Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 71.1 Kiss Little Sweet Cake (1)

Once the light bullet had exploded completely, the entire living room, including the bedroom as well as the second floor, had been fried into a black powder. The upper floors of the building immediately collapsed due to the loss of support and the originally empty grounds in front of the building were instantly covered with ruins, the sound of the aforementioned event rumbling through the sky.

Far away, a pitch black mecha streaked swiftly through the night sky, spiraling anxiously around the ruins for a second before landing and opening the searchlight in haste, taking out an air net to clear the ruins.

The massive rubble mixed with metal and stones were removed one by one with the invisible air net. Inside the mecha, Dai Suo’s eyes had turned red with anger, the veins on the back of his hand were bulging as his hands worked swiftly, leaving behind only shadows. In just a short three minutes span, he had managed to clear out 10 tonnes of boulders, but had yet to catch sight of the two figures.

As anger and panic began to overwhelm him, Dai Suo’s actions became quicker as though he had gone mad until a light flashed from his wristwatch.

After quickly browsing the message on his watch, the boulder that Dai Suo was holding with his air net suddenly quivered, eventually falling, hitting the pile of ruins once again.


After clearing three to four lumps of debris, Dai Suo launched a wind storm card at the center of the rubble and the smaller pile of rocks were blown away, making the surroundings of the ruins instantly covered in dust, metal particles, and black powder.

10 seconds later, Dai Suo stopped using his card and finally saw Mu Chongyan embedded at the corner of the collapsed ruins.

Dai Suo’s pupils shook as he immediately drove the mech and landed beside Mu Chongyan. He leapt out of his mech, half kneeling with angry red eyes, crying, “Mu Chongyan?! Mu Chongyan?!!”

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In the middle of the night, an aircraft cut through the sky.

“Dai Suo, were all the security cameras destroyed?”

“Yes. According to the marked positions Du Han has sent, not a single one was spared.” Dai Suo was at the back seat of the aircraft, holding the unconscious Walter. His face was tense and the darkness in his eyes had yet to dissipate.

“Was it done secretly enough?” Mu Chongyan’s brows were furrowed tightly, his gaze was sharp and the bloodstains on his face made him look cold.

Dai Suo, “When I was using the windstorm card, the air net was lifting the raised boulders and with the cover that the darkness of the night provided, we shouldn’t have attracted much attention.”

“Alright, very good. Once we arrive at Ma’er’s residence, take Walter to get treated.”

“Noted.” Dai Suo looked down at Walter and said, “What about you? Do you want to get treated by the medical device now?”

“There’s no need for the time being. The injury on my face isn’t that serious. It just looks terrifying.” Mu Chongyan swept a glance at Walter who was reflected in the rearview mirror and the gulch between his brows deepened further, “We were lucky that Walter came out unharmed during this incident. His reaction time of opening the shield is too slow. It seems like he didn’t have enough training.

The first suspect he had in mind were those culprits but casting that point aside, this could also be considered their warning to them. After all, in half a year, Walter will also be joining the army and the death toll of the army each year wasn’t low as too many things could happen. He originally thought Walter and his subordinates had already reached excellent levels in terms of reaction times but it looks like…it still wasn’t enough.

As if having heard that his future days were going to be even more miserable, the unconscious Walter groaned twice. Dai Suo frowned, “I can understand why Walter got injured but how could you have gotten injured as well. You must have had enough time to react to this light bomb right?”

“The light bomb this time was of SS level, and my shield was slightly lacking.” Mu Chongyan simply explained with one sentence. In reality, this wasn’t the only thing that happened. He had opened his shield and rushed to the center of the explosion, carrying Walter who had lost consciousness under his own shield out. Due to the violent force rushing towards the center at once, a tiny crack appeared on his shield, causing him to get hurt.

“En.” Seeing Mu Chongyan intending to keep it from him, Dai Suo no longer pressed him further and only asked, “Why didn’t I see your little star pet?”


“He’s inside the crystal glass case of the spatial button.”

The coldness in Mu Chongyan’s eyes eased slightly. Before he rushed towards the center of the explosion, he had sent the little sweet cake in. He absolutely couldn’t allow the little sweet cake to be exposed to any kind of underlying danger.

Now that he thought about it, he felt relieved that he had made this decision. Otherwise, he couldn’t guarantee that the little star pet wouldn’t get hurt.

Dai Suo put on an expression as though he expected this. He then turned his head and swept a glance at the view outside the window, staring at a night news camera floating mid-air, reporting the incident and said, “Weren’t those forces going too far? Aren’t they afraid of being investigated?”

The depths of Mu Chongyan’s eyes revealed a cold smile and the expression on his face turned more grave, “They must have prepared a plan for what comes after or a way to deal with the aftermath.”

“Then wouldn’t that make it hard to find their weakness?” Dai Suo’s eyes deepened. He originally thought this time they’d finally be able to find something about them.

“It’s hard to say.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes were as dark as ink as he coldly said, “Their actions this time clearly mean they hadn’t finished the job. If you hadn’t taken out your mech or you were one step slower, perhaps someone would’ve arrived with their mech.”

“To search for you?”

“That’s right. Shooting a light bomb couldn’t possibly be the only thing they planned because the possibility this one action could kill me is extremely low, even if I had really turned into a waste, with the training I’ve had before, my reaction time wouldn’t be too slow, I could open up a shield in 0.3 seconds without any problems so I assume that they don’t hold much hope in killing me off with one strike.”

“So…” Dai Suo turned his head back, his gaze directed at Mu Chongyan, “They were trying to test whether you can still drive a mech?”

“That’s probably the case.” Mu Chongyan shifted his hands, picking up the speed, “I surmise that if you were slower by a few seconds, they would have brought their mechs out and taken a look whether I’ve died or whether I couldn’t really operate a mech anymore.”

“Those trash!” Dai Suo cursed for the first time, his clenched right fist pressed against his seat, “How much do we have on them?!”


“Not much, but we’ve at least found two or three people.” Mu Chongyan looked straight at him, his eyes revealing cold mockery.


On the other side, in a certain suburban institution in the Central City.

“How did it go?!” A middle-aged woman stood in the center of the hall with a cold face, a ruthless look flashing across her eyes, “Have you probed Mu Chongyan’s condition?”

Seeing the woman look fierce, the three men across her couldn’t help but shiver imperceptibly, hemming and hawing, not daring to respond.

“You didn’t?!!!” A red light glinted in the woman’s hand as she took out a whip and flung the end, causing a bloody whip mark to instantly appear on the faces of the three men.

“You three useless garbages!”

The three men quivered. Fear and resentment flitted through their eyes but no words were uttered.

“Leiya, what’s the point of getting so angry?” A gentle and scholarly middle-aged man walked down from the stairs with a smile, “You can’t blame them for this. Didn’t we already say in the beginning that to prevent inadvertently alerting the enemy, it’s better to retreat than to advance prematurely.”

“Wright, were you the one who asked them to retreat?!” Leiya looked at the approaching Wright with eyes dripping with poison.

Wright acted as though he didn’t notice this and maintained the small smile on his face, “Aii, Leiya, didn’t you know? Mu Chongyan left someone behind. When Te’er and his group were about to go and check on them, a black mecha went over. If they had rushed over to check on him, their identities could’ve been compromised.

“Then just kill that person!!”


“How could they be that easy to kill. Te’er’s group only has 1 SS class and two S classes. Even if they were able to kill that person, there’s no guarantee they could do it within a minute. If the police arrives after a minute and notices something, by then, not only will we be unable to check on Mu Chongyan, our trail could be picked up so that would be completely insensible.”

Leiya continued to ridicule him, “Didn’t I tell you to send more people then? Who told you to only dispatch three useless garbages!”

After internally saying that the woman was still so stupid, Wright sneered on the inside and sent the three men away before walking towards the tableside and sitting down, “I asked Little 8 to cook a late night snack, do you want to eat together?”

“You still have the heart to eat?”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Where’s Opiela?!” Leiya no longer wanted to concern herself with this good-for-nothing and walked out with her heels making clacking noises, “Why haven’t I received the surveillance report yet?!”

Leiya had just reached the entrance when Wright received a text from Opiela and with a small smile still on his face, he opened the message.

In the next instant, his expression changed abruptly.

“Clang!” The midnight snack the slave Little 8 had carried over to him, had turned over and fallen to the ground, a tint of malevolence flashing across his face as he swiftly went out the door.


“Boss, what happened to Walter?!” Ma’er saw Dai Suo carry out a battered Dai Suo off the aircraft and the look on his face changed.

“Don’t ask, quickly give him treatment.”

“Alright alright..” Ma’er quickly brought Dai Suo to the treatment room and placed Dai Suo into a recovery chamber.

Seeing Walter already begin his treatment, Mu Chongyan heaved a breath of relief before going off to find a high level medical device and healing his own injuries.

“Ma’er, how does Walter’s condition look?”

“He’s unconscious but his external injuries are serious whereas his internal organs are bleeding slightly. However, his overall condition doesn’t seem too dire. I should be able to completely heal him in about one or two days.”

“Alright. Then, I’ll hand him over to you.” Mu Chongyan finally felt at ease and told Ma’er, “I’ll be coming back later.”

“Alright, boss.”

Mu Chongyan walked back to the room he stayed in before and washed up before changing his clothes.

Feeling that his current appearance wouldn’t worry a certain someone, Mu Chongyan took out the crystal glass case from the spatial button and saw the curled up little star pet sitting at the entrance.

A hint of warmth immediately appeared on Mu Chongyan’s face, he told himself that his little sweet cake still cared for him like before. However, upon taking a closer look at him, he realized something was amiss.

He gently picked up the little star pet and when Mu Chonyan’s gaze landed on his lowered face, his heart immediately clenched in worry.

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