Pet Dog

Chapter 31.2 – The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (5) There is still only the mention of the dog owner’s hole.

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 31: The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (5) There is still only the mention of the dog owner’s hole.

Yue Xiujin heard the sound of swallowing his own saliva, and there was a voice in his heart urging his wanton self to lick this big c*ck and relish the taste of this big guy.


However, licking the p*nis of a pet dog is too lustful. Although he is inters*x, the nobel man always thought that only others would lick his g*nitals to serve him. He was absolutely unwilling to lick other beings’ genitals.

But now, he wanted to lick the c*ck of his pet dog like a demon bewitched him. He must be too comfortable being licked by Su Xue. Every inch of his meat hole felt refreshed. As if his mind was confused, he could not distinguish between east, west, south and north. All that his mind could focus on was licking Su Xue’s c*ck.

Yue Xiujin opened his lips, his tongue stretched out, and gently licked the gl*ns exposed outside the roots of the hairy p*nis. The slimy gl*ns shrank suddenly, and quickly stretched out again, evidently longer than before.

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The touch of the owner’s soft mouth was completely different from the owner’s two small holes. The tongue licked his gla*ns, and the soft flesh sucked onto him gently, lingering, soft and buttery, flowing into it. It was as if Yue Xiujin had wrapped himself around Su Xue’s heart.


Although Su Xue is merely a dog, he is willing to offer this beating heart and pray for the love of his owner.

Su Xue lovingly licked his master’s flower and chrysanthemum holes, and his canine teeth played with a small area of flower petals lovingly, and grinded against them with care. The two meat caves overflowed with juice, and were slowly rubbed against the dog’s mouth.

Yue Xiujin spit out his pet dog’s gla*s, shaking his a*ss slightly, his voice panting and commanding: “Su Xue, insert your tongue into master’s hole and lick, master likes your tongue licking deep in the hole… ah… ah… yes… Just plug in… yes… yeah just like this… ah… lick deeper…”

With an order from Yue Xiujin, Su Xue made a move, with his long tongue licking the fleshy walls around the wet meat cave. Yue Xiujin grabbed the dog’s p*nis in one hand, and rewarded him with licking Su Xue’s long and twitching dog’s p*nis.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of Su Xue’s tongue licking his wanton hole. The master’s tongue licked from the gl*ns of the dog’s p*nis to the root of the pleasure filled stick, and even the hair present at the root was in his mouth, sucking the dog’s c*ck that served him as it should be. 

Getting my reward, I am also willing to reward my dog.

Su Xue’s saliva, when being rewarded by his owner, flowed turbulently, and all the obscene water in the flower hole also flowed into the dog’s mouth. The unswallowed obscene water could only flow out of his mouth, and more of it was swallowed into his stomach.

“The womb…ahhhhh…” 

The moment the dog’s tongue licked the wall of the ut*rus, Yue Xiujin grabbed the scarlet dog p*nis in his hand, buried his handsome face in the dog’s belly and moaned, trembling and squirting violently.

The ut*rus, which is buried deep in the meaty hole, could only use the ut*rine lining to hook at the dog’s tongue. However, the clever dog stretched his tongue and drew it out a few times, then opened the meat path and ut*rine mouth that was clenched tight due to org*sm, and then the big doggy tongue licked gently at the ut*rus and deep inside the meat cave.

This action made Yue Xiujin’s meat flower congested and bright red, and chrysanthemum hole finally pushed the jade di*do’s handle out of Yue Xiujin’s body, and the intestinal juices dripped along the handle onto the big dog’s face.

Yue Xiujin bit the hair on the base of his pet dog’s p*nis, and wanted to distract his body to withstand the intrusion of his pet dog’s tongue into the ut*r*s, lapping the ut*rine wall lick by lick.


The feeling of getting his ut*rine wall licked was completely different from that of the p*nis to the ut*rine wall. One is desperately drying, and the other is drawn with a smooth feeling against the ut*rine wall, as if using the tongue to describe the shape of the sensitive ut*rus.

A dog is exploring the shape of my ut*rus. And that dog is also licking my ut*rine wall.

Aware of this, Yue Xiujin only felt that the feeling of his pet dog licking his ut*rine wall was more vivid. The secret pleasure and the idea that exposed the most secret part of his body made him convulse. He arched and unscrupulously rode on his pet dog’s mouth to org*sm. With a jerk of his hands, the dog’s big and thick meat stick, trickled with a mixture of urine and body fluids.

The jade di*do finally escaped because of the crazy shrinking and twitching chrysanthemum hole, and fell on the big dog’s face, sliding down onto the kennel. The big dog finally seemed to notice the needy chrysanthemum hole. He stared at the chrysanthemum hole of his owner with noticeable greed. His night vision ability was extremely strong. His green eyes were shining, and through the round gaping holes, he watched the owner’s intestine shrink and open, open and shrink, and the folds formed by the secretion of intestinal juice seemed to be waiting for the water to be poured out.

Yue Xiujin yelled and collapsed, his lower abdomen kept twitching, The flower hole was climaxed by the dog’s tongue again and again, his meat stick could not even secrete anything out, and the emptiness of the back and ignored hole was submerged in crazy pleasure.


The pleasure that exceeded the limit made Yue Xiujin roll his eyes, and the handsome face lying on the long dog p*nis was not only full of pleasure, but also looked painful. The black hair wrapped around the scarlet dog p*nis looked extremely l*wd.

With the doggy tongue licking every part of his master’s womb, Su Xue retreated contentedly.

The dog slowly let the owner slide down his body, lying on the doghouse weakly.

The huge and sturdy long-haired white dog rode on his owner’s n*ked body, the huge swollen dog’s meat stick poked on the owner’s b*t*ocks, the gl*ns followed the cr*tch to find the chrysanthemum hole between the hips, the huge white dog shook his big tail in excitement, wailing with a happy sound, the dog’s p*nis pierced into the owner’s meaty chrysanthemum hole.

The sturdy dog’s p*nis completely smoothed the folds of his master’s chrysanthemum hole, and then the big white dog moved his waist, moving deep and fast inside his master, and let himself ej*culate as soon as possible to fill his master’s intestines.

Soon, the white dog used his owner’s back hole to org*sm, trembling all over, was stuck in the intestines by his knot, and fully injected his doggy e*sense into his master.


Yue Xiujin was shot inside his holes for a long time by his pet dog while lying on the kennel. His divergent eyes stared at the front without focus. It was obvious that the dog was not wise enough.

The next day, the long-haired white dog that had done both holes of his owner’s over and over again was tied to the tree by Yue Xiujin. The petite and cute dog looked at the wooden ball next to his feet with a smile, lying under the tree, holding and playing with wooden balls.

Playing with wooden balls, he looked innocent, cute and pure, and only the words “I’m stupid, white and sweet, innocent doggy” written all over his face.

The long-haired white dog screamed at the wooden ball: 

“Wang!” Will the owner crawl into my kennel tonight? In the afternoon, I should wash myself whiter. If the owner sees that my hair and paws are dirty, he may not mate with me. Only a beautiful and clean dog can make the owner push up his a*s and willingly open his legs to mate.

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