The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 12 It seems to me you’re dreaming!

Unlike Ning Yi’s shock, although Mu Wanqing’s face was flushed because of embarrassment, the expression on her face was obviously relieved.

She reached out and took the books, explaining again, “Classmate Lu, don’t misunderstand, these notes really weren’t meant for you.”

After speaking, Mu Wanqing turned to look deeply at Ning Yi. Her pink lips moved, wanting to speak yet hesitating. In the end, she lowered her head and returned to her seat under the unfriendly gazes of the surrounding students.

Ning Yi’s conscience hurt from that look. She couldn’t help taking her anger out on Lu Xu Nan who suddenly acted without common sense.

The latter saw Ning Yi whose pair of cat eyes had widened to the point they were perfectly round, clearly filled with blame and condemnation and gave a light laugh. He leisurely crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, saying with mockery, “What, are you so touched you can’t speak?”

Hearing his tone, Ning Yi just wanted to spit on his face, but the corner of her lips had just moved when her temples were stabbed with pain in warning.

She could only pretend she didn’t hear the ridicule in the other person’s tone. She forced down her belly full of resentment, pretended to be shy and lowered her eyes and played along with a soft voice, “Yes, really, too, touched~”

How can I not be touched? I’m so touched, I simply want to twist off your head and help you drain the water that’s making you stupid!

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Hehe, then you’re really simple enough : ) Which part of you is sick and with fever? This is retardation! The kind that can’t live independently!

Ning Yi saw the smile full of provocation on Lu Xu Nan’s lips and suddenly understood.

Dog Lu, this guy, felt that she wasn’t pleasing to the eye and deliberately caught her to make trouble for her!

So this means it’s been done? Dog Lu saw that I bullied Mu Wanqing, so now he’s helping her bully back?

Ning Yi’s mind shook, she repeatedly nodded her head, “Can do, can do. Nan gege, you’re sick, taking care of you is what I’m supposed to do!”

Ah! Saying he won’t accept anything other than those given by me or whatever, this is really praising someone into a disadvantage ah! Saying that kind of thing on purpose, pushing me out there was actually to prevent Mu Wanqing from becoming everyone’s target! What the f*ck, this man is too sinister!

The more Lu Xu Nan listened, the more he thought it was unreasonable, what did this have to do with that four-eyed girl? And praising someone into a disadvantage? Did she watch too many palace intrigue dramas?


Ding ling ling–

The bell for the start of class cut him off and the physics teacher walked into the classroom carrying the lesson plans.

Lu Xu Nan saw Ning Yi shake, then turn around to go back to her seat, and he could only swallow back those temporarily unimportant questions, saying instead, “Don’t forget to take notes for me, my head hurts, I can’t pay attention to the lesson.”

Ning Yi turned back, glancing at him, and hastily replied, “Leave it to me.”

After that, she turned around and rolled her eyes almost all the way to the sky.

Please, is it because your head hurts that you can’t pay attention to the lesson? Obviously, your IQ isn’t high enough so you can’t understand it, right?


Lu Xu Nan watched the other person’s slim back figure, narrowing his eyes.

Fang Ci who had cleverly stayed in his own seat and eaten a whole melon saw Ning Yi leave and immediately couldn’t resist leaning toward Lu Xu Nan and carefully asked, “Brother Nan, do I have to change the way I address Ning Yi when I see her in the future?”

Lu Xu Nan took his gaze back and glanced at him, inexplicably asking, “Change what address?”

“You’re not honest, Brother Nan, you!” Fang Ci pointed at Lu Xu Nan a few times, his expression saying ‘don’t you hide it from me’.

He suddenly straightened his back, lifted his chin slightly, and mimicked in a lowered voice, “Ning Yi is right, I don’t accept things from girls other than her.”

After saying this, he got happy by himself, smilingly giving Lu Xu Nan a thumbs-up, and clicking his tongue as he said, “Brother Nan, you’re so overbearing! I’m about to be bent!”

Lu Xu Nan frowned, the gaze looking at Fang Ci was full of dislike.

Fang Ci embarrassedly let out a sigh and said, “Wasn’t I just exaggerating? Let’s not talk about this, are you and Ning Yi…”

Saying this, his other hand came up and his two thumbs bent and faced one another (like mandarin ducks, a couple), “Together? The next time I see her, should I call her little sister-in-law?”

Hearing this, Lu Xu Nan’s face turned ugly. He raised his hand and ruthlessly slapped it on Fang Ci’s back.”What kind of rubbish joke are you making? I did that to embarrass Ning Yi.”

Fang Ci didn’t understand. “Embarrass her? But hearing you say that, wouldn’t Ning Yi be happy to death? How would that make her feel embarrassed?”

Lu Xu Nan: “…”

That’s because you can’t hear her thoughts!

Fiiine1 彳亍口巴: a drawn out 行吧 expressed with a half-hearted, helpless, or reluctantly surrendering tone .

A single dog really wouldn’t understand these push and pull inclinations : )

Fang Xi zipped his lips, shook his head, and opened his physics book.

On the other side, Ning Yi also returned to her seat under many gazes.

Ju Meng was indiscreetly gossipy, “Damn, Yiyi, you found the silver lining to your cloud! You finally got together with your family’s Lu Xu Nan?”

Got together her ass, he purposely ordered me around to help the female lead vent!

Ning Yi silently cursed. She lifted her hands and cupped her face and said: “Aiya, me and Nan gege‘s feelings for each other were originally very good!”

Ju Meng rubbed her chin, forcibly agreeing, “Ah, that’s also…you guys are a green plum and a bamboo horse after all…”

Saying this, she saw Ning Yi take out a pink notebook from her desk, open it, and set it on the desk, then pick up a pen, looking at the teacher like a sunflower. She couldn’t help saying, “Red rain is falling from the sky! Don’t tell me you’re going to pay attention to class?”

Ning Yi pretended to be shy and said, “Ying~ Isn’t it because Nan gege told me to help him take notes ma~”

She had just spoken when the student behind her lightly pushed her in the back, called her with a whisper, then sneakily gave her a math exercise booklet.

Ning Yi: ???

The student said quietly, “Lu Xu Nan sent it to you.”

Ning Yi recalled the words that Lu Xu Nan had said about making up homework, she could grit her teeth and take the workbook.

The phone in her desk suddenly rang with a “di” sound. It was a WeChat notification.

Ning Yi, guessing that it was definitely Dog Lu giving her a task, immediately didn’t want to check.

But clearly the other person didn’t give her this choice. Her phone went off several times in quick succession, attracting the teacher’s warning glance.

Ning Yi hastily put her phone on silent, opening WeChat to take a look. As expected, they were messages sent by Lu Xu Nan.

[L]: Did you get it?

[L]: Trouble you to finish making up the math homework for me, have to turn it in after class.

[L]: Because I’m sick [Smile]

Do you think I am Xiaolongnü2 小龙女: Little Dragon Maiden, strong and talented FL character from the Return of the Condor Heroes (Wikipedia) ? Making up homework with my left hand and taking notes with my right???

Fine, fine, even if it’s embarrassing, it’s just for today. I’ll bear it for a bit and it’ll just pass.

Thinking like this, Ning Yi endured her temper and replied–I got it~ Nan gege, don’t worry! [Heart]

The message was just sent when her phone simultaneously vibrated, Lu Xu Nan’s message came again.

[L]: Oh right, the doctor said my sickness this time will probably need ten days to half a month to completely recover. During this time, I’ll trouble you.

It seems to me you’re dreaming!!! Two minutes ago, what you said was still “seem to be sick”, now you’re saying the doctor said?

You cloned yourself to visit the doctor???

The hand holding her phone suddenly tightened, Ning Yi clenched her teeth tightly. Her fingers flew, working across the digital keyboard like a tiger.

The phone in Lu Xu Nan’s palm vibrated, receiving another reply.

[Don’t gain ten jins, not changing profile picture]: Yingyingying, Nan gege, it’s really tough for you, these days, just leave it to me! [Hug] [Hug] [Hug]

The corner of Lu Xu Nan’s mouth hooked up, feeling like he heard Ning Yi raging through these couple words.

He replied with a period in passing, indicating he received it, and put his phone back in the drawer.

Ning Yi lowered her head, opening WeChat. She stared at Lu Xu Nan’s message for a few seconds, her heart finally felt a little more comfortable.

[Dog Lu woof woof woof [Poo]]: 。

[1] 彳亍口巴: a drawn out 行吧 expressed with a half-hearted, helpless, or reluctantly surrendering tone

[2] 小龙女: Little Dragon Maiden, strong and talented FL character from the Return of the Condor Heroes (Wikipedia)

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