Transmigrating into the Villain’s Sickly Childhood Friend

TVSCF Chapter 2 – The legendary city of sin

Chapter 2: The legendary city of sin

Qiao Wen was born an adventurer. After Lin Nan died to save him, Qiao Wen went to a lot of dangerous places alone thus he didn’t feel anxious at all when he came into this world.

Uncle Hua confirmed that he was alive. Although he was still surprised, he breathed a sigh of relief. He said, “Your pulse has stabilized a lot. I’ll decoct some medicine for you. Hao Tsai, give Awen some hot water then go buy a chicken porridge to eat to replenish his body.”

Hao Tsai agreed, then he hurriedly poured warm water and brought it to Qiao Wen’s mouth.

Qiao Wen didn’t know if this child was just born incapable of taking care of others or just frightened, but he had gotten a large part of Qiao Wen’s shirt wet. However, Qiao Wen couldn’t use any strength so he could only put up with Hao Tsai clumsily letting him drink.


Water was indeed the source of life.

After drinking half a cup, Qiao Wen immediately felt more comfortable in this weak body.

When Hao Tsai saw that he had drunk so much water, he wiped his tears of joy. He stood up in a rush and was about to run out to buy a hot porridge.

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When he heard Hao Tsai’s reply, Qiao Wen knew he was right. In order to earn money for the original, he killed someone. However, Hao Tsai obviously didn’t know the truth and only thought he earned money normally.


Qiao Wen had the original host’s memory and naturally knew what kind of person Qiao Wen, this sickly child was.

Although he was born in a slum like the Kowloon Walled City, Qiao Wen was good-natured and had always been against Chen Jianan mixing with that society. In his memory, although Chen Jianan was impulsive and reckless; brawl and fight was common occurrence but he wasn’t a bad boy. On the contrary, Chen Jianan had an upright character, just quite chivalrous.

If he knew that his Nan went to kill people for money for himself, and from then on, he went further and further down a road and was eventually shot dead at a young age, the sickly boy who is no longer there must be very sad, right?

If the original Qiao Wen knew that his Nan-ge killed someone to make money for him, then was led astray, and was eventually shot dead at a young age, the sickly boy who was no longer here must be very sad, right?

Qiao Wen thought, “Since I borrowed his body, I should do something for him.”

According to the butterfly effect theory, his arrival brought Qiao Wen who should’ve died today, come back to life which also changed their fates from now on.

Moreover, he had always believed that he was in control of his destiny.

But this body was currently in a bad state. Even getting out of this black clinic was difficult, not to mention trying to stop Chen Jianan.

It was better to eat to replenish his energy first.

He released Hao Tsai’s hand and said, “Go buy it. Buy two portions and come back quickly.

Hao Tsai followed his cousin to take care of Qiao Wen over the past few days. At first, Awen could still have some food, but he couldn’t drink for the past few days. Uncle Hua said that if the person couldn’t drink water, then he couldn’t cure them so they should hurry to send Awen to a foreign hospital, perhaps Awen could still be treated.

However, the price at the foreign hospitals was high and they must pay before they could receive patients. They didn’t even come up with a fraction of the price. His cousin said he would definitely get the money tonight and asked him to take care of A-wen. Just now, he was almost scared to death when he saw Awen lose his breath.


Although he didn’t know how Awen came back to life, it was good to be alive.

Only, how are things going on with his cousin?

Hao Tsai tousled his head in confusion. Having just finished crying his heart out, he went out in a daze.

Qiao Wen closed his eyes and sat on top of the bed waiting for the life-saving food.

Hao Tsai wasn’t capable of taking care of people but was quite good at running errands. In just a few minutes, he returned with two steaming bowls of porridge. “Eat quickly, Awen. Uncle Hua said that as long you can eat, you’ll be fine.”

Because Qiao Wen came back to life, the 17-year-old teenager was brimming with enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to give Qiao Wen the two bowls of porridge for him to eat all at once.

Qiao Wen ate half of a bowl of porridge and slowed down as he couldn’t stand this klutzy and clumsy child’s actions anymore. He took the bowl from Hao Tsai’s hand with his weak and shaking hands and stubbornly fed himself.

Qiao Wen couldn’t tell what kind of illness this body had, but maybe due to his transmigration, the illness of the original host disappeared into thin air, leaving him very weak and feeling starved.

He couldn’t even really taste the chicken porridge and just desperately filled his empty stomach. After eating the two bowls of porridge, he finally felt full.

Because of these two bowls of hot porridge, the blood in Qiao Wen’s pale and frail-looking face finally returned although it wasn’t very obvious and his dull black eyes brightened up a bit.

In other words, he was truly resurrected from the dead and was now alive.

Although Hao Tsai wasn’t very smart, he was still quite observant. He grew up with Qiao Wen and because Awen was always sick, he was like a porcelain doll that would shatter with the slightest touch and pass away. Even though he still looked weak now, the look in his eyes was different from usual.


Hao Tsai couldn’t figure out what was different. He stared intently at Qiao Wen and racked his brains. Finally, an idea popped into his stupid brain which then scared him. He sat down on the ground with a thud and howled, “Awen, you won’t go back to the heavens, right?”

Qiao Wen was rendered speechless. The novel really didn’t deceive me, this child was really dimwitted.

Before he could reply, Uncle Hua walked in and slapped Hao Tsai’s head. “Little rascal, what are you howling as if you’re at a funeral for!” He glanced at the two clean bowls next to Qiao Wen and said, “Since he can eat, then he’s fine. Stop scaring yourself.”

Hao Tsai finally stopped crying again and sniffled as he stood up.

Qiao Wen finally had the energy to ponder about the current situation after eating the two bowls of porridge.

He looked around and his sight landed on the old wall clock on the dark yellow wall. The hour hand was pointing at 5 PM.

In the novel, it was written that Lin Zihui’s father would die on the day when both the father and son were drinking in the tea house. Chen Jianan wouldn’t start until 7 PM or 8 PM.

He still had time.

After contemplating, he got out of bed.

Upon seeing this, Hao Tsai dashed forward to help him and said in a panic, “Awen, what do you want to do? Just tell me what you want. You just woke up, you have to rest and recuperate.”

The moment Qiao Wen stepped onto the ground, he felt his pair of legs involuntarily weaken. Fortunately, Hao Tsai supported him.

His vision darkened and panted. After a while, he finally managed to calm down.


Although he knew that this body had just returned from the brink of death, this body was… a bit too weak.

Qiao Wen had always been in a good health since he was young and was quite athletic. Now that he had such a frail body, it took him a while to get used to.

However, he also knew that it was also because of lying down on the bed for a long time.

Qiao Wen sat on the edge of the bed to rest for a while before trying to stand up again. Although it took a lot of effort, he was still barely able to move.

When Hao Tsai saw Qiao Wen walking outside, he supported the latter and said anxiously, “Awen, don’t move. If something happens again, my ge will kill me once he comes back.”

Qiao Wen smiled at him and said, “I’m fine, but lying down for a long time is very uncomfortable, so I have to get up and move a bit.”

“That’s right. Moving makes the blood flow which in turn helps the body to recover,” yelled Uncle Hua who was outside.

After hearing this, Hao Tsai finally stopped struggling. He nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Qiao Wen didn’t refuse immediately. With Hao Tsai’s help, he lifted the curtain of the inner room and walked out slowly. Outside, Uncle Hua was sitting behind a table, taking the pulse of a sallow old woman. Upon hearing their movements, he looked, squinted his eyes, and calmly instructed, “Come back early to drink medicine.”

“Yes, Uncle Hua.”

Qiao Wen continued to walk out. When he passed by a mirror in the room, he subconsciously raised his head and was a bit startled.

In the novel, the original Qiao Wen only existed in Chen Jianan’s memory and wasn’t described in a pleasing way. The original Qiao Wen was only described as a sickly child who grew up drinking a pot of decocted herbal medicine. As to what he looked like, it wasn’t stated.

The mirror was already very old and wasn’t very clean, but Qiao Wen could still see the original’s appearance clearly. He had sickly look on his whole face and he was very thin and looked gaunt but his beautiful facial features could still be seen. A pair of dark and slender eyes and brows that could draw any person in, a high and straight nose, and thin lips curving into a shallow smile— a standard appearance of a male counterpart of Lin Daiyu’s frail and sickly beauty.

Qiao Wen sighed to himself. With Hao Tsai’s help, he walked out of the small door of Uncle Hua’s clinic.

Qiao Wen was greeted by a decaying stench and a wave of heat that rushed to him. He looked into the distance and his sight was filled with cramped, narrow, and dilapidated tenement buildings and the dirty and narrow lawless labyrinth of streets and alleys.

The sky was still bright, but the dense buildings and wires interlaced in the air blocked most of the sunlight which made this place dark and devoid of sunlight.

The Kowloon Walled City, the famous slum in Hong Kong City before the 1990s and was also the place where Chen Jianan and Qiao Wen grew up.

Kowloon Walled City, entrenched in the hinterlands of the city, the legendary city of sin.

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