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Chapter 75.3 – Extra: Sweet Youth (Part 3)

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  In any case, they had no intentions of beating him up, so all they needed to do was hurl abuse at him.

  With that in mind, Li Kai enunciated each word in a hoarse voice, “Not wanting you to be her deskmate signifies that you are not good enough for Sister Dai, dude. So have some self-awareness and change your seat pronto! We may have the final say in Yanjing First High School, but you’ll come to find that we never throw our weights around. It’s only because you’ve offended Sister Dai that I’ve come forth to teach you a lesson, so all you have to do is change your seat, and all this will go away. I mean, you wouldn’t want us to make your life miserable for such a trivial matter, right?”

  Yet, the young man standing against the wall remained noncommittal. 

  Just when Li Kai and his gang figured he would not utter a single word, the corner of his lips quirked up all of a sudden. “You aren’t the boss, right? I recall your boss is called Qiao Jinye, so why isn’t he here today?”


  “F*ck! This guy actually has the gall to provoke Brother Ye?”

  “Brother Kai, let’s kick his *ss!”

  Since it was never an easy feat to infuriate Li Kai, he was still calm and composed. “There’s no need for Brother Ye to step in for such a trivial matter. So what now? You want to meet Brother Ye?”

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  Swpbkdt shla, Kkydt Pyk tyhl bkx y byae pbshl. “Ebyv es usw vbkdj usw’al eskdt? Qlvvkdt kdvs y qktbv sd nyxrwp? Tyhl usw dsv tsv ldswtb ldvaklp kd uswa ekpnkrzkdyau alnsae? Ps usw oydv vs cl lmrlzzle qasx pnbssz?!”

  On the sidelines, someone stepped forth to help Li Kai explain, “This brat with the surname Huo was f*cking asking for it! He even had the gall to provoke us, ridiculing us that we are no match for him and wants Brother Ye to send us to the hospital.”


  In a split second, waves of annoyance washed over Jiang Dai.

  Unsure what was bothering her, she asked Li Kai with a straight face, “Did Qiao Jinye have you guys do this?”

  Needless to say, Li Kai would never have the courage to rat his boss out. That was why he shook his head repeatedly. “No, Brother Ye also has no idea about this. It was just that we thought we were onto something with our speculations. After all, Sister Dai, you’re a girl and such a beautiful one at that……”

  Ah Lyu also went on to explain, “I heard that those who return from abroad are exceptionally open-minded. Even though he may appear gentlemanly on the surface, who knows whether he’s up to something? That’s why we thought to protect you on Brother Ye’s behalf, Sister Dai.”

  Having heard this, Jiang Dai rolled her eyes. “There’s no need for that! When have I ever needed anyone’s protection? What’s more, you’re ganging up on others! If you want to fight, you should always fight them one on one. What’s the point in having so many beat up a single person? Do you know it will do you no good if this were to go out?!”

  At this juncture, Li Kai’s voice had grown much weaker. “That’s why we’ve only given him a good scare and not laid a hand on him……”

  Upon hearing such an utterance, Jiang Dai’s face contorted into a dark scowl. “Alright, then. Let’s get out of here before anyone reports you to the Student Affairs Office.”

  “But, Sister Dai……”

  “Quit stalling and get out of here!”

  With that, Jiang Dai drove them all away from the premises.

  She bent down and picked up Huo Rongshen’s blazer. Being as vexed as she was, she initially made up her mind to come up with something witty to blow him away.

  Yet, Li Kai and this bunch of fools actually had the audacity to pull something like this in the afternoon……


  Hyo Rongshen retrieved his blazer from Jiang Dai’s hands with a yank, causing her to lean too far forward and nearly lose her balance.

  Just as she was about to swear, the young man turned sideways and pinned her against the wall.

  In the space of a few moments, Jiang Dai could sense a tremendous amount of pressure looming——

  Subconsciously, she swallowed hard and questioned, “What are you trying to do? Spar with me?”

  A deep voice imbued with hoarseness and profoundness emitted from the young man’s throat, “There’s an old saying in Country A that goes ‘If no one finds trouble with me, I won’t come to trouble them.’ Do you know what’s the next part of this saying?”

  Suffice to say, his words infuriated Jiang Dai so much that she gave him a good kick. However, when she noticed not a single spasm of pain contorted his face, she pressed her hands on his waist and pushed with all her might.

  Of course, she was undoubtedly a skilled fighter and had always claimed victories in all her fights with males.

  However, she could not figure out whether this person standing before her was far too tall for his own good or simply a dead weight. Regardless of how much force she exerted, he seemed immovable as a mountain.

  On the other hand, Jiang Dai felt quite mortified, as though she had made a fool of herself. 

  The next thing she knew, she was easily blocked by the young man’s arm and immediately bounced back.

  Her face blanched with anger. No wonder he dared to act pretentiously before Li Kai and the others since he was also a rather skilled fighter. It finally made sense why he could remain so indifferent to her schemes.

  It turned out that he was not afraid at all.


  Come to think of it, young masters from wealthy families would certainly be on guard against situations, such as kidnapping, and blackmail, from an early age. Hence, his effortless mastery of skills came as no surprise, given his apparent advantageous height.

  Despite knowing she was no match for him, Jiang Dai would not wuss out. After all, it was not without reason that she had earned her Witch title.

  With this in mind, she erupted into laughter, and the curvature of her smile did not subside, as she blinked her eyes at him.

  “Why are you so close to me, Student Huo? Don’t tell me Ah Kai and the others actually hit the mark? You are unwilling to change your desk and want to remain my deskmate because you’re reluctant to be apart from me?”

  The sound of Jiang Dai’s voice had always been music to one’s ear. Now that she deliberately spoke in an airy tone, her final syllables were pretty much dripping with such charm.

  Sure enough, Huo Rongshen’s brows snapped together. He relaxed his body slightly before distancing himself from her somewhat.

  With shoulders thrown back, Jiang Dai stooped over and tempted, “Really now, Student Huo… You’ve drawn so close to me that you’re nearly touching my chest!”

  “…………” With that, the base of Huo Rongshen’s ears was dusted with blush, and the blood in his body seemed to be flowing backward. In a split second, he took two massive steps back as if he had had an electric shock.

  As soon as she regained her freedom, Jiang Dai blew a raspberry at him haughtily.

  With a solemn face, the young man suppressed all his emotions before turning around and striding out of the vicinity.


  Ever since Transfer Student Huo backed that witch to the wall and gave her a fair warning, he quickly noticed that Jiang Dai appeared to have chickened out.


  In other words, she seemed to have undergone a change of attitude, as if she wished for them to get along well without any issues.

  For instance, when she was playing her mobile game in class, Jiang Dai’s elbow would always bump into his arm by accident. Only then did she whisper, “Whoops! I’m sorry, Student Huo. It wasn’t intentional.”

  Another example would be whenever Jiang Dai was about to leave her desk after school, she would always ask politely, “Excuse me, Student Huo.”

  Seeing how things had panned out, Huo Rongshen reckoned these were signs of the witch finally changing for the better.

  However, reality would soon come to give him a good slap in the face, for he had indeed overestimated Jiang Dai’s moral baseline.

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