Chapter 14: PR Crisis

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  After Huo Rongshen left, dead silence returned anew to the office.

  At that moment, it seemed as if two little people were hiding in Wen Yan’s heart.

  One was cheering loudly for the fierce, malicious, and beautiful President Jiang: Sister Dai, you are so awesome! The ex-husband is too f*cked up. Is he still living in a fool’s paradise? He actually thought Sister Dai wanted to get a divorce because she wants to have children? It serves him right to be cursed!

  While the other little guy could not help but lament: President Huo is also quite pitiful. Although he is a straight guy who does not understand women, when all is said and done, everything he did was not intentional. Not only that, but did he not also lower himself repeatedly to make it up to Sister Dai, was it not just to make peace with her?

  It was only after chugging down two big mouthfuls of soda that Jiang Dai was able to cool down most of her anger. Shooting a glance at Wen Yan, she pointed out, “If you have something to say, then just say it.” 

  Shaking with trepidation, Wen Yan said, “I am afraid that in a fit of anger, President Jiang would……fire me.” 

  “Am I that sort of person who takes her anger out on someone irrationally?”

  “No, you aren’t.” Wen Yan continued apprehensively, “However, I do not think that to this day, President Huo is able to figure out why you suddenly want to get a divorce. This agreement is probably something that he came up with after racking his brains……”

  Jiang Dai believed herself to be polite enough.

  Was there anything else she had not said clearly?

  Could it be that she had to follow the sequence of the comic plot, wherein less than two months, he would meet and fall in love with the female lead, Sheng Wanwan, after a one night stand?

  After that, he would realize that his first marriage was a mistake, and his ex-wife was a vicious and bigoted woman.

  Subsequently, would he be entering a dramatic cliche, heartbreaking, and dumb story with his pure white flower1 小白花: an internet slang for someone who pretends to be kind, innocent, and lovable. Usually, they are scheming women who would garner pity and affection from others through their weak appearance. and sweetheart, where they would experience different situations like being in love, getting married on the spur of the moment, having misunderstandings, being jealous, breaking up, and seeing each other again, getting pregnant, leaving him while being pregnant, and so on?

  Wen Yan explained, carefully, “Although I can understand you, based on President Huo’s 28 years’ worth of life experiences……I doubt he is able to figure out why his wife suddenly fell out with him and insist on getting a divorce. After all, you used to have a good relationship with him, and there was not any third party stepping between both of you. I think you should probably make things clearer for him? For instance, what he had done wrong, or which part made you feel discontented……”

  “Do you really think there is a need for that?” Jiang Dai interrupted him expressionlessly.

  Wen Yan pondered for a moment. Even though he had never been married, he understood if a couple were to bring up all the faults in detail after breaking up, then it was probably due to him subconsciously hoping that the other party would change for him.

  President Huo…… Those problems, in his eyes, would probably be some baseless accusations.

  If he were to change all those……Wen Yan tried to visualize for a moment, and shivers came running up his spine. If he were able to change them all, then that person would simply not be President Huo anymore. 

  What’s more, President Jiang clearly would never turn her head again.

  As a result, Wen Yan shook his head. “It seems unnecessary. However, what you said earlier…… Would it really come true?”

  Jiang Dai’s face remained expressionless.

  Of course, it has to come true! The more effective it is, the better!

  This man had somehow given himself a persona as a cold and abstinent person. However, it was all f*cking bullsh*t.

  Throughout these three years, who knew how much she had suffered from his strong waist and amazing physical endurance.

  It was finally time for him to face retribution.


  Both Bao Li and Zhen Xiu released an official statement on their official pages, attaching detailed test reports of the classic facial cream, as well as the results of an examination conducted by the Quality Supervision Bureau.

  However, there was still a large group of water army2 水军: It refers to a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments to particular content. attempting to sway the netizens. Meanwhile, the onlookers also took on a skeptical attitude to the entire situation.

  Soon, Wen Yan found some information about the beauty blogger who had posted a long complaint on XiaoHongShu3 小红书: It is a social e-commerce shopping app based in Shanghai and helps users discover and buy luxury, fashion, and beauty products from overseas, share shopping tips and swap fashion ideas. and attempted to contact her but to no avail.

  The Public Relations department proposed, “Should we disclose the chat logs of us trying to contact the victim and receiving no responses? Something is clearly not right here. If that person was indeed one of our consumers, isn’t she safeguarding her rights and asking for some compensation by posting this sort of claim?”

  Jiang Dai simply answered in a calm voice, “You can first have the report written, but do not hurry to release it. Once the climax is reached on my end, then you can release it.”


  During lunch, Jiang Dai contacted one of her seniors from Medical School from her university days.  

  Even though she was not very close to Senior Zhou, he was the most suitable person to make a public statement.

  When Senior Zhou was studying for his masters’ degree, he set up his own team. In the beginning, they disseminated popular science concerning public welfare and interests. Subsequently, when Senior Zhou was doing his Ph.D., they managed to catch up with the trend of uploading short video clips. As such, his team continued to develop and gained ground as an authoritative medical science agency. Today, they had a total of thirty million fans across the major social media platforms.

  Jiang Dai had taken the initiative to contact Senior Zhou, and he stated that he was willing to help. However, since they wished to ensure that the product was perfectly safe before making a public statement, his team would require a few hours as it had to be retested.

  Hearing this, not only was Jiang Dai not in a hurry, but she was also more relieved.

  The more he cared about his power and prestige as a bird cares about its plumage, the more people would believe in his words.

  At around 6 in the evening, Senior Zhou gave his feedback and had already used his social media account to make clarifications, not forgetting to tag @ZhenXiu and @BaoLiGroup as well.

At 1 in the afternoon, Dr. Zhou’s team carried out a test on Zhen Xiu’s versatile facial cream. The composition of this product is entirely safe and healthy, consisting of precious Chinese medicinal herbs. Although the overall effect varies from person to person, it is certain that the facial cream contains hypoallergenic factors, which is impossible to cause serious skin problems. As for the victim who posted the picture, according to preliminary analysis, the probability of the early stage of Lupus4 红斑狼疮: it is technically known as Systemic lupus erythematosus. It is also an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in many parts of the body. is very high. It is an autoimmune disease, which has nothing to do with the skincare product. Also, I suggest this lady receive medical treatment as soon as possible.

  Zhen Xiu thereupon issued a statement of evidence on its official page to dispel rumors, as the company refused to be defamed.

  At this point, loads of netizens were able to pick up on the problem and joined in on the discussion, gradually drowning out the voices of the water army.

At first glance, it must be a malicious slander. Recently, the share prices of Bao Li Group rose sharply, so a malignant competition is going on?
That person, who uploaded the picture, is too foolish, isn’t she? She could not even differentiate between skin diseases and Lupus???
Dr. Zhou is very conscientious and is not the sort of person who would accept bribes to make a public statement. Fall in, everyone, and support Zhen Xiu! It just so happens that I plan to buy some shares in Bao Li.

  Jiang Dai had the Legal Department send a lawyer’s letter to the rumormonger. Perhaps, it would not be too long before finding out who was behind all of this.


  It was eight in the evening.

  Huo Shenli and Pei Jun were in the CEO’s office, acting like a bunch of spectators, as they studied how the CEO of Bao Li was able to make use of the PR crisis to prove the rumor wrong and even obtain universal acclaims.

  Pei Jun clicked his tongue in wonder. “It seems that we have underestimated this sister-in-law of ours in the past, from stabilizing the share prices to marketing goods by being in the most searched list, then gaining fans rapidly in Weibo to them kneeling and worshipping her as the Goddess of Luck. Today, this rumor only just began to spread and had yet to affect the share prices, but she had already dealt with it cleanly. What direct and efficient actions! I really can’t help but respect her.”

  Huo Shenli was currently reading all the enthusiastic praises on Jiang Dai’s Weibo page. So even he could not help but want to become a fanboy and use his side account to join in and wail in the comments.

Victory for Sister Dai! Those monsters and freaks5 牛鬼蛇神: It refers to evil people of all kinds. are no match for our Sister Dai! You got this! Finger heart6 比心: It refers to the hand gesture where you put your thumb over your index finger and make them look like a heart shape. !

  Making full use of this opportunity, he rubbed it in Pei Jun’s face. “I have long since told you that my sister-in-law is not an ordinary person, yet you  did not believe me!”

  Standing before the French windows with his hands behind his back, Huo Rongshen looked to be lonely, proud, and aloof.

  When it came to the movements of the two men behind him, he remained relatively motionless.

  Recently, Pei Jun had been gossiping far too much, to the point where his heart began to sway. “Shenli’s brother, I now somewhat understand why you do not want to get a divorce. This woman, Jiang Dai, is a treasure that constantly gives you surprises. How exciting it is for one to live through this kind of day!”

  Hearing from Chen Mu about what happened in Jiang Dai’s office today, Huo Shenli felt both sympathetic and helpless for his big brother’s bitter experience.

  Big brother truly liked Sister-in-law, but he was way too straightforward as if there was something in his mind that made him unable to be dissuaded. If things went on like this, would there still be any hope for them to be together again? This would just push Sister-in-law further and further away. 

  At the risk of his life, Huo Shenli walked to the French windows. “Brother, do you want to hear my opinions? If Sister-in-law wants to get a divorce, I think she is definitely serious about it. This is not about her being in a bad mood or wanting to discuss terms with you, so it is pointless for you to give her money or any agreements. On the other hand, it will just make her mad.”

  He threw his remarks at Huo Rongshen so quickly, much like a barrage of machine-gun fire. It was rare for him to be so frank, so much so that he prepared himself mentally to be kicked in the next second.

  However, it was only after an awfully long time before Huo Rongshen moved his shoulders. As he swept his cold gaze over them, they could see his face was drained of color as if he had already been laid to rest for a long time.


  Huo Shenli became somewhat braver and continued, “Big brother, based on my final analysis, the reason you are feeling depressed right now is actually due to your lack of understanding of Sister-in-law and the way she thinks. I suggest that you should first try to fully understand all 22 years’ worth of experiences that Sister-in-law has undergone. It will definitely help you in some way.”

  Hearing this, Pei Jun could not help but laugh. “Based on what you have said, are you trying to say you understand Jiang Dai more than your brother does?”

  Huo Shenli replied, “In any case, I know that Sister-in-law is someone who used to be a female boss in Yanjing First High School. Also, she is the sort who will beat up a person with her own fists.”

  “……???” Pei Jun’s face grimaced in disbelief.

  Huo Rongshen, who seemed dead earlier, was suddenly shaken out of his reverie. He sat back down onto his chair and played his fountain pen between his long fingers. Knocking on his table twice, he asked, “Ah Li, where did you hear this from?”

  As Huo Shenli’s eyes glinted, he chuckled and replied, “I got the information out of Wen Yan. He seemed to have heard it from Sister-in-law’s high school classmates. Brother, aren’t I clever?”

  A look of astonishment crossed Pei Jun’s face. “F*ck, after Wen Yan, this traitor left, he had deleted my WeChat account. Why would he still be willing to disclose this information to you?”

  Becoming increasingly tsundere, Huo Shenli raised his chin and responded. “For someone, like me, who is so harmless to humans and animals, and has always been respectful to Sister-in-law, as well as never offended Assistant Wen, so it is, of course, easy for me to make contacts with him. Brother, to be honest, you know nothing of Sister-in-law, like her interests, her hobbies, her social circle, and her outlook on life. Throughout these three years that you have been with her, have you never thought to care about her?”

  Seeing his expression became more serious, Pei Jun did not want to be outdone. “Since when was it so complicated? In my opinion, the easiest way to get a woman back is to play the same old trick. President Huo, in those days, what did you rely on to attract her? Whatever it was, you should be using that again right now! Speaking of which, I am really curious. If it weren’t for your wealth, then what did Jiang Dai fancy? Looks? Techniques?”

  Huo Rongshen cast an intense gaze at him. “Pei Jun, we have yet to decide on the list of candidates to be sent to Africa next month. You should get right on it and stay away from me.”


  Huo Rongshen’s eyes fell on his brother again. “You continue.”

  Huo Shenli coughed slightly and questioned, “Brother, before I start giving you any advice and suggestions, I have to ask you a question about your principles first. Must you really get Sister-in-law back? Has it come to the point where you swear you would not remarry if you aren’t able to get her back?”

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President Huo: Just treat it as a dream, so you will still feel moved even after being awake for so long.

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