remained bright red as Lin Rong looked away. 

Ning Yan followed the gaze down—



Fuck, he almost forgot that he isn’t wearing anything!

He hurriedly yanked over a sofa cushion and used it to block his privates. His face turned bright red and he cried out in shame, “Big pervert! Grandmaster of perverts! You’re not allowed to look!” 

Lin Rong stiffened slightly at the scolding and coughed lightly, slightly embarrassed and awkward. 

Ning Yan thought this wouldn’t do. If they continued talking like this, there was no way Lin Rong wouldn’t wake up. He hesitated and then glared at Lin Rong as he said, “You… hurry up and sleep! Don’t think about… having wet dreams! 

Then he bit his lip and reached out a hand to push the man down on the sofa. 

The man obediently fell backwards. But somehow, whether it was because Ning Yan used too much force or whether the jerk’s shirt was too fragile, three buttons were torn off of the shirt???

Instantaneously, more of the man’s chest was revealed, including a peek of his pecs and abs. The scene became more erotic. 

The man looked intently at Ning Yan as if he didn’t sense any of that. The look in his dark eyes was gentle and he had a smile on his lips. He looked like he was willing to let Ning Yan do anything to him. 

Ning Yan inhaled sharply. 

Fuck, this is bad. This is becoming more and more like a wet dream! 

He turned beet-red and struggled vainly to close the man’s shirt. He tried to wipe away the non-PG rated scenes from his mind. He squeaked out a shaky, “Close your eyes and stop thinking weird thoughts. Hurry up and go to sleep, got it?”

“I got it. Yanyan be good…” The man murmured quietly but refused to shut his eyes, keeping his gaze squarely on Ning Yan. 


Ning Yan almost couldn’t bear that look any longer. He angrily reached out a hand and straight up covered the man’s eyes.

He could feel the man’s eyelashes brush against his palm. It itched. 

That tiny itching sensation seemed to crawl into Ning Yan’s heart, which constricted in response. 

But very quickly, he felt the man obediently close his eyes. 

Ning Yan gulped, took a few deep breaths, and then waited for a while before carefully moving his hand away. 

The man’s eyes were shut tightly and his breathing was even. It seemed like he really had fallen asleep. 

In such a state, Lin Rong can be considered obedient. 

Ning Yan tentatively called out, “Big pervert?”

No response, he’s really asleep. 

Ning Yan let out a relieved sigh and clambered off the man. He looked down at himself again… and sweat-dropped. 

What is going on!

He rushed into the man’s room and dug out a shirt to wear!

All of Lin Rong’s clothing was a size bigger than his. While he could wear the shirts, the pants were so loose it was ridiculous. Since Ning Yan assumed nobody would see him like this at home, he merely put on a shirt and walked out. Then he picked up the phone Jiang Xiaoning had put on the coffee table and hurriedly dialed his cousin. 

It was almost midnight but Ning Yue picked up the phone super quickly. 

But he probably hadn’t counted on hearing his cousin’s voice when the caller ID said “Lin Rong.”

As soon as the call connected, Ning Yan started blurting out his frustrations. “Cousin, I thought you said it’d be another one and a half months before I changed again? What about the warning signs you told me? How come I suddenly turned human? Scared me to death!”

Ning Yan thought he was speaking too loudly and turned to hide himself in the bedroom again. He shut the door and continued, “Lin Rong saw everything!!”

Ning Yue was also puzzled.

But clearly it was Ning Yan talking to him in human form, no question about that. After he recovered from the shock, Ning Yue asked with a frown, “How’s he doing?” 

“He thinks it’s a dream. The Pact-aura didn’t react.” Ning Yan lowered his voice and asked like a thief, “So what is going on and what should I do now?”

Ning Yue couldn’t understand it either.

Before they’d gain control, demons could not shapeshift so frequently or shift without a warning. There had never been an exception, which was why he could tell Ning Yan that with certainty. 

What was happening now was completely outside his realm of knowledge.

He thought things over and asked, “Does anywhere else feel weird?”

“Nope, all good,” Ning Yan finished saying so and then continued angrily, his face still red in embarrassment, “I was buck naked in front of him, cousin!” 

“…” Ning Yue took a deep breath and rubbed the corners of his eyes. He asked stiffly, “What is he doing now?”

“Sleeping!” Ning Yan thought and then asked hopefully, “Cousin, does this mean I can control my shapeshifting now?”

“If you could, this kind of accident wouldn’t happen,” Ning Yue said drily. 

Ning Yan, “…”

Ehemm, that makes sense. 

“He’s asleep right?” Ning Yue double checked again. He contemplated out loud, “You shouldn’t be able to stay in this form for too long. Since he’s asleep, don’t wake him. It’ll be fine once you change back on your own.”

It’s more important to figure out why the shapeshifting happened so suddenly. 

Ning Yue suddenly wondered whether Ning Yan’s body was extremely special to begin with? 

Most demons could shapeshift by the time they were 10, but Ning Yan didn’t change for the first time until he was 25.

Maybe it was because of this specialness that Ning Yan changed form so suddenly today without any warning. 

Then the problem was how they could avoid having the Pact-aura affect Lin Rong the next time something like this happened. 

Ning Yue thought for a moment and something clicked in his brain. He thought, Since Ning Yan is special from head to toe, then maybe… his aura is also special? 

Ning Yan did just say that Lin Rong saw him shapeshift but the Pact-aura didn’t react because it thought Lin Rong assumed it was a dream? 

No, that couldn’t be right. 

Ning Yue narrowed his eyes. Ning Yan changed forms first and then Lin Rong assumed that it was a dream. The second before Ning Yan changed into his human form, the Pact-aura should have already knocked Lin Rong out. 

Therefore the logical conclusion was… Ning Yan’s aura was ineffective against Lin Rong, or rather it wasn’t as guarded when it came to Lin Rong. 

That was why when they had first met, Ji Shao told Lin Rong the truth and the Pact-aura had prevented Lin Rong from hearing that. 

But when it came to having Lin Rong witness Ning Yan changing forms, the Pact-aura didn’t attack Lin Rong. 

All the common sense that works on a demon doesn’t work on Ning Yan. 

When he reached this conclusion, Ning Yue rubbed his forehead—So all the covering up they struggled so hard to do for Lin Rong had been for what exactly? 

Then again, this was just his hypothesis. They needed a “next time” to prove it. 

In other words, if his hypothesis wasn’t real, Ning Yan would have to continue staying with Lin Rong. If his hypothesis was real, then it was a question of whether Lin Rong could accept that Ning Yan was a demon. So it wasn’t a good time for him to tell Ning Yan all of this, just in case the brat started thinking about this and that and ended up affecting his process of learning to control his shapeshifting. 

At this, Ning Yue twirled the pen in his hand and decided he’d be the bad guy. 

He said, “Don’t worry too much. This should be an exception.”

Ning Yan asked dubiously, “Really?”

“Relax,” Ning Yue reassured nonchalantly, “if I’m wrong, you can come find me.” 

If there is another time, then things will get solved one way or another. There’ll be no use coming to find him.

Ning Yue thought shamelessly. 

But he did add on a warning, “Just in case though, don’t go out at night. Even if Lin Rong wants to walk you, try and have that done by dusk.” 

When demons shapeshifted uncontrollably, it was usually at night. That shouldn’t be an exception since spiritual powers between heaven and the earth played a role in that. Besides, even though something unexpected happened to Ning Yan, it had still been at night. 

As long as they didn’t go out at night, then even if this happened again, Lin Rong would be the only witness. 

Ning Yue instructed, “This is just in case. Better safe than sorry.” 

Ning Yan only half-believed it, but Ning Yue had always been right before, so he accepted it after a bit of thought. 

After hanging up, Ning Yan even took care to delete the record of the call. Then he sat beside the bed for a while. 

So… if the timeframe of the shapeshift is still three hours, then he has two more hours left! 

Ning Yan felt the moment of terror and nervousness pass. Now he was slowly getting excited. 

This was the first time he changed into a human in Lin Rong’s house and there were only the two of them! 


Lin Rong is passed out drunk and he can’t wake the guy up. So it’s not like they can do anything. 

Ning Yan’s shoulders drooped again. He sighed and walked out of the room. He wanted to see how the jerk was doing but when he looked closer— 

Hey, how come there’s nobody on the sofa?!

He hurried out and looked around the living room. In the end, he saw the man by the bathroom. 

The man was sitting on the porcelain tiles of the bathroom. He leaned against the wall, his head tipped upwards with his eyes closed. 

Ning Yan didn’t have the time to worry about whether the man was awake or not. He hurried in and asked, “Lin Rong, are you okay?”

The man heard the sound and opened his eyes slightly. He looked stunned at the young man clad in a loose white shirt… and then asked hoarsely, “Is the dream not over?”

“…” Ning Yan gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, yes, yes, it’s not done yet! This is a serial dream! Get up, what are you doing sitting here!” 

Unexpectedly, the man grabbed his hand. 

Ning Yan jumped and asked carefully, “What?”

The man murmured, “Since the dream’s not over… then I have a wish and I want to say it….” 

“What?” Ning Yan asked cautiously. 

The man gave him a deep look and asked, “Can I do whatever I want to Yanyan in my dreams?” 

Ning Yan: ????

What the fuck are you dreaming???

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