Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 11 – Work

“Really?” Mo Li Xin sat up in surprise. Although the room was shrouded in darkness and she was not even able to see anything, her eyes were still opened widely.

That fateful day, she drank till she could not remember anything. The next instant that she woke up, she was already admitted into the hospital. Later on, she learned that her room was on fire, and it even spread to Ji Nan Feng’s room that was located beside hers. At that time, Ji Nan Feng fainted due to inhaling too much smoke.

Coincidentally, Duan An Ran came to the hotel in the nick of time and ‘selflessly’ went into the sea of flames to rescue him. It also resulted in her arm getting burnt, leaving a long ghastly scar.

As for herself, she was discovered early so she did not suffer from much injuries. Even then, she still had to stay in the hospital for more than two weeks before she could be discharged.

Logically speaking, Ji Nan Feng’s condition was the least serious. But he was unconscious for the longest and he even got amnesia. Mo Li Xin found that puzzling and strange but she was unable to put her finger on it.


As the topic continued, Ji Nan Feng tried to absolve her from blame, “someone attempted to commit arson. I was unable to find out who did it, but it’s definitely not you. So don’t blame yourself for it.”

He knew that it was Duan An Ran, but had no evidence to prove so. He spent an entire afternoon investigating but could only prove that the source of the fire did not originate from Mo Li Xin’s room. No one would have suspected that the fire was set by Duan An Ran. If he had not heard her admitting it himself in the past life, Mo Li Xin might still have been made the scapegoat.

“Alright, that’s enough. Let’s go to sleep,” Ji Nan Feng suddenly did not want to continue.

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Examining Mo Li Xin’s five minutes sketch, the interviewer was very satisfied. In that competitive interview, only five would be selected from more than over a hundred applicants. To be able to get selected, would ensure glory, admiration and envy of others.


No one would have expected that the first person to be selected was a girl who looked like she barely reached her twenties.

As the interview entered full swing, Mo Li Xin left lightheartedly as hers was over. She hailed a cab back home, when she suddenly thought of something and asked the driver to drop her off at another destination; she decided to go to Jiang Bei University.

Jiang Bei University… It was where Ji Nan Feng worked.

Introduction to history was known to be an extremely difficult and boring module for many students. Yet, the lecture theater was fully packed. And the reason – the professor was very handsome.

Mo Li Xin did not know why she decided to pay him a visit. It was as if she was possessed, she went to listen in to his class. In fact, she was very curious. For a person who did not speak much at ordinary times, how was he able to hold a lecture that required a person to be speaking constantly?

“Today, we’ll be continuing from where we left off in the previous class. I believe…” Ji Nan Feng was just starting when he suddenly spotted a familiar figure sitting in the last row of his class. Was that not Mo Li Xin?

As their teacher paused, many students followed Ji Nan Feng’s line of sight and looked behind them. They did not know who he was looking at, but they grasped the general direction.

There was a female student sitting next to Mo Li Xin. Due to what happened, she became quite excited, pulling at her friend sitting next to her.

“Did you see that? I think the lecturer was looking at me just now!” Her face flushed in excitement.

Mo Li Xin bit back the urge to tell the student that Ji Nan Feng was not a lecturer, but a Ph. D. Advisor. Not to mention, she highly doubted that he was looking at her. But forget it. Regardless of his position, it would have made no difference to the students; he was just there to give a lecture.

Although the lesson lasted more than an hour, it passed in the blink of an eye. Mo Li Xin did not expect that Ji Nan Feng would be so charismatic and witty when he was teaching. It was no wonder so many students attended his lesson. Even she, who was just passing by and sat in for fun, found herself deeply engrossed in his lecture. He was truly handsome and talented.

After class ended, some students stayed back to ask questions. Mo Li Xin left the classroom and sat at the parterre not too far away. She had graduated a year back, hence, she felt sentimental attachment towards the campus. As she watched students walking by, she gradually got lost in her thoughts.


She was drawn from her thoughts when a sudden pain assaulted her shoulder due to something falling onto her.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t see you sitting there. Do you mind picking it up for me? I’m wearing a skirt, so it’s not convenient to bend over.” A woman wearing a hip-hugging skirt requested. It was phrased as an apology and a request, but her tone was somewhat arrogant as if it was to be expected that she would be helped.

Mo Li Xin thought to herself, ‘Isn’t she cold? Even if it’s not snowing, the wind is still pretty chilly…’

She did not like this person and bluntly said, “this is a straight road with no blind spots. Even if you’re holding onto a file, you should have been able to see me. Additionally, if you want to ask someone to help you, please don’t use that tone as though it’s within your right and taking people’s kindness for granted.”

Despite saying all that, Mo Li Xin still bent and picked up the lady’s file.

The woman did not anticipate that Mo Li Xin would reprimand her. Mo Li Xin’s word was reasonable and that left the woman in the hip-hugging skirt speechless. Unable to refute, she could only stomp off in a huff.

It just so happened that Ji Nan Feng exited the building.

“Teacher Ji, is class over? Can I ask for a favor?” The woman in the tight skirt approached him and pleaded. From the looks of it, she was a teacher too.

Ji Nan Feng glanced at Mo Li Xin who was sitting with her back straight nearby before turning to the woman, “What is it? I’m a little short on time, so I might not be able to assist you. I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.” The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. He retreated as he advanced, his words were a rejection but the way he phrased it was not offensive in the slightest.

Sure enough, to be able to survive in society, one needed to have good interpersonal skills.

“The light bulb in my apartment burst. As you know, I live by myself. There are a lot of things that are difficult for me to do on my own. I live in the teacher’s apartment building upfront. It’s just a stone’s throw away. Are you willing to make a trip back with me?” The woman tried to persuade him.

Although she was holding onto the file, Mo Li Xin did not know why, but she felt that that woman purposely shifted the file slightly below her chest. Giving the impression that her body was like a wave surging forth. Not to mention, with that bulging bust and perky backside, Mo Li Xin reluctantly admitted that this woman’s figure was top notch.


It was only then, did Mo Li Xin understand why she disliked this woman at first glance. This seemed to be that terrifying sixth sense that all women possess.

Ji Nan Feng remained silent. Mo Li Xin looked at his expressionless face and suddenly thought that she might have disrupted his plans. Feeling the slight pinch in her heart, she mustered her strength and stood up to walk away.

She did not know what possessed her to come here today to see him. Was this wanting a mile after being given an inch? Based on his kindness towards her this past few days, it seemed like she had forgotten how things used to be. One day, he would still remember everything, and along with those memories would be those deep feelings buried in his heart.

Mo Li Xin was about to head off, when Ji Nan Feng’s faint voice came from behind.

“I wish to accompany my wife. Why don’t you ask her if she is willing to go to your place too?” Then, with steady steps, he moved towards Mo Li Xin and clasped her hands in his.

“She… she… is your wife? Teacher Ji… you’re already married?” Hip-hugging skirt teacher looked on in disbelief.

“Yes. We have yet to hold the wedding ceremony though. I’ll invite you then,” Ji Nan Feng tone was as per normal. Supposedly he did not see her shocked and disappointed expression.

“Oh! No… no need!” The female teacher hasty refused and left. It was unclear if her rejection was aimed at changing the busted light bulb or the wedding invitation.

Mo Li Xin stared at their clasped hands, slightly dazed.

“What made you decide to listen in on my class? Was it boring?” Ji Nan Feng changed the subject.

“It’s not, it was pretty interesting. I didn’t expect you to be so charismatic,” Mo Li Xin adapted well to the sudden change and replied.

“Come more often then,” Ji Nan Feng led her off the campus. One was a step in front of the other, with the warm sunlight shining onto him, making his towering outline more obvious. Mo Li Xin following behind, unsure where her thoughts flew off to.



A few days after the interview, Mo Li Xin received the acceptance letter. She was ecstatic, so she woke up early that morning and made breakfast.

Ji Nan Feng faintly discovered an issue. It may be due to his rebirth which has unknowingly changed the original flow of things. The most obvious difference was Mo Li Xin’s character. In the previous life, she was always a pushover, but in this life, she seemed to be a little more firm in her views. Although she was still slightly oblivious when she went about doing her stuff, she did become a little smarter. She was able to stand up for herself when facing certain people.

However, it was these little changes that made him like Mo Li Xin more. Disregarding everything else, just this little bit of change, would allow her to protect herself better.

“Why don’t you sleep longer?” Ji Nan Feng asked as he came back from his morning run.

“Didn’t you wake up early to jog too?” Mo Li Xin replied. Over these few days of interaction, she slowly believed that Ji Nan Feng’s kindness was genuine. Even if he remembered everything next time, she believed that he would not be as unfeeling and cold towards her as before. Yet, she could not help but to tread cautiously when facing him.

After breakfast, Mo Li Xin went to the company to report for her first day of work.

The location of the firm was ideal. At the heart of the city center where it was prosperous and bustling. It was in a short three-storey shophouse. Which was uncommon as most were within high-rise office buildings. In the center of the city, where a plot of land cost a bomb, it was rare to find such a short building.

She was assigned work by an uncle who was about forty years old. He had long hair that was braided and a neatly shaved beard. He was cordial, hence Mo Li Xin felt no pressure or burden getting along with him. She learned through their conversations that his name was Cheng Si Hao. He would be in charge of her for the time being and teaching her the ropes. Simply put, he was her temporary one-man boss.

“And Xiao Mo, that’s all I have to brief you on. Our work culture here is pretty casual. As long as you’re able to adapt in any given situation and you have creativity, there will be a day that you will stand out amongst the rest.

“If you have stuff that you don’t understand in the future, feel free to ask me. I’m seated over there,” he pointed to a desk not far from Mo Li Xin’s.

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