Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 98.2 Sheng Ya’s First War God?!! (2)

“I’m not. I’m telling the truth!” Ze La’er’s throat felt a little choked. The young man was so delicate and cute but why did his words not sound the least bit cute at all!

“Rongrong…” Mu Chongyan put down his chopsticks and suddenly spoke, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to go to the weapon making shop after you advanced into a seventh-level weapon maker, and negotiate with the general manager to buy a few machines for making low-level weapons?”

“Yeah. Why?” Bai Rong didn’t understand why this matter was suddenly brought up.

“Then let’s go today.” Mu Chongyan glanced at Ze La’er from the corner of his eyes, and found that this man was not as surprised as he expected, and he sneered in his heart.

He did all he could to investigate them so clearly, but said that his purpose was just to learn from him…


“We’re going today?” Bai Rong was surprised and excited, “You mean now?”

“Yeah. Let’s go right now.” Mu Chongyan stood up and took out a few ropes made of a special material from the spatial button. He roughly dragged Ze La’er to the side of a tree that was almost a meter thick in the yard, and tied the man to the tree, rolling the rope around for a full 10 circles and making sure it was secure.

“Wh-…what are you trying to do!!”

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“Go and take the more important things you have into the spatial button, we’ll be taking them with us when we go out later.” Mu Chongyan cast the gang a glance, “This person most likely has accomplices, and there’s a chance that they’ll find this place. Among them will probably be the man who taught him how to do the Alte Arc Step.”


“Then what should we do?” Lu Ya asked anxiously, “Are we going to fight them directly?”

“This Wu Ze is pretty strong. You probably won’t be able to beat him even if you worked together. The people who are coming to save him may not be weaker than him.”

The gang was speechless.

Sure enough, his earlier display of concern was just an illusion, Mu Chongyan (Big Brother Mu) still spoke so mercilessly.

Mu Chongyan continued, “I need to observe these people carefully and determine their goal and organization so when the time comes, I can’t simply just leave. But you guys aren’t the same. I suggest you guys leave this place in a while.”

“We’re not leaving.” The gang said in unison.

How could they just run away as soon as they encountered difficulties?!

Mu Chongyan looked at his members who had firm expressions in front of him, and was silent for two seconds before saying, “The people who’ll come to save ‘Wu Ze’ will be much stronger than him. By then, you won’t be able to help much.”

“To be able to help a bit is still help.” Na Erya said, “If we realize that we can’t be of much help, we’ll run away as soon as possible, and we won’t hold you back.”

“That’s right.” Lu Kun nodded.

They weren’t ignorant people. Once they knew they would be a burden, they would leave as soon as possible.

Mu Chongyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, “…Alright, but once you sense that someone is coming, don’t immediately engage them in a fight. Pay attention to my signals. If I can solve the problem as soon as possible, that would be the best case scenario. If not, you should all run as fast as possible.”


“Of course, Rongrong will be following me. If you manage to escape, you can go to Zone C and rent a house near Uncle Lei. Rongrong and I will look for you.”

“Understood…” The group of people answered, but their expressions were a bit heavy.

“Actually, you don’t have to worry too much.” Seeing that the atmosphere was too heavy, Bai Rong spoke up, “Chongyan is only considering the worst case scenario. The probability of reaching that point is very small. Don’t think about it too much and go pack your things first.”

“Brother, I don’t want to be separated from you.” Kuku’s eyes were a little red as he remained motionless, “Brother, even if a lot of strong people arrive, I can protect myself, and I won’t drag you down.”


“In any case, I don’t agree!” Kuku suddenly became willful, a cloud of mist appearing in his eyes, “I don’t want to be separated from brother.”

“Kuku… “Seeing Kuku’s appearance, Bai Rong suddenly felt distressed. He reached out his hand to rub Kuku’s head and glanced at Mu Chongyan next to him. “The probability that the event Chongyan mentioned happens is very small. If it happens, we’ll see how it goes.”

“What do you mean see how it goes…” Kuku lowered his head, appearing pitiful.

“Kuku, by that time, we will all listen to Chongyan’s arrangements, because he will make the most correct and safest judgment. We must trust Chongyan and follow him.” Bai Rong patted Kuku on the shoulder, “This is the most correct and sensible behavior as well as the safest choice, do you understand?”

Kuku sniffed aggrievedly, and didn’t utter a word.

“Of course, the possibility of this happening is very small, so don’t worry about it too early, Kuku. It’s possible that only two or three people will come, and could be easily captured by Chongyan….” Bai Rong took out a handkerchief from his spatial button and handed it to Kuku, jokingly saying, “You’re already more than 1.8 meters tall, and you’re still crying like a child…”

“You’re my brother anyway…..” Kuku replied with a rare retort.


Bai Rong immediately laughed and rubbed Kuku’s head, “Of course, so it’s fine for Kuku to act like a child in front of me. Alright, quickly go pack up your stuff.”

“Ok. …” Kuku took a step reluctantly before walking away quickly.

Bai Rong also hurriedly went back to his room to pack up but because he didn’t have many things, he finished packing up in two minutes.

Mu Chongyan stood in front of the window, glanced at “Wu Ze” who was tied to a tree. He found that the man had calmed down and stopped struggling.

Squinting his eyes, Mu Chongyan turned and walked out the door.

The gang quickly packed their things, and when they passed by Ze La’er, they found that the man had his eyes closed quietly, neither speaking nor struggling.

Mu Chongyan glanced at him, and walked out without a ripple on his face.

Hearing that the footsteps of the group were fading away, Ze La’er gritted his teeth bitterly. Why was it that with his “abnormal” behavior, these people didn’t even react at all?!

Alright Mu Chongyan, Alright Tough Guy Mercenary Group. You actually dared to treat him like this?! He didn’t say anything when they beat him up and they even tied him up and gagged him. Wait until his teacher comes to rescue him and he’ll see how they’ll be dealt with!!

“Chongyan, where are we going?” After the gang was about 300 meters away from the villa, Bai Rong turned to Mu Chongyan and asked.

“We’re going to the weapons making shop.”

“Really?!” Bai Rong’s eyes widened. He thought that “going to the weapons making shop” was just an excuse.


“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan turned the steering wheel. “This person is obviously not from Zone B. He should be a young master from a large family in Zone A or even S. I don’t know why he suddenly set his sights on us.”

“No wonder I felt that his behavior was a little different from ordinary people. He turned out to be a noble young master.” Bai Rong nodded, “So?”

“So…” Mu Chongyan stopped the car in front of a restaurant and gently raised his hand to stroke Bai Rong’s hair, “So those people won’t come over so quickly. I’m guessing it will take another two or three hours so let’s go to the weapon making shop and then come back. In any case, the weapons making shop is only a ten-minute drive away from here.”

Mu Chongyan then raised his eyes to look in the rearview mirror of the car, and told Lu Kun and the others, “Lu Kun, you should go to the restaurant and wait there first. Try to observe whether anyone will attempt to enter the villa. Rongrong and I will be back soon.”

“Alright.” Lu Kun nodded.

“However, if you find anyone breaking in, you can just wait here, don’t go ahead.” Even though the probability of those people coming so soon was extremely low, it was still better to instruct them just in case.

“Alright, we understand.”

After Mu Chongyan left them with instructions, he took Bai Rong out of the restaurant and hurried to the weapons making shop.

The weapons making shop was on the widest and most prosperous central avenue of Zone B. If anyone wanted to go to their villa from anywhere in Zone B, they had to pass through this avenue.

As such, Mu Chongyan’s proposal to come to the weapons making shop was not without consideration.

The two had a very pleasant talk with the general manager of the weapons making shop. After all, Bai Rong, as a seven-level weapons maker, was absolutely second to none in Zone B so there was no reason for the general manager to offend him. However, even if the general manager gave him a big discount, the price of a low-level weapon making machine was still very expensive. Bai Rong put aside the idea of ​​buying a machine for the time being, and decided to save for a while.

When the two returned, Lu Kun and the others hadn’t noticed anything unusual. Bai Rong sat in the restaurant for a while until the urge to go to the toilet came up. After informing Mu Chongyan, he headed for the toilet.

The toilet of the restaurant was near the back entrance. When Bai Rong finished washing his hands in the toilet, he glanced outside the back door and suddenly discovered a tall man walking out of the department store diagonally opposite him.

Feeling that this man carried an explicable aura with him, Bai Rong cast him a second glance, but the moment the man turned his face, Bai Rong was completely taken aback!

Wh-Why did this man…seem..seem to look so much like Mu Chongyan’s dad? The one who was named Sheng Ya’s very first War God——

Xia Qingshu?!!!

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