The Empress Wants To Be Deposed!

Chapter 14: Miscalculation

Song Jinning raised her eyebrows slightly.

I treated you with sincerity, but you dare fool around with me?

So Song Jinning followed the example of Li Chengxuan, and tapped the rosewood table with her index finger. At the same time, there was a smile on her face.

“Your Majesty really thinks that chenqie is good? Then chenqie also thinks she is worthy of the phoenix seal. In this case, chenqie can only live up to your majesty’s expectations. In the future, chenqie will do her best to take care of the harem for your majesty.”

Li Chengxuan: ….

He didn’t expect this at all.

He thought he was attacking Song Jinning, but it was Song Jinning who was attacking him.

Miscalculation! What a miscalculation!

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“As the saying goes, a man should not be a tough person. Since the Empress doesn’t like this marriage so much, Zhen will naturally not force it.”

As long as you agree with this matter, I don’t care about your superior attitude and words.

If the two of us get along well in the future, I don’t mind giving you more face.

So Song Jinning got up, and bowed to thank Li Chengxuan.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

The agreement is reached. Then…

“Will your majesty still rest with chenqie tonight?…”

Since they had already reached an agreement, they should part ways. Song Jinning was definitely not willing to sleep with Li Chengxuan.

Obviously Li Chengxuan was also unwilling.

He obviously did not want to sleep with an unfeeling woman, so even if Song Jinning did not fall asleep when he returned on the wedding night last time, he still would not touch her.

Let’s just sleep for now.

“Zhen will stay in your palace tonight.”

Song Jinning understood this.

If the ministers know that the emperor ignores the empress, Song Jinning is afraid that someone will write a petition tommorow.

But since she and Li Chengxuan have yet to consummate, there will naturally be no children. The Crown Prince is the foundation of the country. If there is no crown prince, then something big will definitely happen.

Furthermore, if Empress Dowager Song is allowed to know about this, what will Empress Dowager Song do?

So no matter how you look at it, Li Chengxuan still has to come to her palace from time to time and stay here to sleep.

Fortunately, Song Jinning thought clearly.

It’s just one night. Anyway, they can sleep on different beds. As long as the two of them don’t talk, no one will know.

She doesn’t worry that Li Chengxuan will force her. Because Li Chengxuan is a very arrogant person, he should not be able to do such a thing.

After thinking about this, Song Jinning said generously: “Your Majesty, you sleep on the bed and chenqie will sleep on the couch.”

The wooden couch next to the window is very spacious. It is near the window, so the sound of leaves can be hard which is quite calming.

Song Jinning turned around and went to the closet to take two quilts.

She is the Empress, so it is not an exaggeration to say that she is the richest woman in the world, so there is some spare bedding in the bedroom.

Li Chengxuan sat at the table and did not move, watching Song Jinning put the quilt on the couch and making the bed.

She thought about it earlier. No matter what, she has to be with Li Chengxuan for three years. In order to avoid the two of them being embarrassed every time they meet, it would be better to clear the air between them.

Maybe in the future the two of them can be friends if they get along well.

For this reason, she sent out Gu Yu and Bai Lu. Now they can’t nag her to sleep in the same bed as Li Chengxuan.

Song Jinning’s method of making the bed was slow, but clean.

“You can make a bed?”

After a while, Song Jinning heard Li Chengxuan’s slightly surprised voice.

Song Jinning understands that nobles, apart from eating and sleeping, don’t need to do anything. So they certainly won’t know how to make a bed.

But for Song Jinning, who was just an ordinary person in her previous life, is making a bed unusual?

“That’s right.”

Song Jinning turned her back to Li Chengxuan, placed a soft pillow on the mattress, and at the same time replied casually, “Chenqie has nothing to learn at home.”

Li Chengxuan did not answer. He was thinking in his heart that Song Jinning has indeed changed a lot from before.

As for Song Jinning, she doesn’t care about Li Chengxuan at all.

Once the bedding has been laid, she can go to bed and sleep peacefully.

Suddenly, she heard Li Chengxuan’s slightly awkward voice.

“You sleep on the bed.” Song Jinning paused and looked back at Li Chengxuan in shock.

What do you mean?

Li Chengxuan knew that she was confused from her expression.

His face sank, and his ears were a little hot.

“I have no interest in you!”

Then Song Jinning heard him say in a slightly contemptuous tone: “The bedding on this bed is already stained with your breath. I don’t sleep on bedding that others have used.”

Song Jinning: Your Majesty, I feel that you are saying this inexplicably.

But sleeping on a bed is definitely better than sleeping on a couch.

But Song Jinning still controlled the joy in her heart. She can’t make Li Chengxuan see her true thoughts.

So she had a look of embarrassment and said: “Wouldn’t your majesty be wronged?”

Li Chengxuan ignored her words and walked directly to the couch.

Anyway, he can put up with being wronged. Once he stabilizes his power, he will naturally not have to go to this Weiyang Palace again.

Song Jinning didn’t get a response, but Song Jinning was not upset. She turned around happily and went back to the bed to sleep.

Even if the two people slept in the same room, they didn’t need to worry about being embarassed. A red screen embroidered with magnolia bird patterns was in front of the bed, so it successfully blocked all sight.

Song Jinning slept quite well that night, and didn’t even have a dream.

Her biological clock was on time, and she woke up as usual the next morning.

She took an outer robe and put it on her body. She went around the screen and called Li Chengxuan to get up.

Before the maidservants enter the hall, the quilt on the couch has to be put away, to create an illusion that she and Li Chengxuan actually slept in the same bed last night.

As a result, Song Jinning had to restrain her laughter when she went around the screen.

Half of the silk quilt was on the floor while the other half was firmly pressed by Li Chengxuan’s right leg and left hand, otherwise it would have fallen to the ground completely.

Li Chengxuan’s sleeping appearance is not very good.

Song Jinning held back her laugh, walked over and called out: “Your Majesty? Your Majesty?”

After shouting several times, she saw Li Chengxuan’s eyebrows move slightly. Then his eyes opened.

The moment he opened it, she could see the blankness in his eyes, like a child.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that Li Chengxuan also had harmless moments like these. In the original book, the name Li Chengxuan is basically the synonym of strong and ruthless, with no other description about him.

As for why Li Chengxuan has not become such a person now, Song Jinning guessed that on one hand, Li Chengxuan has not yet reached the age mentioned in the book, and on the other hand, Li Chengxuan has not met Jiang Wanqiu, his destined person, so his character couldn’t have that chemical reaction needed.

But Song Jinning felt that compared to Li Chengxuan’s character in the book, the current Li Chengxuan is much cuter.

When LI Chengxuan opened his eyes, he saw a pretty face.

He just woke up, and his consciousness had not completely returned. He felt that this person made the whole world brighter.

He was suspicious that he was dreaming about a fairy above the nine heavens.

But the fairy slapped him on the leg, urging: “Get up, Gu Yu and Bai Lu are about to come over.”

The pain made Li Chengxuan sober instantly.

Then his face went black.

What fairy above the nine heavens? This is clearly a shrew who uses brute force!

And the speed of this shrew is extremely fast. The minute he got up from the couch, she took the bedding, hugged it and put it in the closet.

What she just did was so fast, making Li Chengxuan who was standing barefoot beside the couch stunned.

But there was not enough time for him to be idle. After a few seconds, he heard the sound of the door being knocked. At the same time, Gu Yu’s voice was heard: “Your Highness, are you awake? Will this slave come in now?”

Song Jinning immediately pulled Li Chengxuan’s arm and then seated him on the edge of the bed.

As for herself, she crawled onto the bed and sat down as well. Then she shouted: “Come in.”

Li Chengxuan:…

As the Emperor, how come coming to his wife’s palace is so awkward?

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