Chapter 6.1 Only one quilt

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The heating on the third floor seemed to have never been turned on, where the coldness filled the room up, making people feel chilly, even painful.

Gu Yanshu couldn’t stand the cold, so he replaced the original tweed jacket with a black knee-length down coat, zipping up to his neck and wrapping himself tightly.

When he turned around, he found that Shen Jue was eyeing him up.

He frowned slightly and was about to say something, but didn’t say it out at last.

After all, as long as Shen Jue wanted, he could be leering at a dog with lust.

So Gu just ended coldly with: “Fasten your button. Stop playing around.”

Then he opened the door and went downstairs.

Upon opening the door, he immediately smelt a burst of spicy fragrance.

A hotpot had been set up on the table downstairs with hot gas coming up from it, around which four people were gossiping.

The table was fairly large, and those people were sitting in a half-circle towards the camera. Two seats on the left were empty, which should be reserved for him and Shen Jue.

Gu Yanshu stepped to them and sat next to Xia Qingqiao, and just as Xia Qingqiao was about to dump a plate of tomatoes into the hotpot for him, he reached out and grabbed Xia Qingqiao’s wrist without hesitation.

“Ah? What’s going on?” Xia Qingqiao stopped in time and soon understood, “oh, brother, you don’t like tomatoes, right?”

Gu Yanshu loosened his hand and nodded: “Mmm.”

“No problem, then I won’t put it in.” Xia Qingqiao put the plate back on the table.

Gu Yanshu, however, felt it was not enough. He picked up the plate, stood up, move it in the kitchen, and then sat back down, seeming to rule out any possibility of accidently putting them into the pot.

After he sat down by the table again, Shen Jue just came downstairs, with the previously opened coat’s buttons buttoned up neatly.

He sat down on the empty seat next to Gu Yanshu, raising his eyebrow towards the director team: “What expression?”

Director Cao looked at him grimly, then picked up his little speaker: “I’m here to emphasize again that in this villa we’re doing a 24 hour around-the-clock recording, so everyone shall not turn off the mic and camera anymore!”

Shen Jue: “Oh.”

Gu Yanshu: “Mmm.”

So perfunctory.

Director Cao: “……”

Never mind, just to put up with them for a while.

Anyway, there was still enough time to torture them

He smoothed his few hairs and cleared his throat: “And please enjoy this meal of hotpot, because this might be the last supper if everything goes well.”

Everyone stopped eating and looked up.

“Starting today, everybody in this house shall hand over all his cash, and in the next month of recording, you’re not allowed to use any bank card and mobile payment except for personal work reasons. Follow PD and VJ will be keeping a close eye on you guys, and of course, it’ best that you all follow the rules voluntarily.”

When talking of “follow the rules voluntarily”, director Cao darted a meaningful glance at Shen Jue.

Shen Jue picked a slice of fatted beef into the pot leisurely: “Don’t look at me like that, it won’t work. Just go on.”

Where the hell came such a bitch.

Cao Dan endured this, and continued to set out the recording rules: “During this time, every pair of roommates would have to access the living expenses fee from our program team. Later we’ll play a small game to determine how much starting funds can each pair receive. In addition, we also provide various jobs for you to make money by laboring and improve your quality of life.”

Then he took out a white board, on which wrote “Cohabitation Cabin Job List”.

Jobs in restaurant, ¥10 per hour per person.

Florist: ¥10 per hour per person.

Community volunteer: ¥10 per hour per person.



Even Gu Yanshu, a boy of the poor, hadn’t experienced a salary of ¥10 per hour in many years.

Shen Jue even sneered: “You call this improving the quality of life?”

Cao Dan: “Or else?”

“This is called basic essentials to the survival of life.”

Cao Dan: “……”

Shen Jue picked up the slice of fatted beef into Gu Yanshu’s bowl from the pot, and leaned lazily against the back of the chair: “You said you have some small game? Go ahead, show us how miserly you are.”

The miserly program team had already taken out a lie detector: “In order to improve the understanding among our cabin members, our team had beforehand prepared fifty question in the box. For each round of the game, we will choose five questions randomly to ask the selected member. If his answer is true, then he will receive 100, if false, then lose 80, that’s to say, each pair could receive the living expenses ranging from minus eight hundred to one thousand.”

“How much to how much?”

“Minus eight hundred to one thousand.”

“Sorry, again?”

“Minus eight hundred……”

“Chehh…” Shen Jue tsked and interrupt him, “If I really get minus eight hundred, I’ll have to work here to return the money?”

The program team nodded: “Yup.”

“What if I can’t afford?”

“We’ll contract the advertisement board at Xidan subway station for one month to let the world know you own money.” He paused and added, “With your ugliest picture.”

Xia Qingqiao: “Wow, looking forward to it.”

Originally, Xia Qingqiao thought this was a perfect opportunity to promote himself for free, but when he saw the ugly photo of himself from the program team, he just silently moved his hand into the lie detector.

In fact, the lie detector commonly used in the shows was not able truly to detect lies. It only measured one’s pulse rate, heart rate and blood pressure to roughly determine whether he was nervous or not.

Gu Yanshu thought he had a good psychological quality himself. He curled up into the sofa, buried his chin in the collar, and calmly watched Xia Qingqiao on the carpet squeal by the electricity.

Sheng Ping: “What’s your height?”

Xia Qingqiao: “188 cm! Ahhhh!! 185! Ahhh!!! 180! Ahhhh!!! 176! Ahhhhhh!!! 175.6!”


Finally, the green light was on.

Gu Yanshu, who just finished denying the functionality of the lie detector: “……”

It could actually be precise to the decimal point, so the scientific and technological developments nowadays had boosted so fast?

Xia Qingqiao took out his hand that had been numbed by the electricity and wiped his tears: “I can’t keep the image of 188cm iron man anymore.”

Xu Fangfang comforted him also with tears: “Little brother, it’s okay, see, my image of 88 jin perfect goodness had also collapsed. What a damn lie detector it is, so accurate!”

(TL: jin is a unit that measures weight. One jin is approximately 1.1 pound.)

Gu Yanshu thought of the few questions that had been asked, suddenly getting unwilling to take part in the game.

But Sheng Ping had already called his name: “Shu, it’s your turn.”

Gu Yanshu stayed on the sofa, with his eyelashes dropping slightly, and didn’t move.

Shen Jue looked askance at him and smiled: “So? You’ve done some shady deals, afraid of the questions?”

Gu Yanshu stood up coldly and sat in front of the lie detector.

Shen Jue sat behind him, staring at the pretty cute head, and smiled quietly.

Such a stubborn lad.

Sheng Ping had already put his arm in the question box: “Shu, are you ready?”


“Okay, the first question is, did you ever have a crush on someone?”

Gu Yanshu: “?”

Just now it was still height and weight, but now why it suddenly changed its style?

He didn’t want to respond. But when he thought of Shen Jue who was possibly leaning lazily on the sofa with arms crossed over the chest, looking forward to something dramatic, he then answered coldly: “No.”


Red light.

Gu Yanshu: “……”.

Trashy lie detector. A counterfeit.

Sheng Ping smothered the smile of gossip, pretended that nothing had happened, and took out another question: “What’s the most handsome hairstyle for boys do you think?”

“Crew cut.”


Red light again, and the sound even harsher.

“What kind of personality do you like to be around.”


Tick tick tick—-

“The happiest thing this year.”

“Held the concert in Bird’s Nest Stadium.”

Tick tick tick tick—-

“Anyone you miss in particular.”


Tick tick tick tick tick—-



He lost all the battles.

The lie detector screamed so loudly that it would be flying with joy.

Gu Yanshu indifferently pulled out his hand, push the lie detector towards the program team, and said with a calm tone: “It’s not working.”

Cao Dan frowned: “Not working?”

Gu Yanshu nodded with conviction: “Mmm, it only turned red light.”

Cao Dan was skeptical: “Really?”

Gu Yanshu hung loose: “Sure.”

“All right.” Probably because Gu Yanshu had always been a cold and indifferent person, his rare persistence persuaded the program team: “Then we’ll change it and do it again.”

Just before the lie detector could be carried away, Gu Yanshu felt he was enveloped in a shadow, and a long slim finger was stretched out behind him, stopping the lie detector: “Not working? Let me try.”


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