Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 33: Clearing the misunderstanding

<Chang Sheng>’s opening ceremony was Yan Shi’s first public appearance after the face-slapping incident. At the same time, she received a simple interview from the media at the scene, so she gave her response through it.

Someone asked: “Yan Xi, your boss Mr. Gong Yun Ting was openly confessing his love for you in weibo, saying that he is pursuing you, is that true?”

Yan Xi nodded with a smile: “That is true.”

Someone asked: “About <Qing Shi Ming Yue> where Li Miao Dan slapped you many times by using camera effects and NG as excuses, do you have anything to say about it?”

Yan Xi was still smiling: “If it was required for the job, then I can accept it.”


Her answers were clever and she didn’t try to gain sympathy nor grumble about it. She also didn’t demand for justice. The meaning behind it was apparent.

Someone else also asked: “Yan Xi, about <Qing Shi Ming Yue>’s female lead Shen Shu Yin, is it really a role that you snatched using improper methods?”

This question was more blunt in comparison. If her answer was just slightly inappropriate, it would be amplified by the internet users or fans. However, this question was already in Yan Xi and Chun Jie’s expectations. So Yan Xi said: “Shen Shu Yin is a role that I got using my own ability.”

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Finally, someone asked: “The movie has many good reviews but there are also many voices that criticize it. The old 4P video from your past has been dug out again, won’t this affect your future?”


Someone else also asked: “It is rumored on the internet that there are many fans who have reported to the platform, saying that you are a celebrity with misdeeds so you should be banned and your projects should also be taken down, have you heard about it?”

This question was surely explosive. They were silent for a moment, but they started clamoring again at the blink of an eye. Even the staff who were with Yan Xi thought that this was bad, but Yan Xi remained smiling. Unexpectedly, she said: “I heard.”

“But what does this have to do with me?”

Yan Xi straightened her waist. With delicate facial features, she looked beautiful from every single corner under the flashlights. Her clear eyes scanned across the various types of cameras. She said leisurely: “I’ve said this before, the one in the video was not me.”

She even said: “From the beginning to the end, I have never admitted that the lead in the video is me.”

It was true. Previously, the articles only started covering news claiming that the female lead of the 4P video was not Chen Man Xi, but a small independent model who looked similar to her. When the attention was turned towards her, she only said this when she was interviewed: “Don’t ask, please don’t ask anymore, I’m also a victim.”

She didn’t answer them frankly. At that time, everyone thought that she became a victim because she was affected after the video was exposed and went public. She was then reproached by everyone.

But they didn’t know the hidden meaning behind it.

This victim was actually a victim of internet abuse.

Because Chen Man Xi also said this when she was answering to this video: “Not me, I am the victim of internet abuse.”

Although Yan Xi lost her memory, she still read all the news. The media said that she “admitted” but it was simply a “tacit consent” that the media assumed. All this time, she never personally admitted that the woman in the video was herself.

Even after she moved to another house and found the agreement that she signed with Gong Ding Chen at that time, the agreement never clearly stated for her to admit it personally. Their conditions were just to divert the people’s attention and make them think that the person in the video was her. Otherwise, if she really admitted it herself, making it “official”, even if Gong Ding Chen gave her the resources, the central authorities would not allow it as well.


Finally, after voicing out the most important thing, Yan Xi let out a long sigh of relief in her heart. She smiled and advertised her new drama to the media, hoping that everyone would pay more attention to her project. If they had any more questions, they could contact the company and not affect the drama crew’s job.

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