Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 99.1 Reunion (1)

Sharply feeling a pair of eyes follow him unabashedly, not even letting up for a moment, Xia Qingshu scrunched his brows, and looked towards the source of this gaze.

However, he only caught sight of an extremely delicate-looking young man staring at him in shock. His mouth was slightly agape, revealing a few of his pearly whites.

Perhaps because this young man’s looks were too adorable, the moment Xia Qingshu saw him, the offense and discomfort he felt disappeared inexplicably. He swept the youth with an ambiguous smile before turning around to leave.

Seeing that he got caught staring at someone on the spot, Bai Rong blushed for a moment.  When the man raised his leg, clearly about to depart, Bai Rong immediately felt anxious and hurriedly looked left and right. He then secretly stamped his foot and mustered his courage, running towards the man.

Hearing the footsteps behind him getting closer and more anxious, Xia Qingshu finally stopped on his heels and a hint of impatience arose. This youth may have a charming face but his behavior was too much.


Turning around, Xia Qingshu raised his eyes and looked at the young man who ran towards him, and he spoke with a cold voice, “I don’t seem to know you, can I help you with something?”

“I…” Bai Rong’s ears turned red and his body inexplicably turned taut from nervousness, “I…”

“If there’s nothing else, I’m going to leave. Please don’t follow me.” Xia Qingshu glanced at the young man in front of him before turning around to leave.

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Since Bai Rong hadn’t come back for a long time, Mu Chongyan went to the toilet to look for him in worry. However, he didn’t expect to see his Little Sweet Cake standing outside the rear entrance in the middle of the street with his head drooped down. He looked listless, making Mu Chongyan’s heart clench in distress.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Chongyan quickly walked over and took Bai Rong into his arms, “What’s the matter, did you encounter those people?!”

“No…” Bai Rong quickly returned to his senses. Excitement and disappointment could be seen in his eyes, with a hint of inexplicable guilt.

“Chongyan…I just saw a person who looks… very much like His Royal Highness.”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes quivered, “Like who?!”

“Like your dad, Xia Qingshu…” Bai Rong turned to look in the direction that the man had gone, and lowered his eyes, “But when I asked him just now, he said he wasn’t, and then he left from here…”

“……Even if he’s not…… isn’t it normal?” Mu Chongyan’s excitement gradually cooled down and he lowered his eyes. He wrapped an arm around Bai Rong’s shoulder, “Dad is still in the imperial palace, how could he be here? Alright. Rongrong, don’t think about it anymore. Let’s go back…”

Even though a feeling of shock and joy arose in his heart, it was quickly washed down with a tub of cold water and he became calm again. His dad — the first Mech War God of Sheng Ya….should now be in the secure ward in the imperial palace. It was impossible for him to be here…

The two of them were in such low spirits that when they returned to the restaurant, Lu Ya and the others thought that they had gotten into a fight. However, thinking about the display of affection they showed usually, they felt this impossible.

Kuku was just about to ask his brother what happened when he suddenly saw somebody heading towards their villa. He immediately pulled Bai Rong’s arm.

“Brother! Look, is that person heading to our villa!!”

Bai Rong looked up and gazed in the direction Kuku pointed to. His pupils suddenly trembled, and he opened his mouth, his voice quick and anxious.


“Chongyan, remember the man I was mentioning earlier, come take a look at him…don’t you think he looks similar?!!!”

Mu Chongyan quickly cast his gaze over to the same direction, and naturally saw the man. In an instant, his whole body tensed up, and his fists suddenly clenched.

The man’s looks and height…were exactly the same as his dad’s!!!

How could two people who shared too many similarities exist in this world?!!!

“What are we doing here in a daze? That man is alone. No matter what, I’m sure we can win against him!” Bo Ke hurriedly said and got up to go out, “We can surround him and finish him!”

“Wait! “Mu Chongyan stopped Bo Ke, his voice slightly nervous, “Wait right here. If you see someone coming, you can come over. For this guy…….Rongrong and I are enough.”

After he finished, he didn’t give anyone a chance to refuse and rushed out together with Bai Rong.


Xia Qingshu quickly found the address of this “Mu Chongyan” based on the information received from the investigation. Ever since he entered this wide lane leading to Mu Chongyan’s villa, every time he took a step forward, Xia Qingshu’s heart trembled with excitement. At the same time, there was a layer of anxiety wrapped around his trembling heart, pulling frantically and hitting at his chest, making him a little breathless.

With heavy and anxious steps forward, Xia Qingshu walked step by step to the end of the wide lane, but the door of the villa in front of him was shut tightly, and a solid black wooden door could be seen from the hollow iron door. With one look, he could tell that the owner of the house was out.

Disappointment surged in his heart, but then Xia Qingshu glanced at the iron gate again and stopped.

Since the people were out, he could just wait here…


Standing in place for more than ten seconds, countless guesses circled in his heart again. Xia Qingshu clenched his fist tightly, and thin veins popped out on the back of his hand. His face was tense, and his teeth were clenched. The sound of his heartbeat rang loudly in his ears, revealing his excitement, nervousness, apprehension, and impatience…

If that woman Hu Erya’s scheme was to switch their offsprings, then his child…should indeed be….

Surnamed Mu!!!

Xia Qingshu stood in front of the villa, staring at the iron gate intently. Perhaps because he hadn’t blinked for a long time, the rims of his eyes gradually turned red….

“Da, da, da…”

Two anxious and messy footsteps suddenly grew closer, making Xia Qingshu’s heart jump. A huge sense of joy mixed with unignorable anxiety swept from the bottom of his heart to his body, and he quickly turned around and saw two people heading towards him.

One was exactly the “Mu Chongyan” he saw on the screen today, and the other… was the boy who had stopped him not long ago.

When Mu Chongyan saw the man who looked like his father, turn around and look at him with a certain look on his face, the absurd thoughts in his heart finally overwhelmed the ‘rational denials’ he had, and it rushed all the way to his heart.

He heard his voice faintly tremble, “Excuse me…Are you Xia Qingshu?”

Upon seeing Mu Chongyan’s expression and reaction, Xia Qingshu suddenly had a conjecture. And this conjecture led to an unspeakable joy that enveloped his chest, causing it to quiver faintly.

“I’m Xia Qingshu…do…do you know about your birth…?”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes turned red and he clenched his fists and nodded.


An explosion suddenly sounded in Xia Qingshu’s head as feelings of overwhelming happiness poured out, his heart buzzing against his eardrums. He felt his legs start to move mechanically and anxiously, leading him to Mu Chongyan and his arms quickly lifted to embrace the person tightly.

Mu Chongyan stood stubbornly on the spot, his fists about to be crushed by his own strength. The rims of his eyes didn’t seem to cool down and his heart slammed against his chest frantically. As the feeling of being loved by his parent swept over his body, which was something he had never experienced before, he could feel this person’s,…no, his dad’s deep love and heartache for him…

“I’m sorry, dad failed to protect you, I’m sorry…”

A layer of mist accumulated in Xia Qingshu’s eyes and his vision turned blurry. He still remembered that he personally heard those people say that his son should be “removed from the marrow”, “have his blood vessels washed” and a series of other things. At that time, his son had only been out of the embryonic compartment for three months. Three months! He was just a three-month-old baby, and they imposed such a horrible thing on his son that even adults themselves couldn’t even endure!

Mu Chongyan opened his mouth, and squeezed out a hoarse tone, “…I’m fine, please…don’t blame yourself.”

“Fine…” Tears quickly gathered in Xia Qingshu’s eyes, and he slowly put on a smile, but this smile contained slight bitterness.

How could he be fine? When he was only three months old, he was tortured like that. His bone marrow, blood vessels and bones were all destroyed. When he grew older, he was stolen by that wretched woman He Erya. How could his son…be alright….

He didn’t dare to think about how his son had been living for so many years…

“I’m really okay… I’m doing fine right now, I even have a physical aptitude of at least SSS and the past years have gone by fine for me. You don’t need to worry, Dad…”

As soon as the word “Dad” hit his eardrums, Xia Qingshu’s body turned taut and his tears fell. Ever since he entered the army, the number of times he had cried never exceeded three. The first time was 21 years ago, and the second time….was today….

Bai Rong watched them at the side, feeling happy and sad at the same time. His eyes couldn’t help but turn red and his vision turned blurry, his nose also sniffled continuously…

Beside the two SSS-level powerhouses, Bai Rong’s movements couldn’t be concealed at all. Xia Qingshu calmed down and let go of Mu Chongyan, patting him on the shoulder lightly. He then glanced at the red-eyed delicate-looking youth.

“Dearie…who is this, why don’t you introduce me?”


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