Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 28.2

After hearing the results, Chen Ran could no longer remain calm. He took up the microphone and asked aggrieved, “Dear judges, I would like to ask a question please. Was my performance tonight that terrible?” 

The leader of the music producers replied, “The reason why you did not receive any votes was not because your performance was bad, but because you didn’t stand a chance at all against your competitor. When we are watching a performance, what we look out for has never been how beautiful the stage is, but the person who is performing. When your abilities fall behind the glamorous stage, you’ll definitely be outshined by it. Only when someone’s abilities match up to the stage can we call it the greatest stage.” 

After a pause, he emphasised, “That’s right, the performance I’m talking about is Gu Yanshu’s. His performance this time was his greatest stage. As for you, rather than spending your time and effort on the superficial things, you might as well solidify your basic skills first.” 

His words were merciless. 

Chen Ran’s face turned pale. 


There was no change in Gu Yanshu’s expression all this time. He simply stood there silently, with an indifferent look, like a lone pine tree in a vast land of snow. 

The host asked him, “What are your thoughts about successfully winning the challenge?” 

Gu Yanshu replied with a straight face, “I’m honoured to be recognised as a singer.” 

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Gu Yanshu finally looked up, and his gaze was clear as he spoke with a slightly hoarse voice, “This song might be a love song, but it might not be as well. All I have to say is, there might be many fixed and traditional rules in this world, but they might not all be correct. However, they are certainly a form of shackles. Yet, we might look back in the past and realise that these shackles might not actually mean anything.” 


His cool tone and aloof expression made him appear domineering and proud, as though everything that had just happened was not a big deal to him. 

Screams and applause could be heard across the entire venue. 

However, Gu Yanshu simply left the stage politely. 

The moment he walked off the stage and turned to the side, he saw Shen Jue. 

In that moment, all the strength that he had used to force himself to finish the performance that day dissipated. 

His vision suddenly turned black, and he collapsed. 

Before he completely lost consciousness, he could smell the familiar absinthe scent. 

He thought to himself, It really hurts.

The moment Gu Yanshu fell into Shen Jue’s embrace, he was like a beautiful doll that was so warm that it might crack the moment he touched it. 

Shen Jue did not even have to think for a moment before he carried Gu Yanshu up. 

Fang Yuan was shocked. 

Fortunately, the cameras remained on the stage, where Chen Ran was sharing his thoughts of defeat, so this scene was not filmed. Otherwise, there was no way they could explain this. 


Fang Yuan used his jacket to cover and escort them to the car, and they drove off to the hospital. 

Shen Jue wrapped Gu Yanshu’s entire body up tightly, revealing only his pale little face. The latter lay in his arms, and as though he was sniffing for a certain fragrance, he burrowed his head even more deeply into his embrace. 

When Fang Yuan saw this scene from the rearview mirror, his face turned red. 

How could Xiao Shu be so useless! He was sticking so close to the other person even without knowing if the person was friend or foe! Where was the superstar aura that they agreed upon?!

He could only smile sheepishly and say, “Er… I’m sorry, Teacher Shen, Xiao Shu isn’t like that usually.” 

“Mm. I know.” 

Shen Jue wrapped Gu Yanshu even tighter. 

If Gu Yanshu acted like this in front of other people too, he would definitely have locked him up much earlier. 

By the time the medical examination, blood tests and all were completed in the hospital, it was already late at night. 

Shen Jue sat on the couch in the VIP ward and looked at the medical report. His voice was low and it was hard to decipher his emotions as he said, “Gu Yanshu, male, 24 years old, 1.8m tall, 119 pounds, low blood pressure, slight anaemia, level of total proteins low, sinus rhythm high, knees are overworked and has signs of recurrent injury, some infection on the injuries on the ankles.” 

After reading this, he looked up at Fang Yuan with a calm yet domineering gaze. “Can you tell me what Gu Yanshu is working so hard for?” 

Fang Yuan sighed. “I don’t know either. He’s just been busy all this time, anxiously trying to change his image. It seems as though he feels insecure once he stops. As for the reason why, he doesn’t tell me even when I ask him, and I’ve tried persuading him too, but he doesn’t listen to me at all.” 


“Alright, got it.” Shen Jue looked down, then tapped on the medical report before asking, “Has there been any movements on Ding Yun’s end?” 

He was like a boss who was used to firing his orders, but Fang Yuan did not notice anything wrong about it. He simply responded, “It’s already trending online.” 

As he spoke, he handed the iPad over to Shen Jue. 

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