Pet Dog

Chapter 32 – The owner discovers that his pet dog is a jealous dog

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 32: The owner discovers that his pet dog is a jealous dog


Yue Xiujin felt completely despaired about his own self-control. He was obsessed with the blissful feeling of Su Xue f*cking him. He used to have some interest in the servant boy he raised, but now he has no interest at all. He can only think about his dog, Su Xue. His long, thick doggy c*ck.

As long as he thinks of the scene of Su Xue pounding him, his p*nis cannot help but look up, his two holes will be thirsty, and even the two pink n*pples on his chest will be a little itchy.

But no matter how Su Xue f*cked him, Su Xue was just a dog, and whenever he was too emotional to say something embarrassing, Su Xue would either huff, or groan softly, and more often would bark, he couldn’t understand Su Xue’s response.

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“I made you laugh.” Yue Xiujin just smiled and didn’t answer, he was very careful not to let anyone catch him.


“I heard that Young Master Yue has a dog. I heard that the dog has snow-white, long hair, a small face and a short muzzle. It is said that it is a rare imported breed. I wonder if you can let this little girl take a look at the imported dog.” Bai Rongrong said with a smile, as if talking about the luxury of pets instead of business.

“I made this lady laugh. He’s just an ordinary dog ​​that can’t stand the attention. He is raised to watch the nursing home and has a very vicious temper. Letting you look at him, I am worried that he will bite you.” 

Su Xue is really beautiful, fluffy and white, but notorious. Chasing and biting the young ladies in the nursery house, he was taken care by three young servants before and the first one was bitten by Su Xue on the leg, and she would never serve him again after the injury, the second, the second one was chased by Su Xue and the poor servant knelt down to beg for mercy in fear, and was so frightened that she lost control of herself. The third one was Yue Nu, and when she saw Su Xue, she hid as much as she could, ran as much as she could possibly avoid, and this resulted in Su Xue’s notoriety spreading.

Looking back in the past now, he realised that it was Su Xue who was jealous. The Yue family, including Su Xue, raised a total of ten dogs, including the most common native dog, as well as hounds and wolf dogs. However, these dogs can pass by the gate of his yard, but they are not allowed to stay. However Su Xue looks cute, his fluffy fur on his face made him appear even smaller, but the dogs in the house never dared to provoke him, but instead obeyed Su Xue, and he seemed like the boss of dogs.

Except for the dog that must be kept to guard the house, there are no other pets in the house.

The time when the first young boy he took care of was bitten by Su Xue was the day after he couldn’t bear the torment of l*st, and used his p*nis to mess with the young boy.

The second foster child, just as he was about to mess with him, was interrupted by Su Xue, and frightened the kid so much that he peed.

The third slave had only sucked his p*nis so far, and every time he wanted to mess with the slave, Su Xue happened to show up and interrupt his good deed.

Yue Xiujin raised the corners of his mouth slightly, Su Xue is really a jealous dog, he must be punished for spoiling his good deeds when going back.

“The little girl also has a snow-white long-haired dog with a small face and a short mouth. If there is a chance, why not let the dog raised by Young Master Yue and my dog ​​meet, maybe they are siblings from the same litter.” A small smile could be noticed at the corner of Bai Rongrong’s big eyes, not a trace of malice, but full of interest.

Yue Xiujin didn’t want to introduce Su Xue to others in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face: “If there is a chance, it would be good to meet up.”

Bai Rongrong chatted with Yue Xiujin again about the snow-white long-haired dog. Yue Xiujin was more and more startled by the description of the dog’s appearance and body shape. Its ears were pointed, somewhat like fox ears, and its eyes were usually green, blue, or sky blue. Three colours, while Su Xue is green, with slender limbs, thick claws, and hairy tail, and likes to look at people with a crooked face, with an innocent and cute demeanour. Clear and bright eyes, even though he is huge, he still has a cute and sweet little face, Su Xue does not have the ferocious aura of ordinary large dogs.


Bai Rongrong finally said: “This kind of dog looks very cute and silly. It is actually not an imported breed, but a breed named velvet. Most people may not have seen a dog of velvet breed in their life. I don’t know if you have heard of a velvet dog?”

“I have little knowledge, and I have never heard of this breed.” Yue Xiujin generously admitted.

Bai Rongrong smiled mysteriously, and looked Yue Xiujin up and down, as if she wanted to find something from him. Yue Xiujin had never encountered such a look that made him feel frightened, as if there was some ulterior secret hidden in him.

“Boss Bai, is there something wrong with me?” Yue Xiujin smiled unnaturally.

“I just thought of the legend of the velvet dog. It is said that this kind of dog is the god of dogs and can turn into a human being.”

Become human? 

Yue Xiujin squeezed the chair handle tightly.

Bai Rongrong suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, I’m just joking, how can a dog become a human? If a dog can become a human, I can also become a dog. Hahaha, Young Master Yue, don’t you take it to heart, I’m just scaring you, don’t be afraid to lose your dog, if you are really scared and don’t want that dog anymore, you can sell it to me, and I will definitely offer you a high price that you are satisfied with. “

Yue Xiujin sensed his gaffe, loosened the arm of the chair without a trace, and slowly rubbed it instead, not being polite to Bai Rongrong, and said with a smile: “Now I finally understand why Boss Bai doesn’t continue with my concubine brother. When it comes to buying food, it’s not that the purchase price we gave is too low, but that Boss Bai has taken a fancy to my pet dog and wants to buy it.”

“Exactly, I’m more interested in Young Master Yue’s pet dog than selling food, I wonder if I can give it up?” Bai Rongrong asked.

“Thank you, Boss Bai, for your kindness. Su Xue is a dog I raised since I was a child. Since it is a pet dog, it is naturally impossible to sell it. Boss Bai has offended me. Today, this business can no longer be negotiated. If Boss Bai is willing to sell food, I welcome it. If you don’t want to sell it, I won’t force it.”

The smile on Bai Rongrong’s face did not change, “Young Master Yue is courageous, this time I was the one who was abrupt, let’s talk about it later when we have a chance.”


Yue Xiujin got up and bowed to Bai Rongrong, “If there is a chance in the future, I also hope to cooperate with Boss Bai.”

As soon as Yue Xiujin walked to the private room of the restaurant, he suddenly heard a warning from behind: “Yue Xiujin, ordinary people can’t keep that kind of dog, if one day you don’t want to keep that dog, come to me, I will wait here forever for you.”

“Thank you.”

Yue Xiujin left the restaurant in a hurry, Su Xue was his dog, how could he not be able to keep it?

Become human…

It would be great if he could become a human.

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