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Chapter 131: The murderer was beaten badly.

Anna was much taller than Shen Yuanye, and this nail was placed nearly half a meter taller than Shen Yuanye.

She could touch it if she raised her arms, but she couldn’t get it off at all, the nail was firmly driven in.

Shen Yuanye couldn’t help but feel depressed.

There were footsteps outside, and she hurriedly moved away from the spot, pretending to step out of the cubicle. While walking out, she turned her head and looked at the nail again.

Further away, the nail was less noticeable.


But no one except her knew that Anna would die on such an inconspicuous nail.

“… Didn’t they leave early?” Intermittent laughter entered Shen Yuanye’s ears as the door opened.

Another female voice answered, “Don’t say that.”

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The models backstage were almost all back.


Shen Yuanye waited until she finished removing her makeup before inviting, “Want to go out and drink some coffee?”

Anna was flattered.

She had asked Shen Yuanye many days ago. However she was a good baby, so she never came out at night, and she refused all the invitations. Today she took the initiative to invite first.

Anna smiled and replied, “Okay.”

Most of the models go back to the hotel to rest after the show. so when Shen Yuanye and Anna went to the nearest coffee shop, there were not many people there.

After chatting for a long time, Shen Yuanye pretended to ask casually: “Anna, have you offended anyone here?”

When this question was asked unexpectedly, Anna suddenly became quiet and fell into flashbacks.

After a long time, she answered, “It seems not.”

Shen Yuanye’s heart skipped a beat.

In fact, she was prepared to have a few people ready at the scene. This way, even if there were a lot of people, there would be a direction. However the answer she got now was no.

Thinking about it carefully, she had indeed never seen Anna have any conflicts with anyone.

So who was the one who killed her?


Unable to get any useful information, Shen Yuanye simply didn’t ask any more questions. She just wanted to gather a group of people to head to the bathroom at that time tomorrow.

The murderer would certainly not dare kill in front of many people.

Unless they were desperate to kill Anna.


On the ninth, the fashion show was finally coming to an end.

Shen Yuanye only had a few sporadic showings left, which were not very important. One time slot happened to be in the evening, which suited her liking.

Crowds of reporters were interviewing some hot models, but the workbench on their side was relatively quiet.

Shen Yuanye observed Anna from the corner of her eye.

Anna didn’t know at all that she was about to be killed. Ever since she got the predictive function of Weibo, it felt strange to know the future of people’s lives and deaths.

Shen Yuanye was not clear about the exact time when Anna was killed.

Shen Yuanye also didn’t mention anything to her.

After her show was over, it was just getting dark. Anna was putting on makeup, preparing for her last show of the night, just half an hour later.


Shen Yuanye watched the clip again after removing her makeup.

At this moment, Anna had already changed into her set of clothing. In the video, she ended up wearing the same clothes that she came in with that afternoon.

In other words, it happened after the show.

Shen Yuanye was prepared.

If she went to find someone to remove the nail, they would not be able to catch the murderer, and the murderer would get away instead. She was going to be in the open, but the murderer was hiding in the dark. Something dangerous may happen.

It was better to catch the murderer. 

Attempted murder was also a reason to cause them to be arrested.

Even if the murderer was not severely punished, Anna could also be mentally prepared in the future. She could go in with a  bunch of people, and she would just be another passerby.

Shen Yuanye was ready.

Just when she was thinking about how to attract people to the bathroom, Ren Lulu sent a message: “Yuanye, do you have any time tonight?”

Shen Yuanye replied: “Yes.”

“Then I’ll briefly talk to you when the time comes, but I can’t make it too obvious. It’s better to wait until you come back, you know.” Ren Lulu typed a message.


The details of the case could not be disclosed on the social messaging site.

Shen Yuanye naturally understood. What Jiang Pan said to her before seemed to be very vague, and one sentence was never said in two sentences (TLN: meaning that the message was not very specific).

She didn’t pay attention to this when she messaged Jiang Pan before. It seemed that she must be careful in the future. Otherwise, if she was arrested by the relevant state departments, no one would be able to save her.

Shen Yuanye replied “Okay”.

This was not urgent, someone was keeping watch, and she would know the answer when she returned. What was important now was Anna.

For Anna, who liked Chinese culture and had always treated her sincerely, Shen Yuanye couldn’t bear to see her die unexpectedly.

It was reasonable if it was an accident, but this was murder.

Half an hour later, the show director began to urge people.

Anna strode to the entrance with exquisite makeup on her face like the other models. She was the first opening model tonight and also the closing model.

It could be said that her task today was very heavy.

Her return to the backstage would be delayed a lot, and it was estimated that she would have to wait for several minutes.

Shen Yuanye regained her energy when the closing music played. After waiting backstage for nearly a minute, the models came back one after another.

Anna was among them.

“Yuanye, you don’t know how happy I am now!” She still spoke Chinese in a strange tone, but Shen Yuanye could understand it.

She was the opening and closing model this time, which meant that she would receive more attention in the future.

So it was conceivable that after this fashion week was over, there would be many recruiters coming to her agent to schedule jobs. Soon, she would become more popular.

Everyone wanted to be a supermodel.

The top supermodel position was not just as simple as a model. In one country, a supermodel could even become a symbol. One can imagine the influence.

Nobody didn’t want such a future.

Shen Yuanye naturally thought about it too, she smiled and said: “Congratulations, you have gained a lot this time, and you will definitely get satisfactory results.”

Anna beamed with joy.

She quickly changed her clothes, before she even had time to take off her makeup, her voice was full of joy: “I’m going to the restroom, do you want to come along?”

Girls always like to go to the bathroom together.

Shen Yuanye’s heart froze, but she shook her head, “I went just now…”

“Okay.” Anna was not angry, turned around briskly, and quickly disappeared around the corner next to the backstage.

Shen Yuanye kept staring at the entrance, but didn’t see anyone going in.

The models were all taking off their make-up, and no one was going to the bathroom at this time, only Anna. According to the time, the murderer must be in there as well.

Shen Yuanye knew that the opportunity must not be missed.

She rang a small alarm that she bought, but this one could be remotely controlled. All the women here were very familiar with the sound.

Almost the moment she pressed the button, the people backstage all looked over towards the restroom in unison.

“What was that sound?”

“It seems to be an alarm. I’ve heard it before. It came from the bathroom. Could it be that a pervert has sneaked in?!”

“Gosh, is this a joke?”

Shen Yuanye saw two people passing by curiously, and she also followed. Although only a few people walked over to the bathroom, it was enough.

She walked over quickly and pushed open the bathroom door.

The scene shown in the video came into view.

The models next to her couldn’t help but exclaim: “Ahhhhh!!!”

“What are you doing? Let her go!”

The murderer probably didn’t expect such a situation. He suddenly panicked and released Anna, who was being strangled, and attempted to run away.

Shen Yuanye was already prepared.

She had moved the mop that a janitor had placed in the restroom before and put it where she could reach it quickly from the door. At this moment, she picked it up and wacked the murderer, and the mop head immediately covered his face.

The two models next to her even took off their high heels and hit him with the heels.

The high heels used on the catwalks were all slender and very high. As long as they were human, they wouldn’t want to bear that kind of pain. The murderer was also human, and most definitely felt the pain.

Anna had lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Shen Yuanye saw that someone had already rushed over here. The murderer couldn’t escape, so she quickly ran to Anna’s side and checked. She was still breathing.

She looked up towards the bathroom door.

A group of people gathered together, blocking the door. The murderer couldn’t run away at all, and was beaten quite badly. Suddenly, she noticed something falling off his body in a blur. 

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