Chapter 90: Marriage Proposal

Huang Rang wasted no time in sending a letter to Qu Manying, informing her that her mother had gone to the capital.

Qu Manying and He Xijin noticed the disappearance of their friend Xi Yin and immediately inquired in Xiancha Town.

Later, the couple heard that Huang Shu was taken back to “recover” at the Celestial Court, and Xi Yin was taken away as well. Knowing that this had something to do with Huang Rang, they naturally didn’t ask many questions.

It was Qu Manying who wrote a letter in response, saying that Xi Yin had some mental issues and advised not to hold it against her.


Huang Rang received the letter but didn’t pay much attention to it.

Over the years, the divide had become as vast as the sea, and it wasn’t that they didn’t hold grudges; it was just that they let it go.

It’s hard to say when it happened, but gradually, they let go of all those debts and wrongs, no matter who they were owed to or who had been hurt.

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She was filling the bucket when suddenly a hand reached out from behind and took hold of the bucket.


Xi Yin was startled and turned around abruptly.

She saw a sturdy man effortlessly holding the water bucket. He asked, “Where’s the water tank?”

“Ah?” Xi Yin was slightly taken aback and pointed to the courtyard.

This strong man was, naturally, Bao Wu. He carried the bucket and walked a few steps to the stone tank, pouring the water into it.

But this bucket is too small; won’t this take half a day?

Bao Wu decided that this small courtyard needed additional water buckets.

He went back and forth, quickly filling the water tank. After that, he abandoned the water bucket and left without saying a word.

Xi Yin was quite fearful of him and was not used to having a strange man in the house.

But not long after, he returned carrying a tree.

He had indeed carried a whole tree.

Bao Wu threw the tree into the courtyard, and after searching for a while, he finally found a saw and an axe. He sawed where he needed to saw and split where he needed to split.

He quickly split the firewood.


Bao Wu was skilled with the knife, so the firewood was evenly split.

He neatly stacked it outside the kitchen.

Xi Yin stood nearby and watched him silently, and he paid her no attention.

Once he finished splitting the firewood, Bao Wu asked, “Can you cook?”

Xi Yin was taken aback and took a while to respond, “Yes… I can cook a little.”

Bao Wu said, “That’s good.”

After saying that, he turned to leave and passed by the vegetable garden in the courtyard, where he saw that Xi Yin had already planted some vegetables.

Earth spirits truly have an innate love for farming.

Bao Wu impatiently watered the garden once more.

Then he asked, “Is there anything missing at home?”

Xi Yin softly replied, “Nothing else.”

Bao Wu nodded and left with large strides.


At the Celestial Court,

The chief was having breakfast, and sitting across from him was Huang Rang.

They faced each other, and the food on the table was exquisite. The chief asked, “How is Liang Mi doing?”

Huang Rang said, “We’ll be able to harvest soon. Didn’t someone set fire to a corner the day before yesterday? But the damage wasn’t significant.”

She added, “Your fire-fighting artifact is quite impressive.”

The chief frowned and asked, “Set fire?”

“Set fire and even sent a group of assassins,” Huang Rang said casually.

Unable to contain his curiosity, the chief asked, “Did you manage to repel them all?” 

“I didn’t even get a chance to act. Xie Hongchen arrived on time and dealt with them all. Oh, I handed the prisoners over to the White Tiger Bureau. Did Tan Qi tell you about it? But even if he did, it’s pointless. You don’t need to rack your brain to know who sent them.”

Huang Rang continued eating as she spoke.

But the chief picked up on a specific name. “Xie Hongchen?” he inquired.

Huang Rang affirmed, “Yes, Xie Hongchen.”


“Hmm, a real hero saving beauty,” the chief said sarcastically. “I suppose Aunt Huang must have graciously thanked Master Xie for saving her life?”

Huang Rang stared at the chief, her gaze fixed until he became uneasy, and then she asked, “You actually don’t care if I get hurt?”

The chief immediately sensed that something was wrong.

He hastily asked, “So did you get hurt?”

Pointing at him, Huang Rang said, “I didn’t say anything, and you didn’t even remember to inquire?”

“I…” The chief panicked, hastily defending himself: “You were standing right in front of me, whole and unharmed. Naturally, I knew you weren’t injured.”

“Whole and unharmed? So I can’t be scared or have internal injuries?” Huang Rang accused him loudly, “You really don’t care about me at all!”

The chief took a deep breath, attempting to salvage the situation. “Shall I ask Qiu Shengbai to check on you?”

“Who cares?” Huang Rang persisted, continuing to make things difficult. She even added a bit of sarcasm: “Late concern is cheaper than grass.”

The chief’s scalp tingled. “So what would you like me to do?”

“What kind of attitude is this?” Huang Rang blinked, and tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

The chief was at a loss for words. After a while, he finally said, “Alright, alright, it’s all my fault. Let’s eat first!”

Huang Rang sobbed, saying, “I forgot to bring the dipping sauce.”

The chief dared not say much and immediately responded, “Please wait; I’ll get it for you right away.”

Before he finished speaking, he was already leaving the table.

Huang Rang wiped her eyes and continued eating.

Hmph, trying to compete with me?

And as luck would have it, that seemed to be the case.

Just as the chief returned with the dipping sauce, someone delivered a small wooden box. “Miss Huang, Master Xie has sent this and wants me to hand it to you in person,” he said.

His words were like a bucket of tung oil, rekindling the anger that the chief had barely managed to suppress.

“Oh, really?” The chief extended his hand and said, “Let me see what gift Master Xie has prepared for Miss Huang.”

The servant had no choice but to present the wooden box. The chief casually opened it, revealing a bracelet with inscribed symbols, obviously a storage artifact.

“Master Xie is indeed generous,” the chief said with a sour expression.

Huang Rang continued to eat, and when she didn’t respond, the chief couldn’t help but mutter under his breath.

“Tell Master Xie that I appreciate his goodwill, but I don’t want to accept this gift. Miss Huang has done nothing to deserve it,” he said, throwing the bracelet back into the box. Then he turned to the servant and said, “Miss Huang is my honored guest. In the future, any gifts from outsiders should be shown to me first to prevent any malicious intentions.”

The servant nodded, realizing the chief’s displeasure, and left with the wooden box, feeling uneasy.

Huang Rang concentrated on her meal, not saying a word.

The chief, on the other hand, stood up, snorted, and began to leave. But when he reached the door, he turned back, taking a thousand-layer scallion pancake with him.

The next day, Liang Mi’s crops were harvested amid grumbling from the common people.

The chief ordered the grains to be sun-dried, bagged, sealed, and registered. The grains were then distributed to the registered families.

People who believed in Third Dream were eager to collect their share, while others were more reluctant. However, this time the government was resolute, demanding that every registered household plant more than two-thirds of the land listed in the registration.

So, amid a chorus of complaints, the second batch of Liang Mi seeds was gradually distributed. Huang Rang was kept busy for several days as this batch of seeds was particularly large. Fortunately, there were many government officials handling the distribution, so it wasn’t as strenuous as it could have been.

After finally returning to her quarters, Huang Rang lay down on her bed, only to suddenly notice a small wooden box beside her pillow.

Huang Rang opened the box and found a delicate gold filigree bracelet inside. The bracelet had enchantments inscribed on its back, indicating it was a storage artifact. There was also a small ring attached to it, connected by a chain, and the chain was adorned with four rubies.

Exquisitely ostentatious.

Huang Rang put on the bracelet and the ring, securing them with the chain. The four rubies gleamed on the fair skin of her hand.

A nearly extravagant beauty.

Huang Rang held up her hand, admiring it from every angle, and eventually found the craftsman’s seal on the hidden side.

Di Yiqiu.

Huang Rang couldn’t help but stifle a laugh with her hand over her mouth for quite some time.

The chief had certainly spared no expense this time.

Huang Rang accepted this grand gift, and the two of them had an unspoken agreement not to mention it again.

She wore the items on her hand constantly, never taking them off, even when cooking or tending to her crops.

One day, the chief returned to his bedroom and discovered a pair of boots beneath the bed.

A pair of black boots with a small embroidered maple leaf using golden beads

Di Yiqiu examined the boots closely. They naturally wouldn’t have any maker’s seal on them, only intricate patterns and silent words.

Yuhu Immortal Sect.

Xie Hongchen received the returned gift.

He furrowed his brows slightly. Clearly, as the Master of Xie, it was the first time one of his gifts had been returned.

Master Xie pondered for a long time. Lately, he has invested too much attention in this person.

Dark Thunder Peak, Luofu Hall

Xie Hongchen had just arrived outside the hall when he heard Xie Lingbi’s voice from within: “Come in.”

Xie Hongchen entered, and Xie Lingbi poured him a cup of tea, asking, “What’s the matter?”

Xie Hongchen bowed to him and said, “Master, in these years, I’ve come to know a wonderful young woman, and I’d like to… ask for her hand in marriage.”

Xie Lingbi furrowed his brows, and after a long pause, he said, “Huang Rang.”

His tone was affirmative, causing Xie Hongchen’s heart to skip a beat. It took a while before he asked, “Master, do you know her?”

Xie Lingbi replied, “When you succeeded as the sect leader, your gaze gave away a hint.”

He paused and, with a somewhat displeased expression, added, “Yuhu Immortal Sect doesn’t forbid marriage. Your desire to marry is a joyful occasion. However, this woman… I don’t know why, but I have a foreboding.”

Xie Hongchen asked, “Why do you say that, Master?”

Xie Lingbi sighed. “It’s just a premonition; I can’t put it into words.”

Xie Hongchen said, “Although she is the daughter of Huang Shu, she has been raised by Master He and his wife for these years. She’s innocent, open-hearted, and has a sense of justice. She’s a very good young woman.”

Xie Lingbi relented, “Very well. If you truly like her and wish to marry her, then go ahead. But, Hongchen, as the leader of the Yuhu Immortal Sect, you cannot allow personal relationships to hinder your cultivation.”

“I will heed your teachings, Master,” Xie Hongchen said, bowing once more.

The following day, Sect Leader Xie Hongchen personally went to the Ruyi Sword Sect to propose to Huang Rang.

When He Xijin and his wife received the news, they were both taken aback.

“Sect Leader Xie Hongchen is proposing in person.” Sect Leader He exclaimed in astonishment.

“Proposing to our Rang?” Qu Manying reiterated

The husband and wife exchanged glances, then went to greet him.

Yuhu Immortal Sect was the leader among the Immortal Sects, and when the Sect Leader proposed it, it naturally became a grand affair, attracting the attention of the entire Immortal Sect community.

Sect Leader He welcomed Xie Hongchen into the main hall but couldn’t give an immediate answer.

He had to say, “S..Sect Leader Xie, we’re deeply honored by your kind intentions. However, we… we need to discuss this with our Rang.”

“Of course,” Sect Leader Xie responded. He remained as refined as ever, smiling as he said, “I’ll await the good news from Sect Leader He.”

Indeed, it was a tremendous piece of good news.

However, it didn’t take half a day for it to become widely known. Everyone had their eyes on the Ruyi Sword Sect. Some envied He Xijin and Qu Manying for having such a fine niece. Others envied Huang Rang for this stroke of extraordinary fortune.

Almost everyone was eagerly awaiting the wedding celebration.

After all, Xie Hongchen, the Sect Leader of the Yuhu Immortal Sect, was a young prodigy who had already become the top Sword Immortal in the Immortal Sects. Unrivaled in appearance, talent, cultivation, and virtue.

For a person of this caliber to come in person to propose, who in the world could possibly refuse?

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