Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 71.2 Kiss Little Sweet Cake (2)

“What’s wrong?” Looking at the little star pet’s puffy face, signifying that he had cried for a long time, Mu Chongyan felt an overwhelming sense of distress and he quickly inspected his star pet, “What’s the matter? Are you hurt? Do you feel unwell somewhere?!”

After not being able to find Mu Chongyan and Walter for half an hour, Bai Rong came up with a thousand different possib

ilities but worry, fear, fright and blame all coursed through his body as though countless bombs were triggered. The more he couldn’t hear Mu Chongyan’s voice, the more impactful the bombs exploded, making it so that not a single part of his body was left unharmed and his consciousness had nearly gone. Now that he had finally heard Mu Chongyan’s warm and anxious voice, he finally gained a bit of consciousness.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing the little star pet’s gaze look blank, Mu Chongyan felt extremely distressed as he gently stroked Bai Rong’s back, “….What’s wrong?…Speak.”

Mu Chongyan’s voice gradually gained clarity and Bai Rong raised his head, looking at Mu Chongyan.


Mu Chongyan lowered his head, and asked with an anxious yet light voice, “Be good…why don’t you speak?”

“….Chongyan?” Bai Rong’s eyes recovered a little anxiety.

“It’s me.” Mu Chongyan gently pressed a kiss on Bai Rong’s head.

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“R’x blal.”

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“R’x psaau, R’x psaau, R’x psaau..” Jyk Ssdt nzwvnble Yw Ubsdtuyd’p nzsvblp yde alrlyvlezu yrszstkgle, “Rq kv olald’v qsa xl, usw oswzed’v byhl clld nywtbv kd y csxc, usw oswzed’v..”

“Ebyv yal usw yrszstkgkdt qsa?!” Yw Ubsdtuyd kdvlaflnvle, pnyakdt Jyk Ssdt kdvs bknnwrkdt, yde qllzkdt psaau ycswv kv, Yw Ubsdtuyd iwknjzu psqvldle bkp vsdl.

“Ebyv yal usw yrszstkgkdt qsa? Rv oypd’v uswa qywzv. R kdhkvle vbkp nyzyxkvu sdvs wp, A67 kdhkvle kv sdvs wp. Ohld kq usw olald’v vblal, vbspl rlsrzl oswzed’v pvsr pnblxkdt. Vlabyrp, vblu oswze byhl nyaakle swv xsal hknkswp yvvynjp. Ebu oswze usw tyvbla yzz vbl czyxl vs uswaplzq?!”



“But what? Those forces have been targeting me from the start and v67 had been gradually growing. Now that they noticed v67’s existence, their target has shifted to me and v67. Perhaps they might have some other goal, like the imperial family, but there is without a doubt that everyone in v67 and I are their targets and most importantly, their hatred towards me is the strongest. The whole thing is completely unrelated to you. Even if nothing had happened this time, did you think nothing else would happen the next time?”

Mu Chongyan said in one breath but also felt that his tone had gotten slightly heavier so he quickly changed his tune, “Besides, nobody was harmed. Walter will fully recover in one or two days and I also wasn’t heavily injured. You don’t need to blame yourself, otherwise, me and Walter would only be considered as cowards. If we were to push the entire matter on you who hasn’t even reached 40cm tall, how could we ever call ourselves human?”

Bai Rong persisted, “But if it weren’t for me saying that I wanted to go back, you wouldn’t have gone back and been involved in the light bomb.”

Mu Chongyan helplessly sighed and shook his head, “Even if we didn’t return today, there would still be a next time and a next next time. Those forces targeted me, v67, and the imperial palace and it wouldn’t change nor would it stop. Do you understand?”

“Moreover, we’ve already foiled their plans and gained an advantage bigger than our loss. Besides, I have already prepared a new training plan for Wlater.”

“What?!” Bai Rong quickly raised his head, “Why? His injuries haven’t healed yet!”

Seeing his little star pet defend Watler, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but feel a bit sour, saying, “Because even though the light bomb hit us very quickly, between the time that we spotted it and the time that it exploded by our side, was a 0.5 to 0.7 time gap. In the past, I have required all v67 members to train and reach a reaction time such that they could quickly whip out their shield within 0.5 seconds no matter what hit them. And so, such a light bomb shouldn’t be of life threatening harm to v67 members. This time, Walter’s reaction was slow so I need to up his training.”

Mu Chongyan originally wanted to say that Walter had definitely been slacking around in his training previously which was why his reaction time had slowed but after mulling it over, he didn’t say this out. Otherwise, his little sweet cake would misunderstand and think that he was badmouthing Walter.

“I see. Then, you certainly have to increase the training. This matter involves their lives so one can’t harbor much wishful thoughts.” Bai Rong nodded, but still had some doubts, “Then..why did those forces launch a light bomb at you guys?”

Those forces should know that a light bomb wouldn’t be enough to cause great harm to Mu Chongyan.

“Because their motive this time wasn’t to kill me, it’s…” Mu Chongyan gently stroked Bai Rong’s back, recounting the analysis he told Dai Suo before to Bai Rong.



Once Mu Chongyan had finished narrating the whole thing to Bai Rong and simply explained the information v67 had managed to dig out, by the time the whole talk had finished, it was already nearing 2 in the morning.

“Quickly go to sleep. It’s very late.” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “Alright?”

“…No.” Bai Rong shook his head, “I want to take a look at Walter.”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel at ease at all.

“….Alright, I’ll take you there.” Helpless, Mu Chongyan could only carry Bai Rong out of the room.

Before they could even reach the treatment room, Mu Chongyan heard Walter’s proud voice and without needing to see him, he could already foresee how upbeat and rowdy he would be.

“You’re awake?” Mu Chongyan entered the treatment room and sat at the side.

“Walter woke up just 10 minutes ago, I first healed his internal injuries because they were lighter so they would heal quicker. After his internal injuries were healed, he soon woke up.” Ma’er responded, “However, his external injuries require one more day because some tissues received heavy damage.”

“Of course they were heavy, it was a light bomb. Look at my arms, it’s already turned into such a state, it’s the color of pitch black.” Walter raised his arms, his tone sounding inexplicably complacent.

“Walter, are you in pain?” Bai Rong looked at his arms and quivered in sympathy, blaming himself.

“I am!” Seeing Bai Rong take the initiative to speak to him, Walter put on a stunned expression before quickly being energized and became excited beyond comparison. “It hurts so much, but if you come over and kiss me, I won’t feel the pain anymore.”

Mu Chongyan’s face immediately turned dark, “If you can still feel pain while soaking in the restoration liquid of Ma’er’s chamber, why haven’t you gone to heaven yet?”


Ma’er quickly responded, “I added a soothing drug into the restoration liquid so it shouldn’t hurt at all.”

“Can you stop foiling my plans!” Walter glared angrily at Mu Chongyan and Ma’er, “I’m an injured patient so can you please treat me like one, properly love me and properly…”

Mu Chongyan simply disrupted him, “Look at these injuries, you won’t even need another day. With Ma’er’s medical skills, one day should be enough for you.”

“That’s right.” Ma’er also nodded, “However, fortunately, it’s not only due to my medical skills, the vod drug that Walter swallowed has pushed the activity of his cells to peak, and his constitution is also on the rise, that was why he’s been able to recover quickly. Otherwise, it would’ve taken two days.”

Walter: “Ma’er, you bootlicker!~”

Ma’er put on an innocent face, “I’m only telling the truth. You’ll be able to fully recover by tomorrow night.”

“Since this is the case, Walter will continue his training the day after tomorrow. Aside from that..” Mu Chongyan ignored Walter’s glare and continued to speak, “Aside from that, I have created a new training plan for you.”

“What new training plan?” Walter suddenly felt a sense of foreboding.

“Intensive training, didn’t you count how long it took you to open your shield last night?”

Walter guiltily gulped, “Th-…That was because my back was to the window so I was a little slow…”

“Your back was to the window” Mu Chongyan felt a bit unhappy with Walter’s excuse, “Didn’t you see my hand signals?”

“I…” Walter’s head drooped down and he no longer spoke. In reality, when the little sweet cake called out his name, he also saw Mu Chongyan’s signal at the same time.


“I understand. I’ll do my best at the training.” Walter answered sincerely, and from the bottom of his heart. He knew that Mu Chongyan was doing it for his sake. He had just gotten a bit too haughty for being able to reach 0.43 seconds half a month ago and had started slacking since then.

In reality, when he recalled the events from yesterday, he certainly felt a bit of lingering fear and could only be thankful that he remembered to pull out his shield before falling unconscious and that Mu Chongyan had carried him out of the center of the light bomb to avoid receiving a second hit…

Otherwise, his shield would have certainly crumbled under the impact.

“If you know your mistake, that’s good. Train hard in the future.” Seeing Walter earnestly recognize his shortcomings, Mu Chongyuan no longer repeated his harsh words. This was good. In the future, once Walter entered the army, it would ensure his safety and lessen his worries.

Moreover, he did also have his share of responsibility in this accident.

“I…” Walter suddenly brought up weakly, “I still have another request…”

Mu Chongyan, “What is it?”

Walter, “I want to kiss little sweet cake…it’s not much, just a peck on the head would do.”

He knew that this was the moment everyone was being tender-hearted towards him. If he didn’t ask for it now, until when was he going to wait! Otherwise, he’ll never be able to kiss little sweet cake!

Sigh, there’s no other way. The more one couldn’t obtain something, the more one’s desire grew for it.

Mu Chongyan’s face immediately turned black again before he soon revealed a small smile, making Walter’s hair stand on end when he saw it.

“Alright…I’ll let you kiss him.”

Even though Walter felt a little frightened, he couldn’t help himself from expressing in joy, “Y-.You promise you agree?!”

“Sure.” Mu Chongyan maintained the small smile and said, “However, now isn’t an appropriate time. I’ll let you do it tomorrow.”

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