Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 28.3

Shen Jue took the tablet and scrolled through the page. 

The second hottest trending topic was “Gu Yanshu Imprison”. 

However, the first was, “Chen Ran Gu Yanshu”. 

“@MadamWangtheOnlooker: Here we go again. It seems like what was previously said about Gu Yanshu stealing Chen Ran’s “The Greatest Stage” resources has come true. How could the professional judges not give a single vote to Chen Ran? Who would believe that the results weren’t rigged? And this is what the insiders managed to get, the “Cohabitation Life” contract that the programme previously signed with Chen Ran. Now we know what the truth is. The final picture is a picture of Shen Jue going backstage. To be able to sell themselves to this extent, they are truly acting kings.” 

There was a bloody battle in the comments section. 


Some were in complete agreement that Gu Yanshu had trumped Chen Ran’s performance, but others felt that it was an exaggeration that the professional judges refused to give even a vote to him. 

As for Shen Jue taking over Chen Ran’s place in the show, even though it was now proven, the rumours about Shen Jue and Gu Yanshu intentionally rekindling their couple image was really too strange. Even though many people did not believe it fully, they were almost convinced by it. And with the online troopers’ trying to push the rumours in that direction, the arguments among the fans became even more heated. 

Added with rumours that Chen Ran was being ostracised because he refused to cooperate with Gu Yanshu and play up rumours of them being a couple, many people began to pity Chen Ran. 

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“Will President Ye agree…” 


“He will,” Shen Jue said firmly. 

If that can be done, not only would they be able to avoid any rumours, they might even be able to clear his name once and for all. Fang Yuan decided to try, and he went out of the room to call Ye Leng. 

Shen Jue also took out his phone and made a call. “Have you found out the reason for the stage accident? And have you managed to find the true IP addresses of those people who rigged the voting? Once these are found, you can make a police report. Before you do so, also release the evidence of the rigging. Also, get the legal department to make preparations to sue Ding Yun.” 

Then, he hung up the call. 

A short while later, Fang Yuan rushed back into the room. 

Shen Jue raised a brow and asked, “Did President Ye agree?” 

“He did. He said that he would let the company’s legal department issue the evidence and put out a legal statement, but…” Fang Yuan took a deep breath before continuing, “The media has arrived at the hospital. They are all gathered at the entrance and refuse to leave.” 

Shen Jue replied lazily, “Mm. Got it. I’ll handle that.” Then, he stood up slowly, straightened his clothes, and walked out of the room. 

Fang Yuan followed behind closely, and as he noticed Shen Jue’s broad shoulders, slender waist and lanky legs, he realised that this man was the ideal example of how a man would exude a sense of security.

He suddenly realised that not all men who had man buns were bad people. 

As the entrance of the hospital opened, the lights from the cameras flashed continuously. 

“Shen Jue, why did you appear backstage at ‘The Greatest Stage’ today?” 


“Gu Yanshu was having a fever, so I went to deliver medicine to him.” 

“There are rumours that Gu Yanshu and you had stolen Chen Ran’s resources just so that the two of you can pretend to be a couple for popularity, is that true?” 

“It’s not. UN Media will be releasing the details soon. At the same time, we’ll be pursuing legal action against all those who created and spread these rumours.” 

“If it wasn’t because of internal manoeuvrings, why would Chen Ran have twenty thousand more votes than Gu Yanshu from the online voting, but zero from the professional judges?” 

“The reason why Chen Ran had twenty thousand more votes online would be made known by the police soon. As to why the professional judges did not even give him a single vote…” 

He paused for a moment, then added with a straight face, “It’s because he’s lousy.” 


What a straightforward answer. 

Shen Jue’s voice was indifferent as he asked, “Do you have any other questions?’ 

Amidst the commotion, a crisp voice could suddenly be heard. “If Gu Yanshu and you weren’t promoting yourselves as a couple for publicity, then what exactly is your relationship?” 

Once the question was asked, everyone else fell silent.

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