Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 70.2 Change (2)


Mu Chongyan gently kneaded Bai Rong’s arm and the mocking smile on his face disappeared, He lifted his head slightly, “Chongyan?”

“Don’t sleep anymore.” Mu Chongyan pretended to remind him before once again looking at Du Han, “Show it all again, the data and videos that were leaked and compromised.”

“En.” Du Han put on his big dark silver headphones, his fingers flying across the transparent flat keyboard screen.

Bai Rong looked at Du Han in admiration and complexity, his gaze fixated on the biggest screen in front of Du Han as his heart thumped nervously.


“It’s these ones…”

Du Han announced while working. Bai Rong turned into a statue in Mu Chongyan’s arms, his thoughts concentrated on the data Du Han put out as well as his words as his ears twitched from time to time.

Some time after Du Han had spoken, at about 7 or 8 minutes later, Bai Rong had learnt which data had been stolen by those thieves.

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“Just these spell card data?!” A middle aged man laughed in anger, “As the renowned third best hacker, you Opiela have only managed to gather these data?! Aren’t you afraid of smearing your Lei Meng Star Region’s reputation!”


“When you hired me in the beginning, you didn’t use this kind of attitude.” Opiela smiled coldly, putting his legs on top of the table and casting the man a glance.

He had certainly made a mistake today, originally thinking that hackers from Sheng Ya Star Region were a piece of cake, so he took his time after hacking into the computer, but he didn’t expect that midway, a program as well as an extremely strong and overbearing force intercepted him, even entangling with him for several hours, forcing him to retreat in the end.

“Ah..” Opiela’s pale lips revealed a sneer, “How interesting.”

“What do you mean?” The man stepped forward angrily but was hindered by another woman who had just come in.

“Ma Si, what are you doing? Quickly apologize to Opiela!”

Glared by the woman, Ma Si tried to say something with a flushed face but could only reluctantly bow towards Opiela, half-heartedly apologizing, “Sorry.”

“Please accept our apologies, Opiela.” The woman smiled, tidying up the report, “This data was very useful. We’re very grateful and we hope that you could continue helping us.”

Looking at two contrastingly different faces, Opiela sneered, “You don’t need to be polite, As long as you continue paying a hundred billion per day to hire me, I naturally won’t refuse to help.”

Ma Si snorted and had wanted to say something but swallowed the words back.

“Of course. We have great trust in Opelia’s hacking skills. Ma Si and I won’t be disturbing your work any longer. Please resume your work.”

“Then I won’t be sending you off.” Opiela then turned his chair away and no longer concerned himself with the two.

Seeing this, the woman brought Ma Si away. The smile on her face instantly vanished the moment the hacker turned away.


Hmph, this Lei Meng hacker, Opiela, was just like described in the rumors, his temper was bad  and he wasn’t trustworthy, but he was their best bet since all the other top hackers of Lei Meng swore loyalty to their star region, and they were unable to hire them at all!


By the time Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong back to his bedroom, it was already 6am in the morning.

“Be good. Stay here for a while, I’ll go look for Du Xiao for breakfast.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head and was about to leave before Bai Rong held onto his wrist.

“I don’t want to. Let’s go together.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan originally wanted Bai Rong to get some rest but seeing Bai Rong’s determined appearance, he didn’t reject him.

The two people retrieved their breakfast and returned to their room to eat.

“Chongyan.” Bai rong raised his bowl and drank a mouth of soup. “When can I use my optical computer again?”

“Wait until Du Han has finished building a firewall that can fend off against that Lei Meng hacker.”

“H-,,,How long will it take?” Bai Rong furrowed his brows, It was not that he didn’t believe Du Han but if this continued, he wouldn’t be able to hand the required spell cards to His Majesty on time.

He could only feel thankful that he had set a timed dropoff in two days so that he wouldn’t miss his first submission.

“About a week or so.” Mu Chongyan said, “This was the estimated time Du Han had given, but he doesn’t guarantee it.”


“I see.” Bia Rong nodded. He could see that Mu Chongyan wasn’t in the best of moods so he didn’t ask any more questions.

Mu Chongyan indeed felt somewhat frustrated, the appearance of this hacker ruined many of his plans. Not only did his investigation of their tracks have to be cut short, even his plans of investigating the royal family news had to be halted.

Once the two had finished their meal, Mu Chongyan left. Bai Rong took out the newly bought optical computer from the purple spatial button he bought previously.

He stuck a piece of paper on the webcam before turning it on and logging into the network to search for Lei Meng Star Region.

After spending about two hours browsing the net, Bai Rong rubbed his slightly tired eyes, he finally had a bit of understanding about Lei Meng Star Region.

This star region’s hacking skills were certainly terrifyingly ahead, but for some inexplicable reason, he believed that as long as they had Du Han with them, they wouldn’t allow those people to prevail.

Mu Chongyan returned by lunch time and brought Bai Rong out to have their meal together.

“Chongyan.” Bai Rong put down his chopsticks and finally couldn’t hold himself back from asking about some concerning matters.

“I still have some important things I haven’t retrieved from the crystal glass case, Can I go back and take them?”

Bai Rong lowered his head and said. He knew that his request was a bit too much. That hacker had already obtained so much of their information, there was no doubt they had even traced their address from their IP. He knew that he would be sending himself to the pit of danger but..he couldn’t leave Kuku all alone back there.

“Is it really that important?” Mu Chongyan furrowed his brows imperceptibly.

“En. It’s very important.”


Bai Rong lowered his head even more. He didn’t expect to encounter such a serious matter to the point they couldn’t return home. As such, he didn’t consider the whole picture.

Seeing Bai Rong’s head nearly reaching his chest, Mu Chongyan rubbed his head, “It’s alright. I’ll take you there.”

“Would it be dangerous?!” Bai Rong subconsciously clenched his fist.

“It might be a bit dangerous but not to the point we have to worry about giving up.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes turned deep for a few seconds, “We’ll go there tonight, alright?”

“Ok.” Bai Rong quickly agreed.

Mu Chongyan nodded and immediately pressed on “ancient road” to contact Ma’er.

“How are Dai Suo and Walter faring?”

“Reporting to Boss, their circumstances aren’t bad. Dai Suo managed to endure 1 minute and 30 seconds whereas Walter managed to endure for 1 minute and 41 seconds. They’re now in the restoration chamber and have recovered to about 60%. No cells were destroyed and all the other organs and functions can be considered to have become a success!”

“I see. Once they have finished recovering completely, inspect their constitutions and send a report to me. After that, ask them to meet me here at Du Han’s.”



By the time Mu Chongyan received Ma’er’s report, it was already 8:03pm. Dai Suo’s constitution was about the same as his previous physical data, there weren’t any visible enhancements at the time being but the same couldn’t be said for Walter. He had levelled up from an A to an A+ Level at an increasingly fast pace.

At 8:53pm, Dai Suo and Walter reached Du Han’s residence and met with Mu Chongyan.

At 8:54pm, Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong and the two people with him and left.

After a whole hour had elapsed, Mu Chongyan had reached the vicinity of the small district and allowed Dai Suo to get off first before continuing to drive ahead.

Bai Rong had been sitting on edge all this time. He didn’t know whether those people hadn’t arrived or whether they hadn’t prepared to act yet. All the way until they reached their residence, not a single event occurred.

In order to prevent any other unforeseen situations, Bai Rong put the whole glass case into the spatial button before nodding towards Mu Chongyan. Mu Chongyan then picked him up and prepared to leave.

Walter had been guarding the living room and seeing Mu Chongyan come out, he quickly waved at him. However, a blinding light suddenly flashed and the little sweet cake in Mu Chongyan’s arms suddenly shouted in fright.


“Crash! Boom——!!!” A purplish gold light suddenly crashed through the windows behind Walter, the impact of the explosion swallowing the entire living room.

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