Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 36-37: Beautiful and Dignified

Chapter 36: Beautiful and Dignified

T/N: Nina (Maid)’s POV

“Is Your Highness Claude acquainted with the female student just now?”

“Let’s see… I don’t know how to say it… You can leave her alone for the time being, but it is not wrong to be cautious.”

“! …. I-I understand.”


Just now, His Highness Claude bumped into a female student, and when the girl ran away, he stared in the direction where she went and I heard him whispering the girl’s name.

However, as there was a possibility that he knew the student’s name by coincidence, I asked him forwardly.

There was no need to dig more about it and made myself weirdly suspicious.

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“Bdelapvsse. R okzz es ps.”

Then, since His Highness told me that Aileen was not an obstacle or anything as he ordered me to let her be, I believe that Aileen did not even have the worth of a stone on the roadside.


From the previous talk, it was very likely that His Highness Claude already knew the patrons behind Aileen.

As expected from him.

At the same time, I told myself to stay calm and alert.

Initially, if I got the information about Aileen enrolling in the magic academy beforehand this year and investigated the mastermind behind it, I could report it priorly to His Highness Claude, just as I had supposed to do.

“I am very sorry, Your Highness Claude. Originally, it was my obligation to do the investigation and give you the information about her priorly.”

“A, aa. I don’t blame you for that, and it was actually not the work for a personal attendance to do. Don’t mind it.”

Chapter 37: All Men are Stupid

“Although I was just your personal attendance, you still cared about my well-being. I was greatly honored to be able to serve you.”

“Why so suddenly? Aren’t we in a servant-master relationship? You are not working as a spy anymore, so you don’t have to mind it. From now on, I want Nina to do her work without worries.”

I could feel that the words coming from His Highness’s words were his true feelings. For someone with a low rank like me, it sounded better to call my position as his personal attendant. But to put it straight, he even cared for a servant.

Not only me, but he also treated the other maids with the same attitude.

He was really a person with a big heart.

His Highness Claude was the future King of the country, and the one who was going to support him as his queen was Risha-sama.


This Gladeas Kingdom was still peaceful, and its future would be more brilliant than before.

That’s why, for His Highness Claude’s kindness, I could not afford to spend my days without taking any effort.

That day, His Highness told me.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a favor for a favor.

I did not know how much I could pay for all the favors His Highness Claude gave me and I understood that there was no way I would be able to pay all of them although I did my best to work for him throughout my life. However, not paying the favors was not among my options.

As a result, my loyalty toward His Highness Claude was stronger than ever.

T/N: Aileen’s POV

I somehow managed to achieve my first objective, which was enrolling to the magic academy.

From the point of view of a commoner like me, just looking at the entrance fee, as it was fourth the annual income of my parents, it was a crazy number. If one gave up here, the person would stay a commoner forever, stay poor forever. Everybody did not understand that every commoner lived the same life and died the same way.

I did not know that the trash Alvin was very useless, but there were many men who had money, and those who didn’t could just work on it.

At first, I entrusted all to only Alvin, and it was my mistake.


There was no problem with the power and assets, but as I did not prepare anyone besides Alvin when in case he could not be used anymore, it was really labor work to raise the money.

But, all men were really stupid.

As long as they were able to embrace the body of a young and beautiful female and whispered love words, they would gladly give me money and accessories, so raising money was not hard at all.

But still, it was troublesome to manage those stupid men and meet them frequently in order to raise their likeability towards me.

Well, as I was able to enroll in the magic academy in the end, those hardships were nothing.

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