Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 039 On Eldest Young Master’s Work Desk (Play)


Fan Moyi erupted a low and dangerous growl.

While the corner of Fan Mohan’s lips slightly tugged up.

“Wash yourself clean and then come by yourself.”

After cooly throwing these words out, he turned around and walked away.

With a loud bang, the door linking Fan Mohan’s bedroom and Li Yiyi’s quarters closed.

Fan Moyi’s face was full of remorse when he looked at Li Yiyi. “Yiyi, you don’t have to compromise for me!”

“Third young master, the eldest young master has absolute authority in this house. If he wants something, it’s impossible for him not to get it. I’m sure you know this much.” Li Yiyi softly answered.

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“Tso nswze R rsppkczu elprkpl usw? Rv kp R obs kp wplzlpp. Ohld dso, R’x pvkzz alzukdt sd xu lzelpv casvbla qsa lhlauvbkdt, nywpkdt usw vs pwqqla byaepbkrp okvb xl. Zkuk, tkhl xl psxl vkxl. R okzz pwalzu xyjl xuplzq xsal rsolaqwz, ldswtb vs calyj usw yoyu qasx xu lzelpv casvbla’p nsdvasz!”

“Xjyu.” Nk Zkuk rwv sd y pxkzl yde dseele bla blye.

But by that time, wouldn’t she have already left?

Yet, no matter what, if he were to grow stronger, that will also be good. At least, by the time he and his beloved finally reunite, the girl could be protected well by him, then her accepting this guilt wouldn’t be in vain.

With Li Yiyi’s gentle and soft urging for a long while, Fan Moyi was then able to reluctantly part with Yiyi.

After sending Fan Moyi away with great difficulty, Li Yiyi quickly rushed to the bathroom and cleaned away the traces and marks that Fan Moyi left on her body. She then entered Fan Mohan’s room.

Fan Mohan had already taken off his suit’s coat, even his necktie was also flung away to the side. However, his flawlessly white and well-ironed button-up was still comfortably worn on his body.

He was sitting on his work desk while his ten slender fingers were typing away on the keyboard.

Even if his attention wasn’t on her body, Li Yiyi still felt an indescribable iciness seeping from him, making her hands and feet cold.

“Eldest young master.” Li Yiyi softly called.

Fan Mohan sent out an email without turning his head. “You know what to do.”

“Yes.” Li Yiyi immediately nodded and took off her clothes, squatting down between Fan Mohan’s legs and undoing his belt.

As she was setting his underwear aside, the man’s meat stick had already restlessly leaped out, continuously hitting her face.

Li Yiyi’s cheeks screamed in pain from being struck by this solid pillar, but she didn’t dare let out a cry.

She hurriedly clasped the man’s root with her hands, exerting some strength into them and shoving it into her gaping mouth.

Fan Mohan’s c*ck was already stiff. Although his size was a bit smaller than Fan Mohuan’s, his size was still incredibly significant.

Li Yiyi swallowed hard.

However, the hot rod was simply staying in her little cherry mouth for a while, making Fan Mohan impatient.

He closed his laptop, putting it aside, and cleared out a small space on his work desk.

“Sit up here.” The man’s grim voice ordered.

Li Yiyi listened to his command and obediently sat up, taking the lead and opening her legs.

Fan Mohan then completely took off his suit’s pants and his undergarments. As his hands firmly pressed her legs, his pillar aimed at her entrance, and without the slightest hesitation, he plunged himself inside.


Even though her passage was incredibly moist right now, Fan Mohan’s c*ck had also been lubed by her saliva. But, the man’s utter disregard for her comfort as he dove into her caused Li Yiyi to feel some pain, leading her to let out a muffled cry.

Fan Mohan acted as if he had not sensed her discomfort and immediately began using more force to ram himself inside her c*nt.

He knocked against her deepest parts quite violently, which made Li Yiyi tighten her body from the pain.

“Eldest young master, a bit lighter. It hurts…” Li Yiyi’s small voice pleaded

The man’s line of sight suddenly lowered, his serene and rich eyes directly looking into hers.

“If it hurts, then scream!”

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