The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 11: It’s too hard to be a villain QAQ

It had only been four days since the last time the plot went awry.

Right now, just thinking of that acute pain that felt like ten needles all pricking her temples made Ning Yi’s scalp numb.

Also the powerlessness of her spirit floating listlessly as if her soul was going to scatter the next second – she really didn’t want to experience it again.

Ning Yi instinctively stuck her hand out, blocking that notebook in front of her and pushing it in Mu Wanqing’s direction, her desire to survive strong, “No, you think carefully, realize the truest feeling in your heart. Actually, you want to give these notes to someone else, not me, am I right?”

“Ah?” Mu Wanqing was stunned by her question for a moment.


She paused, her voice was very small, but incomparably certain as she replied, “No ah, I made these especially for you. I’m sorry, I, I looked up your grades for last semester in private. Math, physics, chemistry, English….uh…their foundations are all a little weak. So in addition to the material you missed these few days, I also added some basic key points for these subjects. Take it and have a look, if they’re useful, I can help you sort it out a little, step by step…”

Ning Yi: …

Young lady, don’t be so good to me, this scum is not worthy!

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Ebu? Ebu lzpl?

Jlnywpl R’x vbl hkzzykdswp qlxyzl pwrrsavkdt nbyaynvla. Twxkzkyvkdt usw, cwzzukdt usw, vbl jkde vbyv rknjp sd usw lhlau eyu!

Tlyakdt bla rkvkqwz yde nywvkswp vsdl, Lkdt Zk pbswvle kd bla blyav, “Ebs vbl q*nj nyd es vbkp? Rpd’v kv vss byae vs cl y hkzzykd? R’x alyzzu, vbkp kp vss xwnb CGC”

Fbl zssjle yv vbl svbla rlapsd, dsv alrzukdt qsa y zsdt vkxl. Tla vlxrzlp pvyavle qykdvzu bwavkdt.

Rv nyd’v ts sd zkjl vbkp! Fbl xwpv rwv vbl pvsauzkdl cynj sd vaynj!

Ning Yi who had received a warning swept a glance at Lu Xu Nan at the last row of the classroom and then turned back around and used a disdainful gaze to look at Mu Wanqing. She said unhappily, “What did you find my Nan gege for? What did you talk about with him? You also used this kind of trash to win his good opinion? Don’t dream about it! There’s no way he’ll like you!”


Mu Wanqing was stunned in place by this string of questions from her. She was stunned for a good while before remembering she had to explain, “No, it’s not like that…I didn’t…”

No! You can! You should!

Ning Yi janked that notebook from Mu Wanqing’s hand, continuing to find faults in a spurt of energy, “Don’t quibble, you took the opportunity to find Nan gege frequently while I wasn’t here these past few days, right? Meng Meng saw it all! Also, don’t tell me you didn’t give him anything just now?”

Mu Wanqing was a little anxious, not only was her face completely flushed, the corner of her eyes were also very red, “No, that, I was…”

Unfortunately, the more anxious she was, the more she was unable to explain. Don’t know exactly what she was thinking, perhaps she was incited by Ning Yi’s gaze of dislike and loathing, she suddenly took a deep breath, gathered her courage, grabbed Ning Yi’s hand, and in a tone that allowed no room for argument and she said in all seriousness, “Classmate Ning, you come with me!”

Before Ning Yi could react, she was dragged to the last row in a daze.

Lu Xu Nan’s inexplicable ringing struck again.

Obviously since it got better after that day in the alley, it hadn’t happened again. He already heard from the doctor that these were all from a temporarily weakened mental state as a result of low quality of sleep. These days, he also strictly complied with the old people’s way of sleeping early and waking early. He originally thought he had completely recovered. Unexpectedly, the tinnitus suddenly reappeared after he woke up this morning.

His head wasn’t hurting yet, but that ringing was impossible to ignore, to the extent that he had to listen carefully when others were talking. It was really so bothersome, he couldn’t help getting angry.

Kicking open the back door and walking into the classroom, he casually stuffed his backpack into his desk. Lu Xu Nan restlessly laid on one ear and rubbed, about to lay on his desk and relax.

Suddenly, a slim figure appeared in his field of vision.


Lu Xu Nan frowned and raised his eyes, finding that it was Mu Wanqing that Ning Yiyi always “mentioned”. The “Get lost” that had arrived at his lips paused and was swallowed back.

“Ning Yi came to school today, look for her yourself if you have something, don’t bother me.”

Lu Xu Nan thought in his heart, how can this person be so annoying? What’s with always looking for him and asking about Ning Yiyi’s situation? Did he look like he was good-tempered and very patient? Or that he had a good relationship with that girl?

Simply baffling!

Mu Wanqing heard him and hurriedly waved her hands: “I know, I already talked to Classmate Ning just now, only she seems…”

Saying this, her expression was a little bitter as she gave a laugh.

The space between Lu Xu Nan’s eyebrows became more tightly furrowed, clearly already impatient.

Seeing this, Mu Wanqing hastily stopped on the topic and voiced her original reason for coming, “Classmate Lu, I came to find you because Teacher Zhou told me to tell you, this is already the third time you haven’t turned in your homework for math this week. He said if you still don’t turn them in, then he’ll have to call your parents.”

“I don’t care.” Lu Xu Nan was unconcerned, coldly spitting out three words and going to lay down on the desk.

Mu Wanqing hurriedly pulled out her own exercise booklet, glancing to the side a little nervously. Her face was slightly red as she said in a light voice, “Um…did you not do it again? Why don’t you look at mine first today, to make up for yesterday’s a little…”

She was a member of the school committee and also the class representative for math, she would admonish them when she normally saw people copying homework. She had never done this kind of thing before. This time, to repay the other person for saving her, she consciously broke the rules for the first time. It was impossible for her not to be nervous, so her voice was so small like a thief.

Lu Xu Nan’s ears were filled with constant ringing, he could only see her lips continuously moving. In fact, he couldn’t hear even half a word clearly. Seeing that the other person didn’t speak again after handing over the homework, he was also too lazy to care and directly ignored her and turned around, laying down on top of the desk.


Just like this, he laid there for who knows how long. His temples, on top of the ringing, gradually began to hurt. His mind was a mess and he couldn’t sleep at all. The lively noise in the classroom irritated him and put him into a gloomier mood. He was almost unable to take it anymore and make those noisy classmates quiet down.

Just before he couldn’t stand it anymore and exploded, there was actually still someone that didn’t know what was best for them and ran over to get unlucky.

“Classmate Lu! Can you please help me explain to Classmate Ning? Last time, I only looked for you to ask about how she was doing, there was nothing else at all!”

Lu Xu Nan was disturbed by the noise and his temples were throbbing. After raising his head, his cold and severe gaze stabbed the person that came over like an arrow.

“Get lost!”

Mu Wanqing was frightened by him, even shrinking back and retreating in Ning Yi’s direction.

Ning Yi who was dragged over saw the terror that still hadn’t dissipated and the conflict on Mu Wanqing’s face, and was extremely anxious.

This development isn’t right!

Happily arrogant for the time being, the road to chasing your wife is a battlefield1 傲娇一时爽,追妻火葬场: A phrase that describes the cliche story line where ML has a fine and dandy time being arrogant in the beginning and ends up going through many obstacles to please and chase FL later. ! Dog Lu, you’ll be forever alone like this, you know?!

Lu Xu Nan frowned and looked at Ning Yi.

What was this girl up to again?

Mu Wanqing already discovered that Lu Xu Nan had no intention of helping her explain. She could only turn around and stammer to Ning Yi, “Ning, Classmate Ning, the matter really isn’t what you think it is. You didn’t come to school the day after you were hospitalized, I, I was worried about you, but I don’t have any way to contact you, so I went to ask Classmate Lu about your condition. I really don’t, don’t li…”


No! You should like him!

Ning Yi suddenly threw off Mu Wanqing’s hand, slamming her hand down on the workbook on Lu Xu Nan’s desk. The “pa” sound cut Mu Wanqing’s words off.

Unexpectedly she used too much strength, the vibration from the reaction of the desk made her palm hurt. Immediately, without much of an imposing manner, she took her hand back, hissing and sucking a breath of cold air.

Mu Wanqing went over worriedly. “Classmate Ning, are you okay? Does it hurt a lot? Your palm is all red!”

Ning Yi avoided her, putting her hand behind her back and very unfeelingly created something from nothing. “No need for you to insincerely worry about me! You think I don’t know what thoughts you have? You clearly knew the relationship between me and Nan gege, don’t you just want to get close to Nan gege through me?! Really too scheming!”

She raised the notebook that she’d just yanked from Mu Wanqing, continuing to invert black and white and splash dirty water, “You even said you saw that my foundation in math, physics, chemistry, and English weren’t good and specially put together notes for me? What a joke! Who doesn’t know I, Ning Yi, have bad grades in every subject? What can these few subjects do?!”

Lu Xu Nan and Mu Wanqing and the surrounding classmates: …You’re so loud, are you very proud?

The sudden quiet made Ning Yi’s small face redden. She paused, then forced herself to continue, “Actually, you prepared it for Nan gege, right? You must’ve secretly paid attention to him from a long time ago and knew his weak subjects! You thought I would definitely share the notes with Nan gege after I got them, am I right? Good! Then I’ll just give them to him right now! Open your eyes wide and look, Nan gege is mine! He definitely won’t accept your dirty notes! I’m not afraid to tell you that aside from the things I give him, he doesn’t accept gifts from any other girl!”

Heavens! Just a few brief words not only pointed out Mu Wanqing’s intentions and secret efforts, but also emphasized my unreasonable and roguish entanglement. Dog Lu hates me so much, he’ll definitely go against me! With me framing her like this, Mu Wanqing’s good opinion of me from before has definitely been worn down to nothing. Turning the situation around with my own power, that’s me alright! I’m simply a little genius! Really awesome!!

Full of confidence, Ning Yi tossed the notebook in her hand on top of Lu Xu Nan’s desk. “Nan gege, these are the notes that Mu Wanqing put together for you, do you want them?”

Lu Xu Nan’s large hand pressed downward, turning down the sharp corner of the notebook before it could scratch his arm.

Practically at the same time, he felt that disturbing ringing and headache both immediately vanish like the tide. His mind was calm in an instant.

He lowered his eyes toward that notebook and couldn’t help thinking back to the last time his ears rang and his head hurt. It seemed like it was also after receiving Ning Yi’s cake that it got better…

What are you staring foolishly for? Hurry and take it! Embarrass me! Slap my face! Ruthlessly humiliate me!

Lu Xu Nan raised his eyes, complicatedly looking at Ning Yi whose eyes were gleaming like it was the first time he’d met her: …What kind of weird demand was this???

Hai! Why are you looking at me, your dad? Dawdling and slow, are you a man?


Lu Xu Nan coldly laughed in his heart. He picked up that brown notebook and put it together with the exercise booklet that Mu Wanqing had placed on his desk from before. Under Ning Yi’s gaze full of anticipation, he calmly handed them back to the girl next to her, saying one word at a time, “Ning Yi is right, I don’t accept things from girls other than her.”

Ning Yi: ???

Dog Lu, your f*cking rabies is acting up again???

[1] 傲娇一时爽,追妻火葬场: A phrase that describes the cliche story line where ML has a fine and dandy time being arrogant in the beginning and ends up going through many obstacles to please and chase FL later.

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