Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 32: Love-making (H)

Gong Yun Ting couldn’t resist and wanted to thrust deep inside in one go. He wanted to f*ck this seductress till she began shouting ‘No’, but Yan Shi sensed his intentions beforehand and blocked that zone of temptation with her hand.

“We’ve agreed that I’ll do this.” Her other hand slid from the man’s chest muscles to his abdominal muscles, then she grabbed his er*ct desire. Yan Xi sat down and pressed his tortoise head between her flower seam. Rubbing it up and down, it was smeared with her flower liquids. Gong Yun Ting’s Adam’s apple also couldn’t resist the fiery l*st to slide up and down.

“En…” Yan Xi sat on top of Gong Yun Ting’s body. Both her hands caressed his firm chest muscles. Her flower seam was pressed against that thick and strong me*t pole, sliding up and down. Because it was coated fully with love juices, it moved very smoothly. At the same time, the me*t pole was pressing against her flower bud, giving her numb pleasures as they rubbed.

The woman on top of his body had creamy skin with black hair spreading out. There were two small and er*ct cherries on her towering br**sts, stimulating his sensory organs at all times, aro*sing his desires. Especially when her red lips were spilling out sensual moans, making Gong Yun Ting burn with fiery l*st. His whole mind was filled with the imagination of pressing down the woman underneath him to f*ck her hard!

While rubbing him, more flower honey leaked out of her slowly. Yan Xi didn’t want to delay this anymore, so she knelt and sat up again, holding that extremely engorged me*t pole and directed it towards her hole entrance. She positioned the tortoise head inside first then gradually sat down.


“Ah…” At that instant, the man’s desire was being wrapped up and the woman’s desire was being filled up.

The male at the bottom and the female on top was undeniably the easiest yet the deepest position.

Yan Xi pushed her slender fingers against Gong Yun Ting’s abdominal muscles to help her move up and down. It was slightly slow at first and her flower hole was warm and tight. The man wasn’t satisfied with such a gentle f*ck, so he pushed his waist upwards as a prompt, making his me*t pole poke at the woman’s womb. In return, the woman let out a sensual moan and she contracted tightly…

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He couldn’t resist the way she looked at him, he wanted to impale her!


Gong Yun Ting hugged Yan Xi and gave her a deep thrust. He could feel Yan Xi’s body shudder violently all of a sudden. His hand grabbed her chest while his other hand grabbed her shapely a*s. After taking back the control, he began to move rhythmically and intensely.

“Pa Pa Pa!” It was unsure if it was the slapping of the me*t or the water sounds, but it sounded extremely l*wd in this semi open personal space.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Gong Yun Ting’s movements were harsh and fierce. He went in deeper with each thrust. Yan Xi felt that the pit of her legs turned sore and weak with his f*cks. She was extremely overloaded, the feeling of numbness spread all over her body like electricity. At the same time, she felt that he was thrusting faster, fiercer, deeper, making her contraction below become more intense, sucking him even more tightly!

Yan Xi was f*cked till she lost all her energy. Her whole person was leaning on top of Gong Yun Ting, laying her head on his shoulder, letting him f*ck her and shake her however he wanted. Meanwhile, her tempting moans echoed beside Gong Yun Ting’s ear: “Ah… Ah! Ah… En! En… Ah! En!”

It stimulated him to use more force, so he slammed her more powerfully until her tight and narrow flower hole began to contract drastically. He even sped up the power of his slams, making Yan Xi’s moans sound broken due to the f*cks.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Yan Xi hugged Gong Yun Ting tightly. Her whole body was twitching. When the man’s passion parked at the entrance of her womb to shoot, she was also brought up to her cl*max. All the steamy hot flower fluids poured down his stomach after the man pulled out his me*t pole.

It was mixed with white turbidity…

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