Chapter 9 – F*cked to Tears (HH)

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you even more.”

“I’m sure. Just be gentle, don’t go too deep or too fast.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you,” he promised before carefully pulling out, letting her feel every ridge of his stiffness along the way, and sinking back in. After a while of these tantalizing thrusts, the pain receded and Tang Guo began to feel hot and empty inside.


“What’s wrong, baby? Is it too much, or not enough? Do you want me to go faster or slow down?

“Faster!” she groaned. “And harder!”

“Don’t regret it,” he growled in her ear.

However, he didn’t let loose completely. After all, the girl would break if he did, and he didn’t that to happen during their first time together. 

He held onto her thighs for leverage and gradually sped up his thrusts. As her body relaxed and secreted more wetness, her walls became slicker and easier to move through. His balls slapped continuously against her buttocks, producing an obscene melody of wet sounds. 

Tang Guo’s face flushed red in embarrassment, and at the same time, her sense of excitement and sensitivity heightened. Cheng Yuzhou changed the rhythm and angle of his thrusts while carefully observing the reactions of her body. When his tip reached a certain spot inside her, she suddenly cried out and arched her back, almost sliding off the table in the process.

“Found it!” the man exclaimed with a proud smile.

With that, he started to grind and prod at her sweet spot with every thrust.

“Ahh, Yuzhou! It’s too much, too much! No more!” 

An unprecedented sensation of pleasure swept over her body. It was so overwhelming that she wanted to escape from it, but her waist was being held tightly in his grip. He lifted the teary girl from the table and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and her legs around his waist.

He gripped her buttocks in both hands and gently kissed away her tears before moving on to her lips. As he sucked greedily on her tongue, he continued to ravage her drenched walls.

Their current position allowed his member to reach deeper inside. Tang Guo came soon after, her loud, shuddering moans muffled by his mouth and tongue. Her walls contracted around him, making him feel as though countless little wet mouths were sucking on him at the same time, determined to squeeze him dry. 

He couldn’t help but tighten his grip on her hips, digging his short nails into her tender flesh. He buried himself to the hilt and finally released, painting her walls white with his seed.

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