Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 040 Be good, scream like this for the Third to hear (Eldest Young Master is Jealous Play)

He was furious!

Li Yiyi’s heart suddenly skipped a beat upon sensing the man’s raging flame brightly shining in his eyes.

“Eldest young master, I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

“Wrong? What did you do wrong?” Fan Mohan asked this in a long-drawn-out manner. His righteous pillar continued to ravish the young girl’s cave, pulling everything out and once again inserting it all in.

“I, I…. Ah!!!”

Li Yiyi panicked and racked her brain for an excuse, but she didn’t expect this robust man to abruptly charge forward, knocking shivers all over her body and moving her body back.

Her hands quickly grabbed onto his arms’ firm muscles.

“Eldest young master, please don’t… Too much!”

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Gp vbkp oyp byrrldkdt, Wyd Ysbyd oyp blyhkzu pzyxxkdt kdvs bla!

“Tdd!!! Ozelpv uswdt xypvla~”

Li Yiyi couldn’t control herself and let out a delicate moan. Her legs actively wound around the man’s sturdy waist, catering her legs’ position to the man’s thrusts.

Fan Mohan was condescending, and when he saw her reaction with his own eyes, a corner of his mouth slightly raised.

“I think you didn’t do anything wrong. How long has it been since I last had s*x with you? Your body’s reactions are already so practiced. You’ve must have done a lot of work these past few days huh? Say it. Other than the Third, who did you sleep with? Was it the Second?”

As he was referring to the Third, he abruptly made a powerful thrust. And, as he was referring to the Second, the strength that he was using had also increased!

Li Yiyi’s entire body shook and swayed from being knocked all over.

“Eldest young master… I didn’t…”


“Ah! Eldest young master, please don’t-nyaa~ Too deep… You’re going to break me… Wuuu…”

“Then, you should answer honestly!”

“Yes, there was the third young master. There was also the second young master. I-Ahhh…”

As soon as her voice fell, the man’s root suddenly began barge into her tight p*ssy, intending to simply send her out flying.

Her body was tightly pressed against the ice-cold desk. Her *ss was placed near the edge of the table. Half of her back was stuck to it, while the other half was suspended in midair.

Every time the man struck her, her body would shake in response, always on the verge of falling over.

With the looming fear of falling over for not being careful, the man in front of her spared no expense to drill and charge into her body while also being invaded by the pressure in his heart. Li Yiyi merely laid there suffering and constricting all over.

“I, I told you ah! Eldest young master, how could you still…”

“Good girl, this is a reward for your honesty. So, properly accept it!”

Fan Mohan exposed a smile to her as he suddenly scooped up her lower back. He put a heavy pressure between her legs and then, his c*ck abruptly increased its f*cking strength!

“Ahhhhhhhhh!! Too heavy!!! Eldest young master, I’m going to fly! Too much… I can’t endure it… Wuuuu… I’m going to die…”

Her person was practically nailed by this man’s staff, and her legs opened wide, gladly welcoming his p*nis’s invasion.

The thick rod violently entered and exited the girl’s cave, bringing out a bounty of lascivious fluid, the liquid they made looking hazy.

Li Yiyi was powerless to even resist, but she also didn’t dare rebel against him. The two people’s bodies heatedly intertwined with one another, sending out intense and unending stimulation on their ends. Her body couldn’t bear it anymore, and in the end, only a sharp scream escaped her lips.


Seeing this little woman underneath him crumbling, wailing, and shrieking, Fan Mohan’s cold face finally surfaced a light smile.

“Scream, go on! Let all the people in this villa hear how I’m f*cking you so terribly. Especially… the Third.”

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