Chapter 10 – Playing Inside the Car (h)

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He couldn’t help but tighten his grip on her hips, digging his short nails into her tender flesh. He buried himself to the hilt and finally released, painting her walls white with his cum.

After their climax, Cheng Yuzhou chuckled and carefully pressed Tang Guo against the table.

“You’re heavy, Yuzhou!” she huffed and lightly hit him on the shoulder.

“Tell me, did the banana feel better, or did my c*ck feel better?”

“What nonsense are you going on about?” She hit him on the shoulder again.

“It’s not nonsense, I’m being serious! Or we can compare how loud you moaned, the intensity of your climax, and the number of times you cried for mercy and see?

“Okay, okay, don’t say any more. It’s you, alright?”

“Me what?” He refused to give up.

She ignored him, but under his naked, sweaty chest, her rosy tips began to stiffen. In response to her silence, he pinched and rubbed the girl’s aroused tips between his thumb and forefinger and tugged on them until they started to ache. 

“It hurts!” She shot him an aggrieved glare.

“Do you want me to stop? Hm?”

He lowered his head and took her aroused tip inside his mouth, licking and flicking it with his wet tongue while deliberately ignoring the other side.

“Ngh… the other side too!” Tang Guo couldn’t help but squirm coquettishly.

“You haven’t answered my question. I’ll do it if you answer well.”

“Hmph! Your c*ck was better, alright?”

“Of course!” he responded shamelessly.


After cleaning the table, Cheng Yuzhou went to help Tang Guo take a bath. However, he failed to resist the temptation to press her against the cold, slippery tiles and ravished her once again. 

When they were done, he dried her with a towel and chose a short dress for her to put on. He didn’t prepare a bra nor panties. 

“How can I go on without wearing underwear?” she protested. The perky points of her chest were clearly visible beneath the thin fabric of the dress, and she could feel a chilly wind between her legs every time she took a step forward.

“We’re going to the neighboring city. No one there knows you, and no one will remember you,” he coaxed while pulling her inside the car. He helped her fasten the seat belt and continued with a mischievous wink, “The main reason is so it’ll be easier for me to play with you.”

Hearing the man’s deep and magnetic voice, Tang Guo immediately felt herself get wet. She subconsciously clamped her legs together and forgot to continue protesting. 

As he drove, Cheng Yuzhou held the steering wheel with one hand while playing and kneading with mounds with the other. The girl’s face was flushed, and eventually, she couldn’t help but start moaning and fondling the neglected side with her own hand.

He glanced at her face, at her closed eyes, before sliding his hand under her dress. Using his forefinger, he stroked her wet folds up and down, left and right, occasionally rubbing her tender nub with his fingertip, but he refrained from entering her.

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