The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 66: Childhood Fun Part Three – Complaint


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Her words were extremely crude. Liu Changshi was an unmarried man, how could he quarrel with a shrew? What would that make him? After he heard what was said, he immediately backed away, his expression filled with disgust at Wang Pin’s mother. He didn’t bother trying to speak to this unreasonable woman. Bending, he picked Liu Xu’er up and called Shi Cheng. “Let’s go off.”


Although he wanted to leave, they refused to allow it. Wang Pin’s mother pulled Wang Pin along and rushed to block their way. Raising her voice an octave, she called out, “Before we’ve made this clear, you’re not to leave! Why did you hit my son? How dare you hit my son?!”

Liu Changshi sternly said, “Your Wang Pin chased my family’s Liu Xu’er across the entire village. Why can’t I say something to him? How old is Wang Pin? Not enough that he’s bullying a girl, he’s bullying one that’s six or seven years younger than him! What gives you the right to demand an explanation?!”

Wang Pin was pulled by his mother. Gloatingly, he looked at Shi Cheng. Shi Cheng idly rubbed his nose. 

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Shi Cheng thought to himself. You stupid c*nt. Your daddy has only to lift a finger to squash you like a bug, so why do I have to fight you physically? Until you’ve understood this, don’t bother trying to fight with me!


Although it was rather unfair to bully young children this way, Wang Pin was really not a good egg. It was better to get rid of him now, so that the village doesn’t suffer later!

“Pah! Just because you’ve a powerful background, you can bully others….” After walking a distance away, Wang Pin’s mother said. 

No one knew if that sentence was directed at Shi Cheng or at Liu Changshi and Liu Xu’er. However, they couldn’t be bothered to take it up with her. Fighting with a shrew only lowered their image. It was a no-win situation. 

Although Liu Xu’er had a bit of shock, it wasn’t to the extent of  being scared witless. She requested for Liu Changshi  to help her go back to the hibiscus trees to help her pick a large bundle of leaves before returning home. 

After Liu Xu’er had gone home to shower, Shi Cheng had gone home. On the way up the slope, he saw Liu Changgeng using a hoe to carve out some steps in the slope. He had already managed to make four or five. He delightedly called out, “Uncle! Why are you doing this?”

Liu Changgeng straightened. Seeing it was him, he smiled and said, “Shi Cheng! Uncle is just bored, and so decided to carve out some steps. That way, when it rains or snows, little kids won’t slip on this slope.”

“That’s great, thank you uncle!” Shi Cheng smiled and said.

Liu Changgeng laughed, “Why are you thanking me?”

“Isn’t it because I use the slope frequently! After uncle has made these steps, I won’t easily slip!” Shi Cheng smiled and said. 

Liu Changgeng smiled. Stretching his hand out, he patted him on the head and said, “Good. Anyway, it’s time for you to head back.”

Shi Cheng smiled and agreed. He ran up the slope back to his home. When he entered, he saw Uncle Quan lying in the gate house, sound asleep. He continued on till he was at his mother’s doorway before calling out, “Dad, mum!”

His mum said, “Shi Cheng? Come in.”


With that he entered. His mother was semi reclined on the luohanta with several jade green satin cushions supporting her back. There was a white porcelain bowl at the little table, still steaming slightly. His father was seated on a chair in the room. 

An example of a luohanta. Source

The instant Shi Cheng came in, he greeted his parents. “Dad, mum.”

Shi Qian had just asked, “Where did you run off too?” When his mother, Meng shi, let out a startled shout. She got up and pulled Shi Cheng over, and started to pat him all over. “What did you get up to? Look at you – there’s mud all over you! Did you go to the threshing fields again?”

Shi Cheng said, “I didn’t….” Then it occurred that if he shared what had happened in front of his mother, the matter would be more easily resolved. So he turned and asked Shi Qian, “Is Wang Pin’s father still helping our family with the fields?”

Shi Qian was just picking up the cup of tea. When he heard the question, he raised his head, “That’s right. Why are you asking about that? Did you have a conflict with Wang Pin again?” He looked over Shi Cheng. 

When Shi Cheng’s mother heard, her brows knit. 

Shi Cheng huffily went to sit next to his mother, and angrily said, “Wang Pin is crazy! I went to the riverside to play, and saw Xu’er there. Xu’er asked me to help her pick a few hibiscus leaves. We had just gotten there when he brought over 10 kids and surrounded us. He wanted to beat me!”

“What?!” Shi Cheng’s mother shouted. She immediately gave him an anxious look over, lifting up the back of his shirt to check if he’d been hurt anyway.

Shi Cheng ignored his mother’s actions. With a frown, he told Shi Qian, “I tried to threaten him away. I said I would tell his father, but he wasn’t scared at all! He insisted on beating me. When I saw that things were bad, I ran away, but he brought everyone along to chase me! I ran from the west all the way across the village, and he chased me closely! He kept saying that when he caught me, he would beat me to death! Thankfully, we met Xu’er’s sishu. It was only then that he scared the rest of the kids away. Dad, can you guess if Wang Pin ran off?”

He had already made the answer extremely obvious.

Shi Qian then said, “He didn’t run?”


Shi Cheng heavily nodded his head. “He not only didn’t run, he started to scold Xu’er’s sishu! He said that sishu couldn’t do anything to him. Also said that when I was alone, he would find me and hit me! When sishu saw that he was still so angry, he went over to give him a light knock. Right at that time, his mother came over. My goodness, she made such a huge fuss, scolding sishu. It was really ugly! When sishu wanted to go off, she even stopped him!”

Shi Cheng’s mother was so angry, her face had turned white. “Shrew! There are so many shrews in the village! Bullying young children, they’re just shameless.”

Shi Qian’s father frowned and didn’t say anything. 

Shi Chang said, “Dad, I don’t know what Wang Pin’s father is like, but looking at Wang Pin’s mother and Wang Pin, they really aren’t the good sort. The only reason that they can stay in Taohua Village is because you’ve given them a living. Maybe it’s because you’re goodhearted, and felt that their family was pitiable, but think about it, you may be causing trouble for Taohua Village! That Wang Pin is a tyrant amongst the village children. If he doesn’t like someone, he would hit them! Senzi was so small, but he helped someone beat him up. What else wouldn’t he do? The more he grows, the worse he will become! Dad, you can’t leave this sort of trouble in Taohua Village. Don’t you often say that this place is our Shi Family’s root?”

Shi Cheng’s mother was only concerned about Shi Cheng. Hearing this, she quickly nodded, “That’s right his father. Didn’t that little scoundrel Wang Pin say that he would hit Shi Cheng the next time they met? What should we do? No matter how closely we keep an eye out, we can’t guarantee that we can always protect him. If our attention slips… I only have this one son! I don’t care! If Wang Pin were to hit Shi Cheng, I want his entire family to pay with their lives!”

Shi Cheng added oil to the fire, “Mum, what’s the use of getting them to pay with their lives. I may not even survive the beating!” 

“Pooh, pooh, pooh!” Shi Cheng’s mother hurriedly said. Pulling Shi Cheng, she quickly rubbed his hand across the wooden table, as well as the wooden pillow on the bed before chanting, “Children’s words carry no harm. He didn’t mean what he said.”

Shi Cheng turned to look at his father, “Dad, that’s not an exaggeration. How big is Wang Pin? I don’t think I could handle many blows from him! Don’t forget, that’s someone who doesn’t know how to measure his own strength…. Didn’t Liu Yun’er hit Senzi with all her strength? If I didn’t chance upon them, who knows what might have happened!”

Shi Cheng’s mother was getting more and more uneasy. She told Shi Cheng’s father, “His father! Are you listening to your son?”

Shi Qian gave an “En” before looking at her. “I heard him. Of course I heard him.”

“Then what do you plan to do?!” Shi Cheng’s mother asked. “I don’t care! That family is no longer allowed to rent our family’s land to farm from now onwards!”

Shi Qian thought for a moment. Although his son was mischievous, he wasn’t stubborn. He was actually usually rather mature and reasonable. So, when he heard what was said, he was already in agreement. He could not leave such trouble for Taohua Village!


Shi Cheng’s mother saw that he wasn’t saying anything and thought he was still thinking the matter over. She thought for a moment before telling Shi Cheng, “Alright, we’ve heard what you’ve said. Go back and shower. Look at how muddy you are!”

Shi Cheng agreed and left. He knew from his father’s face that his dad had already agreed. The reason mum sent him away was to persuade him further. The matter should be settled. 

The instant Shi Cheng thought of Wang Pin’s family moving away, he was relieved. Otherwise, he really would be rather anxious living in town. After all, Liu Xu’er would definitely sometimes be by herself. If she met with Wang Pin alone, the consequences didn’t bear thinking about. 

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