The Empress Wants To Be Deposed!

Chapter 13: Don’t Stand, Sit

Song Jinning held the book in her hand, raised her eyelids slightly when she heard the words, and glanced at Li Chengxuan impatiently.

It’s my books, if i don’t read it then is it just there for display?

She wanted to ignore Li Chengxuan, but thinking that this is the emperor after all, even if she doesn’t wait to see him, she still has to be polite.

She nodded: “I’ve seen it.”

She answered his question, but her answer was very vague.

Li Chengxuan is a very sensitive person, and even if Song Jinning was polite, he can still hear the impatience and perfunctory tone in her voice.

Li Chengxuan squeezed the《Zizhi Tongjian》in his hand.

So what if Song Jinning is smart now? Isn’t she still the same inside?

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This Empress is very strange.

But Zhou Jing could only think about it in his heart, and he didn’t dare to say anything.

There was the sound of leaking water, and Li Chengxuan and Song Jinning heard it clearly, but neither of them moved. No one spoke, their eyes were glued on the book, not moving at all.

What Li Chengxuan was thinking at the moment was, should he take the initiative to go to bed? Shouldn’t Song Jinning take the initiative?

What Song Jinning was thinking at this moment, that it was already so late, why is Li Chengxuan not yet leaving? Does he want to stay overnight in her palace?

An emperor has a lot of things to consider and in order to balance the forces of power, he must sleep with important women in his harem.

Presumably for Li Chengxuan, he didn’t want to sleep with her, but was forced due to various considerations.

Otherwise why will he come to Weiyang Palace?

It hasn’t been long since Li Chengxuan had taken control of the court, and his power is not yet stable, so he did not dare to act on his own whim for the time being. I’m afraid he will have to come to Weiyang Palace from time to time.

Getting along with Li Chengxuan in the future will be hard.

In the end, Li Chengxuan took the initiative to go to bed.

It’s just that Song Jinning had an illusion. When Li Chengxuan said these words, it seemed to be filled with a desperate tone of helplessness. And she is the one who forced the emperor to be like this!

Although she knew that the time and occasion were wrong, Song Jinning didn’t hold it back, and the corners of her lips curled up.

Unfortunately, Li Chengxuan saw it again.

Song Jinning didn’t care, and simply smiled at Li Chengxuan.

Li Chengxuan: …

Just now she was cold with him and wanted him to go. Now that she heard that he was going to stay overnight, she immediately got excited and laughed?

Woman? Are you crazy?

Li Chengxuan went to the bathing room to wash. When he was done, he walked to the bedroom with only his inner robe on, and saw Song Jinning sitting cross-legged on the bed.

She was still wearing the same outfit, but her outer robe was open.

All the accessories on her head have been removed, and her black hair was scattered on her shoulders like flowing water, making it look smooth and shiny.

Even though Li Chengxuan did not like Song Jinning in his heart, he had to admit that Song Jinning was very beautiful.

Unlike during the wedding night where Song Jinning was already asleep when Li Chengxuan was there, Song Jinning was awake this time.

Even her eyes fell on him without dodge at all, watching him slowly approach.

Li Chengxuan: …

Why is this woman so calm? Isn’t she shy at all?

Or has she been looking forward to this moment for a long time?

Li Chengxuan’s footsteps paused slightly.

Because he has never been close to a woman since he was a child, and this is his first time. Moreover, the woman was staring at him step by step and approaching him step by step, it is impossible for him to have no waves in his heart.

So he internally panicked, and was embarrassed, and his face was slightly hot. But as the Emperor, how could he easily let people figure out what he is thinking? So he was still expressionless, and walked forward calmly.

But before he could land on the bed, he heard Song Jinning suddenly say: “Stop! I have something to say.”

Li Chengxuan stopped immediately.

What is he talking about? She was just pretending to be calm, but in fact she was already panicking.

With his hands behind his back, he looked at Song Jinning with condescending eyes, and asked slowly, “What does the empress want to say?”

Song Jinning’s lips twitched slightly. She really wanted to smoke this person.

But for the sake of future comfort, let’s bear it for the time being.

The corners of her lips curled up, and a smile appeared on her face.

“Your Majesty, please sit down first, and Chenqie will tell you.”

While she said that, she got up from the bed, walked to the table, poured a cup of tea, and offered it with both hands, “Come on, Your Majesty , Please have tea.”

Li Chengxuan looked at her suspiciously.

Song Jinning has such an attitude suddenly. What kind of medicine did she put on the teacup?

But as the saying goes, if the enemy won’t move, then I won’t move, so Li Chengxuan suppressed his mind that was full of questions and didn’t ask anything and watched Song Jinning vigilantly.

Naturally, he didn’t pick up the cup of tea she handed over.

Hey, he was alert.

Song Jinning’s lips curled slightly. But she did not show any dissatisfaction, and even the smile on her face was still there.

She placed down the teacup on the table, and sat on a chair beside the table. At the same time, she reached out her hand and made a gesture to Li Chengxuan who was not yet seated.

“Your Majesty, don’t stand, sit.”

Her posture was natural and carefree. On the contrary, Li Chengxuan looked restrained.

Li Chengxuan gritted his teeth secretly, feeling that his aura was being suppressed by Song Jinning.

His face sank, but he sat down on the chair in front of Song Jinning.

He asked in a chilly tone: “What do you want to tell zhen?”

Song Jinning clasped her hands on the table and looked directly at Li Chengxuan who was sitting across from her, smiling openly and sincerely.

“Your Majesty, Chenqie has a suggestion to make sure your majesty and chenqie live in harmony. Your Majesty can share his opinions with Chenqie.”

She continued: “Chenqie is aware of her faults. Her posture is bad, her appearance is ugly, and not only is she ignorant, but she is also lazy and unmotivated. It has been really unbearable for your majesty.” Song Jinning’s expression turned into a look of deep pain.

“Your majesty, after receiving the imperial decree making chenqie the empress, chenqie sighed all night. Your Majesty is the son of heaven and a man who is graceful and smart. At that time, Chenqie felt that only the best woman in the world should be with your majesty. How could chenqie accept this position? Chenqie was ashamed, and wanted to break the marriage. But chenqie was afraid her family would be angry with her and didn’t say anything. But chenqie can’t bear to make your majesty unhappy. Chenqie has thought about it, and since chenqie can’t make your majesty happy, then chenqie will be virtuous and abdicate if your majesty has a favourite woman in the future.”

There was no mention of Empress Dowager Song in her speech, and she pretended not to know that Li Chengxuan married her due to the Empress Dowager. She even said that in the future, whenever Li Chengxuan needed it, she would take upon abdicating herself.

Song Jinning felt that Li Chengxuan had been given enough, and no matter what he would agree to her proposal, right?

So she looked at Li Chengxuan with eyes full of confidence.

Li Chengxuan grinned silently.

Even if she twists her words to such an extent, it is obvious that she doesn’t want to marry him.

Li Chengxuan is also reluctant to this marriage. This young man is arrogant, and he really didn’t want to marry and have s*x with a woman he doesn’t like, so Song Jinning’s proposal really suits his liking.

But even so, how could he fulfill her wish so easily?

So Li Chengxuan looked indifferent, and his index finger gently tapped the rosewood tabletop.

“The Empress is too self-effacing. If the empress is an ugly woman, then no woman in the world would dare to call herself beautiful. The Empress also impressed zhen with her peach blossom poem, which was even better than Fu Wang Fei’s.” He continued: ” How is the empress lazy? In zhen’s opinion, it is a sign that the empress can tolerate people and is not jealous. In the inner palace, we need a positive minded and unjealous empress so that the harem can live in harmony. In zhen’s view no one is more suitable to be the empress than you.”

Li Chengxuan’s lips were slightly bent, and he looked at Song Jinning in a good mood.

It’s good if he sees her panic and then plead with him.

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