Pet Dog

Chapter 19 – Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (7) The dog cleans his owner’s small hole.

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 19 Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (7) The dog cleans his owner’s small hole.


Su Xue slowly retracted his pen*s after ejac*lating into the body, the air was full of it and the smell of his owner could be found everywhere in the room, and he could not help but soften. Su Xue’s lower abdomen rubbed his master’s ass from side to side, and then slid down his master’s back, arching his cheek with his head.

Yue Xiujin didn’t even have the strength to turn over. His flushed body was sweaty, and the butt that was constantly hit by the big dog’s big pen*s was red at this time. The swollen chrysanthemum and flower holes were spitting out the big dog’s s*men. Shrinking, still trembling, but unable to shrink back in their shape, it could only open the door to reveal the obscene flesh wriggling in the s*men.

The weak meat stick pressed under Yue Xiujin’s body, all under him was the white s*men of a big dog.

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Yue Xiujin felt so refreshed that he moaned, his handsome face filled with tears again, the pleasure from the two knobs caused the chrysanthemum hole to be sensitively tightened, and the surging dog essence washed the flesh and intestinal wall, Yue Xiujin clamped his leg, then the belly that was swollen by the dog’s sperm was still tightening, and a large amount of s*men poured out from the flower hole to flood the legs, only the meat stick was still weakly retracted to one side.


Seeing his master climax again, Su Xue wisely stopped licking his master’s two ni*ples, and carefully cleaned the s*men and urine on the master’s chest and lower abdomen, but couldn’t help more when he cleaned his master’s belly button. He licked a few mouthfuls.

Wang! The master’s pee pee must be cleaned up!

Su Xue wagged his tail, and licked his big tongue carefully on his owner’s shrunken stick. He licked the foreskin, and cleaned the gl*ns. The most sensitive tip of the s*x organ was treated in this way. Yue Xiujin bit his lower lip. When the tip of the big dog’s tongue cleared the top of the bell mouth, the s*x organ finally raised his head and was licked half-hard by the big dog from top to bottom, and from bottom to top. The whole shape was depicted by the tip of the big dog’s tongue.

Seeing that his master’s pee pee only had his saliva, it became clean and swollen, Su Xue’s tail wagged more happily, and his eyes fell on the flower hole where he had just mated with his master.

The congested fleshy pedicle was covered with s*men, the flower lips were swollen and turned out, and the loose fleshy mouth appeared in Su Xue’s eyes without reservation. The s*men was still flowing out from the inside, and it was obvious how much s*men had been shot inside, and the flow was still not clean.

Although Yue Xiujin often used jade dildo to manipulate his flower hole, at most he could make the flower hole congested and spurt water, and then he could ej*culate. He had never made himself be into this embarrassing and dirty look, and he never thought that he would one day have s*men all over his lower body.

Su Xue’s big tongue stretched out and he began to clean his master’s lower body. He licked his master’s thighs first, and then heavily licked the s*men from the fleshy pedicle with his big, grainy tongue. The tip of the tongue peeled off the foreskin on the fleshy pedicle and licked the inside. How could Yue Xiujin stand the stimulation like this, the flower hole suddenly bulged up again, and the semi-rigid meat stick went straight into a hard erection.

Su Xue licked the fleshy pedicle, and then turned to lick the flower lips. The thickened flower lips were smooth and tender, full of the owner’s obscene smell and the smell of s*men. The two petals were licked by the big dog and the colour became more and more bright and was drooling. The presence of the water, followed by the fleshy mouth and the chrysanthemum, were all licked clean by the big dog

But immediately came out milky s*men.

Excited too much, shooting too much, wu wu wang, the master can’t absorb so much, what can I do?

Su Xue, who wanted to use the pill to make his master’s body able to withstand his mating, was annoyed, so he could only lick it as soon as the semen came out. Licking it into the small flower hole.

“No…can’t…ah…” The last word “lick” turned into a hoarse moan, Yue Xiujin opened his eyes wide, biting his lower lip, feeling Su Xue’s tongue sticking into the fleshy canal, and the turned-out flower lips prevented it. No matter how much resistance the puffed lips put to stop the intrusion of the dog’s tongue in the fleshy way, it was already loose and unable to stop the tongue. He felt the rough dog tongue licking the fleshy wall into the obscene meat hole round and round, grinding out unspeakable lust and loosening the flesh. The excitement in the body was refilled.


The tip of the tongue followed the upper wall of the fleshy tract into the innermost part, and immediately found the uterine mouth. The uterine mouth opened by the dog’s pen*s was exposed to the floating s*men. The big dog licked the uterine mouth very patiently, licking this tender one over and over again. 

Licking the entrance to the nest is just to make the owner more comfortable, as I cleaned the owner’s small hole, otherwise the s*men will continue to flow, and the owner will definitely sleep uncomfortably at night.

Yue Xiujin didn’t have the strength to struggle, grabbing the sheet with his left hand, and biting the index finger of his right hand, but the boundless pleasure stirred his soul and pulled him into a deeper abyss of desire. He struggled, resisted, and enjoyed the ecstasy of bliss, indulging Su Xue to do whatever he wanted to him.

He clearly understood that Su Xue was only a beast if he communicated with humanity. Since he was a beast, he would mate with a beast only for lust, and he also desired to know and stay with others, but the easiest thing in this world was to know each other, the hardest thing, it was staying together. And marrying a woman as a wife was too cruel. Since he was a child, he watched his mother pray only for a peaceful life and never expected a trace of mercy from her husband. He would rather keep the vacant room alone, so he decided not to marry a wife, at least his mother still has her child, and he did not want to ruin another woman’s life.

Since he got through with personnel, he knew that he loved men, and his body could only be satisfied by men, but how many men in this world were willing to give up their “husband” rights and willingly become his nominal “wife”, he was afraid he could only wait on the bed and wait honestly outside the bed, just like his father’s concubines, and he would be left out if he didn’t serve well, just like his mother.

Staying together was a matter of two people, but so many people had to be added into his life, what about the main wife? In the end, he would abandon them like a mess, so he would rather be the indomitable “husband”, even his “wife”, guarding his “wife” and never abandon, and stay with him for a hundred years.

There were tears in Yue Xiujin’s eyes. He might not be able to find the person to stay with him in this life, just because he was not a real man, no man wanted to be inferior to him, let alone have true love for him, and he, how can he let go of his self-esteem and be willing to become someone else’s wife?

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