Chapter 16.1: Relationship Exposed

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  Qiao Jinye volunteered to help Jiang Dai choose a house, so he picked a batch of options for her. Initially, he thought he could take advantage of the weekend to accompany her for house viewing. Little did he know that Jiang Dai turned out to be interested in Nangang Palace. 

  At once, he got in touch with the auction house to find out more about the situation and passed on the information to Jiang Dai. “On the whole, I have enquired about the general market situation. This villa has already been equipped with a first-rate estate, so to start with, you would not lose out. Also, this is a charity auction, where the opening bid is set at 100 million dollars, and whatever amount that exceeds the opening bid will be donated to charity. However, due to the overwhelming responses garnered from the publicity campaigns, I reckon the bidding will be very competitive. So, if you really wish to purchase this villa, you would have to be prepared for the final bidding price to exceed 400 million dollars.”

  Jiang Dai grinned. “It is alright. My budget, for now, is one billion dollars. Yesterday, Bai Zhi reminded me that it would be a waste to earn that much money and not use it at all. What’s more, I am currently the face of the Jiang clan’s Bao Li Group, so the place I reside in can’t be too shabby.”

  By paying attention to the stock market, Qiao Jinye knew that Jiang Dai ought to have a considerable amount of cash flow. She had managed to save the Jiang clan during its most critical moment, at the same time, shocking the entire stock market.

  However, it was beyond him to be able to guess exactly how much private funds she owned. Now judging by the way she spoke, it was all the more difficult to conjecture.

  So, Qiao Jinye stated half-jokingly, “In that case, I should feel comforted since it clearly shows that my partner, Miss Jiang, has sufficiently deep pockets.”


  Jiang Dai made up her mind to purchase the villa, but she wanted to carry it out in a low-key manner, having no intention to show off in public, especially when the Huo family were also on the guest’s name list. If she were to openly bid and vie with her ex-husband’s family for the villa, it was one thing to have enjoyed herself, and another to become a laughing stock in the upper-class society circle.

  She had no interest in becoming the source of entertainment for others, so she had Qiao Jinye entrust the task to an estate agent.

  Since the Qiao family started with a real estate business, it was not unusual for them to attend this sort of property auctions.

  But Jiang Dai did not expect that Qiao Jinye would free up his schedule on the day of the auction by doing some last-minute rescheduling, in order to attend the auction personally.

  Soon after, both Huo Shenli and Chen Mu arrived as well.

  Huo Shenli attended the auction on behalf of his big brother. Fully aware of the fact that his big brother wanted to use this grand gift to please Sister-in-law, he could not help but feel a little nervous and excited.

  Even though the road of winning Sister-in-law back was long and arduous, it would be best not to use an angry fist to hit a smiling face1 伸手不打笑脸人: it refers to the situation where you were about to hit the person in the wrong, he has already apologized to you with a smile on his face, causing you to feel bad and also not to have the heart to hit him anymore. . For him to be giving such an enormous and luxurious gift, no matter what, he would at least be able to induce a smile on Sister-in-law’s beautiful face, right?

  Huo Shenli envisioned this event to unfold beautifully. With Chen Mu’s company, both of them were bound to succeed.

  In the end, the moment they entered the venue, a group of reporters could be seen crowding around, taking pictures. There were numerous rich and powerful individuals sitting nearby, inclusive of many who are widely known. Yet all of them were ignored, as the reporters seemed to be only interested in one person.

  Having an interest in watching the spectacle, both Huo Shenli and Chen Mu went forward to stand amongst the crowd and looked on. As such, they discovered the person, whom the reporters had encircled completely, was Qiao Jinye, one of the top celebrities in the country who has been very popular recently and was said to be at the pinnacle of his career.

  Chen Mu did not know anything about him, but when he saw Huo Shenli standing still, looking stupefied, he could not help but feel baffled. “Little Master, are we still not taking our seats yet? It seems that this Qiao Jinye is very popular, do you like to watch the series he stars in? Do you want me to help you ask for a picture later?” 

  Not too long ago, Huo Shenli managed to pry more information out of Wen Yan. To his surprise, he learned that not only was Qiao Jinye a high school classmate of Jiang Dai, but their relationship was also extremely close, like that of best friends. 

  He had also heard that Bao Li was going to enter into cooperation agreements with Qiao Yi International and their artists…… 

  At this moment, cold fear gripped his heart when he looked at this famous celebrity, as he began to have a premonition of imminent disaster.

  Out of a sudden, Huo Shenli blurted out a question. “Chen Mu, what do you think of him?” 

  After scrutinizing Qiao Jinye for quite a while, Chen Mu answered, “He looks very handsome and cool, but at the same time, he does not give off a sense of arrogance. Although he debuted in a boy group, he is very masculine, unlike those effeminate fellas. It is no wonder he is so famous.”

  Hearing this, Huo Shenli’s heart trembled greatly. Once he had taken his seat, he began to feel increasingly pressurized.

  The task his big brother entrusted him…… Could it be that there might be a chance of him being unable to accomplish it???


  Before the auction officially started, all the guests were excited as a clamor of comments filled the venue. No one knew for certain whose hands this top-notch mansion might end up in. 

  As soon as the bidding started, it became extremely intense, just as everyone expected. The minimum opening bid was set at 100 million dollars, with the bidding prices going up in increments of five million dollars. In the first ten minutes, numerous rich and powerful individuals were already trying to outdo each other.

  However, the actual excitement only occurred at the latter half of the auction, right after Huo Shenli raised his bidding paddle.

  After all, it was the wealthiest Huo clan, so their seats were located in the most special VIP area. As soon as he raised his bidding paddle, the auctioneer announced with a gleam in his eyes, “Alright, the bid is now at 320 million dollars with Mr. Huo in the VIP area!”

  There was still room for the bidding price to rise, so people still continued making an offer.

  “325 million dollars with Mr. Hu in Area B.”  

  “330 million dollars with Madam Cheng in Area A!” 

  “335 million dollars with Mr. Li in Area D.” 

  “340 million dollars with Mr. Huo in the VIP Area!” 

  As the bidding price soared rapidly to four hundred million dollars, the entire venue began buzzing with whispers.

  “It looks as if the Huo family is determined to win this Nangang Palace?”

  “Experts mentioned that there is still room for the price to rise. Also, there is nothing to lose even if you bid a high price, right? What’s more, the Huo family do not lack this bit of money anyways.”

  “It’s a fight between gods. How exciting!”


  Seated in the most secluded spot of the VIP area, Qiao Jinye wore a pair of sunglasses, keeping a low profile.

  However, the moment when he raised his bidding paddle, it still triggered an uproar.

  The auctioneer announced, “The bid is now at 345 million dollars with Mr. Qiao in the VIP area!”

  Those uninvolved onlookers merely continued to spectate blithely. Whereas, the atmosphere at Huo Shenli’s end became rather delicate.

  As the color drained out of his face, he felt that the premonition of impending doom that he had earlier was about to happen.

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