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Chapter 132: It’s my ex-boyfriend.

As soon as the item fell to the ground, it made a crisp sound.

A model inside the bathroom picked it up and was taken aback: “What is this? Why’s it painted so scary? Could it be that he belongs to some evil religion?”

There were many kinds of such religions in different foreign countries, and they killed a lot. They would come up with all kinds of strange and cruel ways of death to deter others.

A model who recognized it immediately shouted: “This is a face mask!” She noted briefly.

As for what kind of face mask it was, the explanation was no longer attractive. The murderer with the weird scary face mask obviously became the point of venting.


Facing a group of models with sharp high heels, the murderer could only roll up into a fetal position on the ground with his head in his arms. He kept wailing when he was hit.

Shen Yuanye and the group of models were questioned because they were witnesses.

Considering that some of the models had yet to finish removing their makeup and changing clothes, the inquiry was conducted in the building. Each model was isolated, and individually interrogated.

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“What’s the situation?”


“I was almost scared to death, but luckily no one died…”

“This is the first time I have participated in Fashion Week, will such a matter affect me?”

As soon as the police left, this place became a market (TLN: normal) again. Bustling English chatter filled the entire space, and even intensified.

Shen Yuanye stayed for a while, then soon left.

Anna woke up shortly after being taken to the hospital.

When Shen Yuanye went to the hospital, she could see the obvious dark strangulation mark on Anna’s neck, which was very obvious against her fair skin.

One could imagine the degree of danger at that time.

Fortunately, she was only unconscious at that point of time, and the moment of her real death was after she was hanged. Otherwise, she would have been dead by now.

“I…” Anna felt her throat hurting as soon as she spoke, and she coughed a few times: “I thought… I was going to die.”

At that time, she went to the bathroom with joy, but when she closed the door, someone behind her wrapped her neck with rope and used a lot of strength.

Anna couldn’t break free at all, and her whole body panicked.

She was expecting someone to open the door and come in. But after a dozen seconds or so, with every second feeling like a year, it made her feel that she was one step closer to death.


Just when her eyes were dimming out, the door suddenly opened.

As soon as Shen Yuanye’s face appeared, she relaxed, then closed her eyes tightly and fell into the darkness.

She knew she would be saved.

When she woke up again, she was in the hospital. The snow-white gauze wrapping the top of her head made her take a deep breath. Even the nurse said she was lucky.

If she was strangled for a little longer, she would’ve been hopeless.

Shen Yuanye thought of the man who was beaten up by the models and asked, “Do you know the man who wants to kill you?”

The models did not take the attempted murder lightly at all. When the police came, the man was almost out of breath, there were bumps on his face from the stiletto heels of the shoes.

As for the face, Shen Yuanye saw it when she pushed the door open.

He looked like a very ordinary Caucasian white man.

When he entered the bathroom, none of the models backstage knew of him, and they didn’t know why he did it here.

Except for Anna, only the police investigating now may know the identity of the perpetrator.

Shen Yuanye didn’t know how long the sentence for attempted murder was here.


But this would definitely keep Anna on high alert, and she would be more careful in the future.

Anna was silent for a moment, then replied hoarsely: “He is my…ex-boyfriend…”

Shen Yuanye was in disbelief.

In the next period of time, Anna told her about her ex-boyfriend Andrew intermittently.

Anna and Andrew were in a five-year relationship.

She met Andrew before she was a model, and then fell in love with him because of his personable demeanor at that time. They fell in love with each other naturally.

During the relationship, the two naturally exposed some problems.

It was just that Anna had a filter (TLN: thought that Andrew was amazing) on at the time. Mainly it was just small matters, so she didn’t take those matters to heart after quarrels.

She herself was also careless, and she didn’t know of Andrew’s deep treacherous personality at all.

Later, she was discovered by scouts and became a model. From an unknown girl, she became a model who had been through several fashion weeks, and her fame greatly increased.

At this time, the two quarreled even more.

Not long after, Anna opened a Chinese Weibo, became fascinated by Chinese culture, and started watching videos. She even went out to buy different products as well.


Andrew was furious, and everything was thrown away.

Anna felt that Andrew had become strange, so after another quarrel, she proposed to break up, but Andrew did not agree.

“He locked me up…” Anna still frowned when she mentioned this matter, “I ran out by myself later, and he only got a little warning after calling the police.”

Speaking of which, her voice had recovered a lot.

Although Shen Yuanye didn’t hear some detailed descriptions, she could guess a lot from this. Andrew’s character must be extreme.

But the tantrum in the middle seemed to be a particularly noteworthy point.

She didn’t understand why the murderer put a mask on Anna before. At this moment, she had some guesses; he probably hated it.

But without a reason, even racism didn’t go to this level.

Shen Yuanye asked: “He wants to kill you because of this?”

Anna shook her head.

She coughed a few times and wanted to sit up, so Shen Yuanye propped up the pillow behind her.

Anna continued: “I later wondered why he hated me when I came back from shopping. I went to research him secretly, and then I found out the reason.”

After all, Andrew’s reaction on this matter was too great for there to be no specific reason.

It was not difficult to investigate the matter. The information of them dating was public among their friends, and she could piece together the general situation after asking a few questions.

“He was an overseas student before, and he also liked Chinese culture very much. He had a girlfriend there, but later his girlfriend cheated on him, so he came back in a fit of anger.”

Speaking of the word ‘cheated,’ her tone rose.

Shen Yuanye felt that there was no problem with Anna’s Chinese at all. She could use Internet terms and colloquialisms, although sometimes they were mixed with Chinese and English.

Anna said: “Actually, it’s not just about wearing a cuckold, the girlfriend also used his money to buy things for others, treating him like a bank.”

Anyone would be angry if it happened to them.

So ever since then, Andrew had hated China very much, even to the point of being pathological. Even when friends around him just mention these things, they would be attacked by him.

That’s why Anna was treated like that.

“But I like your culture very much. I couldn’t stand Andrew, so I finally left him and started a new life.”

Anna’s beautiful blue eyes were slightly lonely, “I didn’t expect him to follow.”

It was not troublesome for Andrew to mix in.

Although the security for fashion week had been increased, fans, professional journalists and photographers from all over the world came to watch. With all kinds of people, it was too easy for an ordinary white person to get in.

“I really didn’t expect that.”

“The police found an abrupt nail on the wall of the bathroom, and suspected he did it.”

“He’s so horrible…”

“It’s not your fault.” Shen Yuanye comforted: “If he wants to attack you now, he will definitely be punished accordingly.”

Anna forced a smile, “Thank you, Yuanye.”

Yuanye was the name she had spoken the most recently, and the pronunciation is very accurate. Shen Yuanye was shocked at first.

Because it was very difficult for foreigners to learn Chinese, the pronunciation was rarely in tone. For them, the first tone and the second tone when speaking Chinese were always confusing.

After chatting with Anna for a long time, Shen Yuanye saw that she was not in good spirits, so she took the initiative to leave the ward.

There were few people in the hospital and it was very quiet. She closed the door of the ward carefully.

Liu Li had already rushed to the hospital, and happened to meet Shen Yuanye who just came out of the ward. She sighed, “Why did something happen again?”

If this had happened earlier, maybe the catwalk would have been ruined.

Liu Li didn’t wait for her to speak, and said directly: “It’s better to go back to China early, I have already asked Lu Yue to book a ticket for tomorrow, don’t waste time here.”

Shen Yuanye said quietly: “Sister Li, you asked me to stay here for a while before.”

“This is an insecure period. Things like this can happen backstage. It’s not safe at all. There are no restrictions on the use of guns here, it’s more safe at home.” Liu Li stated bluntly.

She looked at the schedule as she spoke, “Don’t forget, you have a commercial to shoot in a week.”

Shen Yuanye naturally knew.

It was decided yesterday, and this was just the beginning after fashion week. After returning to China, the amount of work would only get higher and higher, and her worth would also increase.

She replied: “Okay.”

It just so happened that she also wanted to know what information Jiang Pan got out. It was not convenient to say it on WeChat. It was better to go talk face to face at the police station.

Hope to get a good answer.

Shen Yuanye walked out of the hospital gate and took a deep breath. If she guessed correctly, it might have something to do with her background.

Although she was living well alone now, she also wanted to know what was going on with her family.

This was probably the obsession that every orphan had.

As for whether she would go back after she found out, there was no doubt about the answer. Shen Yuanye already had an answer in her heart.

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