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Chapter 75.4 – Extra: Sweet Youth (Part 3)

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  The image of Huo Rongshen’s fearful and blushing visage that evening was a tremendous source of inspiration for Jiang Dai.

  After all, it was impossible for any human being not to have a weakness, and Huo Rongshen was no exception.

  Since he was lofty, taciturn, and kept people at an arm’s distance, there was no way he could ever give any intense response, apart from lapsing into silence once more.

  Even though color drained out of his face, Jiang Dai would bet that he was, in fact, very shy.


  Keeping an eye on the time, Jiang Dai noticed that the silent Huo Rongshen was not fond of playing sports. Even so, he joined the basketball team and would join them for basketball sessions regularly as of late.

  One afternoon, the basketball team held a competition for students of various ages. Suffice to say, girls crowded around the basketball court, watching the basketball matches.

  As a newcomer, it was no doubt that Huo Rongshen would attract much attention. Standing around the outer edges of the court, numerous girls could not refrain from becoming his fan, screaming at the top of their lungs whenever he scored a basket.

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  Unbeknownst to Bai Zhi and Zhao Chuyi, Jiang Dai was undoubtedly ruthless.


  It was finally halftime.

  During that lapse of time, countless girls would frantically rush toward their favorite basketball player to bring them water, sports drinks, and towels. After all, a routine of some sort had been established, as the same bevy of girls could always be seen delivering things to the players.

  As such, all the members of the basketball team were well-accustomed to it.

  Amid the members, it came as no surprise that most of the fans had converged on the Student Union President, Liang Jingche. Even so, yet another individual had garnered equivalent popularity as well, as numerous girls were vying for a chance to give Huo Rongshen some water and a towel.

  Just as Huo Rongshen and the basketball team were about to grab a cold bottle of mineral water, a pink figure jostled their way through the crowd and grabbed his arm. She was all smiles when she handed him a bottle of pink drink????

   Jiang Dai was clad in short-sleeved tennis apparel with a short skirt that exposed half of her thighs. They were designed to provide a snug fit, especially around the chest area. In the eyes of the high school students, this was undoubtedly an eye-catching sight from all angles.

  No one was certain whether she was adorned with makeup, as her lips glistened in the sun. Moreover, she was in a light pink tennis skirt while standing on a red and green basketball court. Hence, everyone present could attest to what a sight that was.

  Due to the vigorous basketball match, the bodies of all those basketball players, who happened to be male high school students, entered a deeply euphoric state, releasing a large number of hormones.

  Jiang Dai possessed a stunning visage, an obsequious smile, and a pair of eyes overflowing with intense, bottomless feelings. All in all, she was essentially an embodiment of seduction…… 

  At this juncture, she was tugging on Huo Rongshen’s arm and stood on tiptoe to place a pink towel on his head. When he least expected it, she gave his head a good rub.

  Yet, the strength she exerted was immensely rough.

  The dimples on her cheeks seemed as sweet as honey, and the words emitted from her mouth were pleasing to the ears. “Brother Huo, you’re so handsome when you play basketball! You’re just so amazing! That three-pointer earlier was hella dope! The MVP title of the entire competition must be yours to claim! Here, I bought this sports drink for you! Be sure to drink more and hydrate yourself.”


  Even though he might be an unperturbed young man who was inexperienced on the court, the pallor of his smothered countenance had assumed a more ghastly hue when a young girl tugged on his arm, wiped his sweat and spoke to him charmingly before hundreds of students…… In the space of a few moments, all the words he wanted to say were stuck in her throat.

  It was more apt to say that Jiang Dai was like a demoness who exuded poison. The sweeter her voice sounded, the more venomous and deadly her techniques were. Only some residual blood would remain…… 

  “Why don’t you drink some, Brother Huo? Do you need me to open it for you? Make sure you do your best for the second half! You’re the best so go get them!”

  On the other hand, Huo Rongshen was rooted to the spot and could not even put up any resistance against Jiang Dai when she tiptoed to feed him some sports drink.

  It was as though he had been sealed by the demoness’ venomous move……

  On the sidelines, Jiang Dai had also landed critical hits on his other team members. There was no doubt that jealousy would surge forth and fill their hearts to the brim. Be that as it may, it would merely linger in a guy for a couple of seconds before dissipating.

  Before long, their faces broke into an almost uncontrollable smile before making their way over to Huo Rongshen to give him a pat on the shoulder.

  “You’re really awesome, bro! Man, I could never tell that you have quite the luck with the ladies!” 

  “And you’ve only transferred here for two weeks! I mean, that is the most beautiful student in all of Yanjing First High School! You’ve really been blessed with such good luck!”

  “F*cking hell! That’s so awesome! Wait, does this mean that Brother Huo is no longer single? Her sisters are also pretty good-looking, so be sure to introduce them to us later, alright?”

  At this juncture, Huo Rongshen’s face was blanched with disbelief and his eyes burned holes right through me like a torch. His voice was lowered to sheer depths as every word seemed to come out between clenched teeth,  “What are you suggesting, Jiang Dai?”

  Looking up at him with those big innocent eyes, Jiang Dai explained with a mellifluous voice, “My, my, how blunt of you! Look how flustered you’ve made me become… But it’s alright since I much prefer not to beat around the bush. Anyways, I’ve thought things through over the past two days and come to realize that I like you and want you to be my boyfriend. Perhaps, it was God’s gift to have such a handsome person be my deskmate. That’s why I should spoil myself with this and never push you away again.”


  Upon hearing such an utterance, all the girls in the vicinity stood slack-jawed in shock.

  “Jiang Dai confessed to the newly arrived Student Huo?!”

  “Jiang Dai actually likes Huo Rongshen?!”

  “They seem to have a rather close relationship since Jiang Dai even took the initiative to wipe his sweat……”

  “There has never been a short supply of guys liking Sea Empress Daidai, yet when has she ever been so proactive?!”

The author has something to say:

B*stard Huo: Regardless of which world it is, I’m destined to fall into the demoness’ hands _(:з」∠)_

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