Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 53.2 Co-ha-bi-ta-tion! (2)

After the two arrived at Mu Chongyan’s villa, Bai Rong chose the innermost room on the second floor.

The room was simple and clean, with warm decoration. Bai Rong took a liking to it upon first glance.

“Mr. Mu, are you satisfied with it?” Mu Chongyan stood by the door, watching the Mu Nan turn around and around in the room. The sight of the bright eyed Mu Nan elicited a strange feeling in his heart once more.

“I’m very satisfied.” Bai Rong smiled, revealing eight white teeth. “It’s just that you don’t have any card making equipment here.”

“Mr. Mu can rest assured.” Mu Chongyan suppressed the strange feeling in his heart and responded: “I will have it prepared for you this evening.”


“That’s fine.” Bai Rong patted the soft bed, and walked out of the room with a flowery mood, “Prepare some materials, too.”

Even though he had a lot of materials in his virtual spatial button, it was not appropriate to take out all of them.

“No problem.” Seeing Bai Rong start walking around the villa, Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes and followed behind.

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After all, he didn’t feel any discomfort in his body, nor did he feel any exhaustion.


So… was this the feeling of having one’s shackles of disguise completely broken…

Mu Chongyan shifted his gaze to the report, and sat there thinking for a while without uttering a word. His face was so cold that Ma Er automatically took two steps back.

After a while, Mu Chongyan put the report in his hand into the spatial button, got up and patted Ma’er on the shoulder, “Thanks for your hard work these past two days.”

“No…it wasn’t hard at all.” Ma’er shook his head quickly, hesitating to ask the question he had been keeping in his heart for several days: “Boss, are…are you still participating in the mecha contest?”

“It depends.” Mu Chongyan turned around and looked down, finding that the little star pet had been inside the crystal glass box and hadn’t come out to stick to him, his heart feeling a little uneasy.

He had been conversing with Ma’er for such a long time already.

Mu Chongyan bent down and knocked on the door of the crystal glass case with a sullen face.

Bai Rong was currently studying the spell card materials. Among the 30,000 available spell card materials, he finally remembered the 10,001th one. It was such a significant milestone, but a light knocking sound had suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

Immediately, his small face puffed up. Bai Rong walked out the door angrily, but after reaching halfway, he suddenly thought of something and his anger simmered down by half.

The person knocking on the crystal glass case was probably Mu Chongyan, so how could he get angry with Mu Chong because of this. Mu Chongyan was acting very clingy to him and helpless, all because he loved him too much… .

Sigh…Bai Rong heaved a long breath out helplessly. Then, he walked out of the crystal glass case, raised his head to reveal a smiling face, and stretched out his arms towards Mu Chongyan, who was solemnly standing there, waiting for him.

Mu Chongyan immediately reached out and fished Bai Rong into his hands. His face softened, and his heart felt comfortable.


Bai Rong felt Mu Chongyan’s obviously relaxed muscles and increasingly joyful mood, and sighed helplessly once again.

How can his wife be so clingy!

It really made him feel sweet yet also made his head ache.

Seeing that the gloomy aura on his boss’s body instantly turned sunny and pale pink in an instant, Ma’er felt that he was almost blinded.

Was this still their cold-faced and expressionless boss!!!

Mu Chongyan put away the crystal glass case and gently rubbed the top of Bai Rong’s hair, “Let’s go back now, and eat again when we go home, okay?”

“Okay.” Bai Rong raised his head, magnanimously and pamperingly looking at Mu Chongyan, there was a nest of rabbits in his heart.

The little black rabbit waved the carrot angrily: “You can’t indulge him like this anymore. He’s too clingy and you will spoil him!”

Little white rabbit 1 bit the cabbage leaf: “Wives need to be properly pampered!~”

Little white rabbit 2 chewed on the beetroot: “That’s right, they need to be properly pampered~”

Little white rabbit 3 foolishly followed: “Pro….properly pampered~”

Little black rabbit got angry and said, “You group of stupid rabbits actually dare to not listen to me!”


The scolded little white rabbits 1,2,3 glanced at each other, and then suddenly turned angry. Standing up in unison, they ganged up and beat the little black rabbit with no mercy!

Bai Rong was frightened silly by his “cruel and bloody” thought process.

Mu Chongyan felt the little star pet shivering, and quickly lowered his head, asking in concern: “What’s wrong? Are you cold?”

“I’m okay…” Bai Rong shook his head decisively, looking at Mu Chongyan with eyes full of tenderness. He placed his little hands behind him out of embarrassment and started twisting them.

“Are you really fine?” Mu Chongyan held Bai Rong up to eye level, his voice extremely soft.

“I’m really fine.” Bai Rong’s cheeks reddened suddenly and kissed the belly of  Mu Chongyan’s finger, and then revealed an extremely sweet smile.

He should continue to pamper Chongyan. If he wanted to be clingy then so be it. In any case, there was no harm at all…

Mu Chongyan’s ears turned red from the little star pet’s sudden sweet action. He cleared his throat and straightened up as if nothing had happened, but secretly rubbed the little star pet’s back with his fingers… …

After returning home, it was eight o’clock in the evening, and Mu Chongyan asked the housekeeping robot to cook some porridge, and the two of them drank a little before respectively going to rest.

After Bai Rong returned to the crystal case, he turned on the optical computer to continue studying, and after three hours, he logged into the star network.

Today, his disguised form became a big hit on the virtual star network. Would the star network be abuzz with some news?

Unexpectedly, as soon as he logged in, the whole world was covered with news of the attack on the planet Leima, the border region of the Sheng Ya star region.


Bai Rong’s face instantly became grim, and he hurriedly clicked open the official news sent by the Shengya Royal Family.

It turned out that at 6 o’clock this afternoon, a star warship had suddenly struck. They had only thrown two flash explosive bombs at the communication station before escaping, leaving behind almost no trace.

Three staff in the communication station had been killed and sixteen staff members suffered heavy casualties. His Majesty the Emperor of Shengya had rushed to Leima Planet for reassurance and investigation.

The comments under the news were chaotic. All kinds of speculations were made, but Bai Rong felt it a little strange. Although the attack on a border region was not a trivial matter, it was definitely by no means, a significant one. After all, the Shengya star field was vast and there were only thirty three planets that were largely inhabited by residents, not counting some uninhabited planets that only had garrisons and desolate planets with no inhabitants.

As for the attack on a frontier star like Leima, which was not considered to be an important region in Shengya, generally, it was only necessary for the emperor to issue an order for a lieutenant or an admiral to lead the troops to appease the people and conduct an investigation. It wasn’t necessary for the emperor himself to go at all. Not to mention the fact that he took the battleship there within just half an hour of the incident.

What made him even more puzzled was that these Shengya people were not surprised by this matter at all…

Intuitively feeling as though he was missing something important, Bai Rong frowned. He opened another webpage and started searching…

On the other side, Mu Chongyan had just turned off the news page on Starnet, when the silver icon on the light screen suddenly flashed.

Mu Chongyan opened it casually.

“Boss, the information in the B-level and A-level gene banks has all been searched and collated, and there is still no relationship with the genetic information you sent.”

After scanning the news, Mu Chongyan’s eyes grew increasingly cold. He was about to send an order for them to continue checking when the icon suddenly flashed again.

“Boss, the particle storm has already turned much smaller. Tomorrow, Du Han and I will set off to return. If we jump into the wormhole, we should be able to return to Shengya in three days. —— Du Xiao”

The author has something to say:

Sheng Ya’s top hacker Du Han is about to come back. How many people are going to quiver at this news.

Bai Rong (little face turns taut): N-…not me.

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