The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 10: Again?

Ning Yi whose life was enviable finally regained her freedom from recuperating at home and was personally sent to school by Ning Xiu himself.

Before she got out of the car, Ning Xiu took great pains to repeatedly urge (threaten), “Since you won’t let the family send you lunch, then properly eat at school. Don’t think that you can pretend nothing happened just because I can’t watch you. In any case, if you’re lighter when you get on the scale at night, you understand…”

Ning Yi could only repeatedly guarantee and open the little bag she was wearing to let him see the candy and chocolate stored inside. Only after guaranteeing that she wouldn’t have to worry about running out of candy for the entire day did her nagging older brother finally send her off.

After getting to the classroom, she peeled open a strawberry flavored candy and stuffed it into her mouth. Sucking on it, she deeply sighed as she laid on her desk, feeling like she had aged ten years.

“Classmate Ning! You finally came to class!”


A pleasantly surprised voice sounded in her ear. Ning Yi lifted her eyes. It was Mu Wanqing holding a pile of exercise booklets.

“Is your body better? Are you fully recovered? Confirmed alright? When you suddenly fainted that day, I was really frightened. I originally wanted to send you to the hospital together with Classmate Lu, but he said I would be in the way instead. In the end, you unexpectedly didn’t come to school the next day. I worried for a long time, but I couldn’t contact you either…”

Ning Yi saw the other person’s big eyes slightly turning red under the thick lenses, her entire face written with worry, concern and anxiety. She suddenly felt like she was a scumbag that cheated young girls’ feelings.

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Ning Yi took the opportunity to give Mu Wanqing the cold shoulder, indifferently complaining that updates for the Jinjiang novel that she was recently reading were updating too slowly with Ju Meng.


Mu Wanqing’s hands that were holding the exercise booklets tightened. She said a very very light “thank you”, and not caring whether Ning Yi heard her, she turned around and headed toward the classmate that was calling for her to collect their booklets.

Ning Yi watched that young girl’s dejected back figure and couldn’t help letting out a long long sigh in her heart.

Ju Meng saw her line of sight and lightly snorted, “Simply a teacher’s pet, every day, if it’s not pressing for homework, then it’s tattling. It’s true that ugly people act up more!”

Ning Yi who was filled with guilt couldn’t help speaking for Mu Wanqing, “She’s the class representative, it’s her duty, furthermore, isn’t pressing you for your homework for your own good?”

Hearing this, Ju Meng couldn’t retort, but she was unhappy in her heart. She pouted and mumbled to herself, “Who needs to do it for my sake? It’s not like I need to rely on my grades, I’m going abroad anyway…Anyway, if it wasn’t because of her, how would you have been hospitalized?”

Saying this, she suddenly smacked her forehead, a little excited as she pulled Ning Yi’s hand and said, “Seeing the ugly person just now, I remember. The first day you were absent, in between classes, I saw her stop Lu Xu Nan at the stairs! And you’re still speaking for her? She definitely holds feelings for God Lu!”

“Really?” Upon hearing this, Ning Yi immediately put on an enraged appearance.

“Why would I lie to you? It’s only because that ugly person really doesn’t have a presence that I forgot about this matter.” Ju Meng’s mind shook and she suddenly pointed her finger toward the doorway and furiously said, “Hey! She’s looking for God Lu again!!”

Ning Yi looked in the direction her finger was pointing in and sure enough, she saw Mu Wanqing currently talking to Lu Xu Nan who had just sat down. Don’t know what the two people were saying, the former suddenly pulled out an exercise booklet from the stack in her arms and gave it to the latter.

Lu Xu Nan didn’t take it, but didn’t stop Mu Wanqing from putting it on his desk.

It’s here, it’s here! The plot has finally started!

Seeing this scene, Ning Yi’s little face turned a little red from excitement.


Ju Meng, however, thought she was mad and was simply even angrier than Ning Yi was, she said, “Wow! I didn’t believe the lending homework or whatever that you mentioned before! So there really is such a scheming woman! You really saved her for nothing, this is simply biting the hand that feeds her!”

Ning Yi watched Mu Wanqing, loudly cried in her heart, “Amitaba, it’s not my intention,” and pretended to be angry along with Ju Meng, “Correct! Too scheming! I really misjudged her!”

The two of them grumbled back and forth and soon they put Mu Wanqing into the category of “a witch that pretends to be a pig to eat the tiger.”

As the two girls were feeling indignant, the “vixen” came back.

Ju Meng naturally wasn’t nice to her, rudely snorting and saying, “Can you not wander around blocking my eyes? Do you not know how you look? Dirtying my eyes!”

Ning Yi found that Ju Meng practically changed into another person in front of Mu Wanqing.

Through a little over a month’s interaction, she knew that although the other person was slightly rather difficult, her heart wasn’t bad. Even coming across an injured stray cat, she would personally carry it to an animal hospital, but precisely every time she spoke of Mu Wanqing, there wasn’t a single good word, it could be counted as malice for no reason at all.

It was probably because of the plot.

Seeing that Ju Meng’s words were already rather severe, Ning Yi looked at Mu Wanqing who had her head down, biting her lips, with her face flushed. She really couldn’t bear to add on to it and could only secretly sigh, lowering her eyes and fiddling with the candy wrapper, no longer watching.

The next moment, a brown notebook was put in front of her and at the same time, there was Mu Wanqing’s voice, small as a mosquito.

“Classmate, Classmate Ning, though it might just be a small matter for you, I’m really very grateful. You didn’t come to class for the last few days, I compiled all the key points in the teacher’s lesson into notes, I hope they can be of some help to you…”

Hearing these words, Ning Yi’s hands that were fiddling with the candy wrapper paused, her lowered eyelids hid her violently shaking pupils.


What’s going on? Again???

This was clearly supposed to be Mu Wanqing’s line to Lu Xu Nan!!!

The author has something to say:

Lu ge: I vaguely feel like I’ve been made to wear a green hat?

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