Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 75.2 – Extra: Sweet Youth (Part 3) 

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  Once she was done, they began to give their comments in succession.

  “This transfer student sure is amazing! He isn’t even afraid of Sister Dai.”

  “Sister Dai, don’t you think you are being a little too gentle or polite with him? I mean, if the worst comes to the worst, we can always give him a good lesson. After all, some young masters may appear stubborn on the surface, but they are, in actual fact, a paper tiger through and through. So all you need to do is give them a good scare, and they will cower from fear.”   

  “Nah, it won’t be good to make a move on him. With increasingly stringent school regulations, students are prohibited from getting into fights, especially on campus. Besides, isn’t this just a change of seats? It’s no big deal.”


  Noticing Jiang Dai was pouting slightly, Li Kai was unsure what had occurred, but he had an epiphany. “Bloody hell, isn’t this transfer student doing this intentionally?”

  Casting a glance at him, Jiang Dai ranted, “I know, right? He has to be doing this intentionally, and I’ve no idea what he’s dissatisfied with! In any case, he’s just going out of his way to piss me off!”

  Waving his hands repeatedly, Li Kai noted, “That’s not what I meant. I reckon that he might just have an ulterior motive?”

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  What’s more, this was not his first time having a dagger in his heart at the sight of such a scenario. At that instance, it seemed that reliving the seemingly stabbing pain had indeed brought back memories.


  Of course, there was no doubt that School Bully Qiao possessed an all-round understanding of his potential love rivals.

  Needless to say, he had also investigated this transfer student — This person had begun living abroad at an early age. Apart from returning several times for the New Year, ancestral worship, and the sorts, he did not even have much experience living in Yanjing.

  Based on his findings, he was certain that the transfer student had never met Jiang Dai in the past. As for that bizarre sense of stabbing pain, Qiao Jinye could only write it off as his paranoia.

  Seated at the table, Li Kai blurted out a speculation as if confirming his lingering doubts.

  An unfathomable vexation surged forth and filled Qiao Jinye’s heart to the brim in an instant. At that point, he could barely maintain his facade of calmness.

  The usually blustering Ah Lyu exaggerated, “F*cking hell! Now that you mention it, Brother Kai, I think that might really be possible! I mean, isn’t it just a seat? Who on earth would be so insensible and shameless when a girl doesn’t want to have him as a deskmate? Besides, there are fewer students in the class, so there’s still tons of space in the last row, so it’s just a matter of adding another desk and chair!”

  Another of their buddies chimed in, “Who knows? The transfer student might have really taken a fancy to Sister Dai and took advantage of this to flirt with her!”

  Before his voice had completely faded away, Qiao Jinye took a swig of beer and slammed the can onto the table.

  Suffice to say, all their wild guesses had baffled Jiang Dai, who was seated next to him. All of a sudden, there was a loud bang, scaring her out of her wits. Without a moment’s delay, she snapped, “What do you think you’re doing?!”

  In a matter of seconds, the air was thick with tension. At the table, Li Kai, Ah Lyu, and the others exchanged looks, unsure whether they had unknowingly said something wrong.

  At that moment, Qiao Jinye pulled a long face. Despite his youthful visage, he had attained his ‘School Bully’ title through blood and fists. Now that he was at the age where eighth-grader syndrome was prominent, it was no surprise when some hints of hostility slipped through his facade when enraged.

  A deafening silence settled over Qiao Jinye’s four buddies at the sight of his countenance. They simply could not figure out whether Brother Ye’s anger was due to their words, the ill-intentioned transfer student, or the incorrigibly dense Sister Dai……


  With a frown, Jiang Dai stared at him with a cauterizing gaze.

  The tension continued to brew for a while.

  For lack of a better option, Qiao Jinye forced his lips into a facsimile of a smile and wrapped his arm around her shoulders like he always did. Immediately right after, he placated, “I wasn’t doing anything. Anyway, my hand just slipped, so you guys go right ahead and continue your conversation. Meanwhile, I’ll help you cook some meat.”

  Wrinkling her nose, Jiang Dai faintly sensed that something did not feel quite right about him. However, she had no clue what was the matter with him.

  Instead, she spat at Ah Lyu and the others. “Nonsense! He can’t even listen or speak properly to anyone, let alone fall in love with me. I reckon he doesn’t even like girls.”

  Upon hearing that, Li Kai erupted into laughter. “Could it be that he likes guys? Do you think he’s a top or bottom?”

  Recalling his usual aloof mien and his fierce and cold countenance when she provoked him, she thought inwardly that it was impossible for him to be anything but a top. Hence, she would gladly stake her life on it if this sort of man turned out otherwise.

  Despite that, she refuted, “Who knows, man. From what I’ve seen, I doubt he even likes men. I mean, there might be a chance that he’s asexual since he doesn’t talk to both girls and boys. Even when the teacher holds a conversation with him, he merely gives one or two-word answers. It’s as though he is the embodiment of pretentiousness and would go through hell if he isn’t pretentious for a single day.”

  After saying so, Ah Lyu, Li Kai, and the others broke into gales of laughter. Only then did this nerve-racking atmosphere dissipate.

  Yet, Jiang Dai did not take this episode seriously. During her lessons in the afternoon, her mind went to all possibilities of how she could execute one move to have the transfer student surrender to her entirely, diving into different ideas that were not too underhanded yet could exude her intelligence.

  It was simply too difficult to devise a plan that satisfied so many criteria, so much so that Jiang Dai deemed this even more challenging than mathematics……

  Just when she decided to continue tomorrow, something unexpected occurred after school.


  With Li Kai and Ah Lyu at the forefront, they led a gang of over a dozen boys. 

  They intended to corner Huo Rongshen at the back of the school building.

  These students, who were always up to no good, had done their research on all the surveillance points. Hence, this corner just happened to be a blind spot that was beyond the security camera’s peripheral vision.

  Grabbing Huo Rongshen by his uniform blazer, one of the boys hurled him to the ground before stomping on him. Under Li Kai’s instructions, he dumped an entire ink bottle on Huo Rongshen. Immediately right after, he even threw the empty bottle at him too.

  From beginning to end, not a single ripple disturbed Huo Rongshen’s handsome countenance. There were no traces of fear or even indignation.

  Even with the numbers, anger welled in the pit of their stomach when they realized they could not even suppress his aura.

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