Chapter 15: Buy It, Buy It

  Huo Rongshen fell into silence.

  Previously, when Pei Jun asked him whether it really had to be Jiang Dai, he discovered that this was his first time thinking about this question.

  What was love?

  Having lived for more than 20 years, it was as if he had simply never set up this love section in his life.

  What he was concerned with, what he had highly valued, had always comprised the personal values in one’s career, power, and wealth.

  Jiang Dai was the only unforeseen thing that occurred in his meticulously planned life. 

  She had appeared so suddenly that he was given no signs or warnings, let alone been given any time to consider.

  After Jiang Dai became a part of his life, he had also never stopped to ponder over the relationship between the two of them.

  Jiang Dai had always taken the lead for everything.

  She was the one who took the initiative to hold his hand. 

  She was the one who invited him to catch a movie. 

  She was the one who stated that she wanted to move in and live with him 

  She was the one who told him that they should get a marriage certificate.

  So long as it was something that Jiang Dai wanted, he had never thought of rejecting her.

  These forms of address, a girlfriend, a lover, a wife, were all the same to him. At the end of the day, they all but had the same idea——Jiang Dai.

  Hence, Pei Jun’s vital question had given him the answer that he had been searching for.

  It had to be her.

  If he were destined to have a partner in his life, the only one who was able to play this role was Jiang Dai. There would not be a second choice.


  The long-lasting suffocating silence made Huo Shenli give up waiting.

  He sighed, “Brother, if you do not answer me, I will just treat your silence as a tacit agreement. In any case, my question is also a reminder to you, as Sister-in-law is not an impulsive person. Since she has left, she would not be returning so easily. That is why this road of getting her back will be a long and arduous one.”

  Pei Jun, who was forcefully kicked out of the group conversation, had question marks surrounding his head. Does a leading billionaire require so much effort to chase a woman??? Has this world f*cking gone insane???

  Huo Shenli continued, “I suggest that during this period, Big Brother should not deliberately bother Sister-in-law too much. You should sit tight and take no actions first, then observe what she is doing. When the time is right, you should give her some help, or try to get along with her like ordinary friends first.”

  Huo Rongshen watched him with a complicated gaze. As far as he could remember, this child’s IQ was the lowest out of everyone in the Huo family, as he had constantly failed his exams, breaking the several hundred years old baseline of the Huo family. Since young, he had always been reprimanded by our father.

  Because of his simplemindedness, our father compelled him to enter the Group at an earlier age to learn from his big brother, even if it was to draw a cat with a tiger as a model1 照虎画猫: It refers to making a simple imitation. .

  Huo Shenli indeed had no talent in business whatsoever, so Huo Rongshen did not harbor any hope for him as well.

  Today, he did not expect to find that……his brother actually had an uncommon gift.

  There was no doubt that he was truly a descendant of the Huo family.

  Huo Rongshen nodded his head. “Alright, your suggestion sounds good.” In essence, it seemed as if they had reached common ground in their business cooperation.

  Recently, he acquired an enterprise in Australia. In the beginning, the other party was very resistant to it, so he proceeded to observe secretly. Whenever the other party was faced with a crisis, he would lend a helping hand, making favorable impressions on the other party. Subsequently, the bidding war went on smoothly.

  After pondering for a good while, Huo Rongshen pointed out, “Recently, she has been trying to raise the share prices of Bao Li. Today, her rivals attempted to manipulate the public opinion to create a trust crisis within Bao Li’s consumers. I can acquire the opposing group and give it to her.”

  Right at this moment, it was as if the jpg image of a grandfather looking at his phone on the subway was stamped on Huo Shenli. “No, wait a minute, Brother. Do you even know who is behind all this?”

  “No, I do not know.”

  “Pfff…… Several domestic cosmetics groups have the capabilities to contend against Bao Li and you have not figured out which is the one setting themselves against Bao Li, yet you are here wanting to acquire them???” 

  With a cold expression, Huo Rongshen stated flatly, “I will just buy them all.”


  Pei Jun exclaimed, “You are crazy! You have gone crazy because of your ex-wife! You are no longer President Huo that I know!”

  Huo Shenli’s face twisted into a grimace of anguish, as he could already feel the heavy weight of an enormous responsibility being placed on his skinny body!! 

  “Brother, I think Sister-in-law does not require this sort of help!!! In gaming, this kind of behavior is considered as a taboo, and you will also be blacklisted by your teammates.”

  Giving his all, he began to explain, “Sister-in-law has just taken over her family clan’s enterprise. She is like a first-grade warrior who has just begun jungling along the sides of the lane. Furthermore, jungling is her way of leveling up. Without saying anything, you just rush in and steal a jungle creep from her, or rather steal them all…… What else can the other play with?”

  Huo Shenli’s explanation was very simple. So even Huo Rongshen, who did not play games, could still understand.

  “Therefore, I can’t give her things as I please?”

  “Yes…… Actually, you can send some things like equipment and character skins. Oh, by the way, I heard from Wen Yan that Sister-in-law is currently looking for a house and has yet to find one that she likes.”


  Huo Shenli gave a relatively modest suggestion. He also hoped that Big Brother was able to cater to Sister-in-law’s liking this time and never carry out any more of those baffling chauvinistic manipulations again.

  The next day, Huo Rongshen complied with his father’s requests and returned to the old residence in the evening to talk about business matters.

  During dinner, Father Huo not only did not talk about the so-called business matters but instead took the initiative to speak of his daughter-in-law.

  “Rongshen, what exactly is going on between you and Jiang Dai?”

  Hearing this, the chopsticks in Huo Rongshen’s hand froze slightly. “A small little conflict.”

  As soon as Old Madame Huo heard Jiang Dai’s name, her brows furrowed. “A small conflict? Who knows what is wrong with this woman ever since she had gotten into a car accident? She went as far as wanting to get a divorce. Even I am unsure if she has some other ulterior motives or has simply gone deranged.”

  Father Huo had always disregarded his wife’s harsh words, but his face had already contorted into a dark scowl. “Huo Rongshen, don’t think that just because your father is dim-sighted from old age, I am still on the 2G network.”

  Huo Rongshen had no other alternative but to explain, “They are just rumors. Jiang Dai and I would never divorce. Currently, we are merely separating for a while to let ourselves calm down.”

  On the sidelines, Huo Shenli was silently digging into his food, as he could not bear to expose his big brother’s self-delusional lie.

  Father Huo’s face darkened. “Jiang Dai is a dutiful child. All these years, I could see the sincerity in her love for you. If it were not for the fact that you had let her down, she would not have gone this far.”

  There was no way for Huo Rongshen to refute, yet he was unwilling to lay all his private matters on the dining table in the old residence for a debate.

  Huo Shenli felt somewhat sorry for him, wishing he could help him explain. Dad, Big Brother really did not cheat on Sister-in-law. After she hit the safety airbag, it snapped her back to her senses, seeing clearly what a dull, conceited, and hardcore straight man Big Brother was. Hence, she kicked him away.

  Although Old Madame Huo did not like Jiang Dai, she had not had a good time after Jiang Dai moved out. But instead, she also felt somewhat empty and lonely.

  Usually, she would head to the Mirror Lake Mansion from time to time to ‘enlighten’ her daughter-in-law, providing herself with a delightful afternoon tea time. However, now she could only drink tea and play mahjong with those middle-aged upper-class women.

  Old Madame Huo loved her sons the most. She could tell her eldest son was very vexed recently, so she did not slander about Jiang Dai anymore and chatted casually, hoping to improve the atmosphere.

  “Rongshen, if you are free the day after tomorrow, why don’t you accompany mother to the auction?”

  With an impassive expression, Huo Rongshen answered, “I have something on that day, so why don’t you let Shenli accompany you?”

  Huo Shenli coughed and helped his mother out. “Mom, which auction were you planning on going? Which item do you have your eyes on?”

  While she was at it, Old Madame Huo sent a website link to the family’s group chat in WeChat. “Here! The Nangang Palace officially starts its auction the day after tomorrow. Madam Li, Madam Ma, and the others will be going as well.”

  Huo Shenli clicked into the link to the auction’s official website and saw an introduction appearing so gorgeous and extravagant that it seemed quite out of this world…… Even if he was the youngest son of the leading billionaire family, he would still click his tongue. “This villa is very beautiful. Mom, are you thinking of buying it?”

  Old Madame Huo answered, “I am still considering it. Even though the old residence had just been renovated several years ago, all in all, it is still considered an old residence. Solely the design of this Nangang Palace, they had spent eight years on it and another three years to construct it. This is also a joint work between our top-notch domestic architects and the Swiss national-level architects. Pretty much all of the rich and powerful in Yanjing have their eyes on it, so even if our Huo family do not plan to live in it, we should win the bidding and have it as one of our properties.”

  Both Father Huo and Huo Rongshen were taciturn and would tend to be indulgent with their wives. However, Huo Rongshen had never involved himself with this sort of matter that only required him to spend money.

  Huo Rongshen also opened the link to take a look. Jiang Dai once mentioned to him before that the architects of this Nangang Palace were truly renowned experts in their field. He remembered her expression at that time, and it should be one of yearning.

  With the addition of Huo Shenli’s reminder yesterday……he could not wilfully acquire Bao Li’s competitors. So if he were to buy her a villa, it should not be regarded as ill intentions, right?

  Huo Rongshen put down his phone. With a deep voice, he stated, “I will buy this villa.”

  Old Madame Huo was rendered stunned. “You are going to buy it?”

  Her eldest son had always been indifferent to extravagance, so he would never go on a splurge to buy reputation. Hence, the chances were that he must have some other use for it.

  In the face of an important matter, Old Madame Huo was conscientious and knew where to draw the line. “Alright then, you will buy it. There is no reason to be fighting over it amongst family. But Rongshen, after purchasing such an expensive villa, what are your plans for it?” 

  After wiping the corners of his mouth gently with a napkin, Huo Rongshen stood up. “Give it to someone.”


  It was finally the weekend, and it was rare for Jiang Dai to be able to get a day off.

  Her best friend, Bai Zhi, was complaining huffily to Jiang Dai. “That ex-mother-in-law of yours has really gone too far! She has been spreading rumors in the social circle all day long, claiming that you have been dumped by her son! Making it seem like you have been abandoned by a rich and powerful family! Whenever I hear that, I would fly into a fit of rage!”

  In the past, Jiang Dai’s life principle had always been just wanting to be happy, so she neither cared about vanity nor her appearance. If someone were to take the initiative to flirt with her, she would generally disregard it.

  But now, everything was different. Now that Jiang Dai wanted to take over her family business, she had to have excellent intrinsic and extrinsic qualities.

  Still seething in rage, Bai Zhi continued, “This scum of a mother-in-law really is an ***hole! Do you know where I head those nonsensical talks of hers? At the beauty salon! It was also the one you had carefully vetted before recommending it to her. You have even given her a membership card that had two million dollars worth of points. Yet she used your card and brought along her group of old sisters to complain! What an ingrate!”

  Jiang Dai sneered, while looking at her phone and sending messages on WeChat.

  Bai Zhi got hold of her and began shaking her for a moment. “What are you doing? Say something!”

  Getting her hands free from Bai Zhi’s grip, Jiang Dai pinched Bai Zhi’s face. “Since someone ticked our Zhizhi off, it goes without saying that I have to help you vent your anger.”

  Bai Zhi widened her eyes, as question marks surrounded her head.

  Her best friend grinned like a black lotus and enunciated each word dramatically, “A moment ago, I have already purchased that beauty salon. I have also informed them that from today onwards, no one from the Huo family or any b*stards is authorized to enter.”

  Bai Zhi screamed, “F*ck! That’s so awesome! Daidai, I just love seeing you being so awesome! You must continue to stay that way!!!!”

  When she was a child, her best friend was a black lolita, whom no one dared to provoke. However, after she grew up, she had been completely held up by that man with the surname Huo.

  At first, Bai Zhi came over tonight to help Jiang Dai pick a house together, but after looking through hundreds of pictures, their vision became too blurry to continue. At this moment, inspiration suddenly hit her. “Daidai, why don’t you consider the entire city’s most extravagant Nangang Palace? I heard that your ex-mother-in-law is also on the auction’s name list! Since you are making so much profit from your investments, wouldn’t it be a waste not using it to show off?”

  Jiang Dai looked through the auction advert Bai Zhi sent her.

  That eye-grabbing heading that was glistening with splendor——

  “The highest achievement of architectural art is a national treasure.”

  “Yanjing’s very first super-mansion.” 

   “Received an Oscar gold medal award in the architecture industry.”

   “The best choice for the wealthiest individuals.”

  The corner of Jiang Dai’s mouth quirked up. “Alright, I will buy it.”

  She must win the bidding for the most extravagant villa in the entire Yanjing, slapping all the faces in that so-called wealthiest Huo clan.

  So what if you are the leading billionaire? Thirty years ago, fortune was in the East of the bank, but now that thirty years have passed, it turned towards the West2 三十年河东三十年河西: It refers to the fact that the world is changing so fast that it is always beyond our expectation; therefore, we can’t precisely predict how it will become in the future. . Who knows when it is your turn to be kicked off the stage of history?

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