Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 25.2: Two In One

Gu Yanshu tightened his grip on the mug till his knuckles were white, but his voice was calm, as though he didn’t care about it. “Mmm, that day I was too tired. I probably fell asleep, so I didn’t hear him knocking.” 

He was really too tired. After Shen Jue left, he was not used to being alone and didn’t sleep for a few days. But he still had to move the next day, and had to look after his mother, who was still in hospital. Hence, he took some sleeping pills and forced himself to rest. 

He vaguely remembered that he didn’t sleep well at all that day. He was tossing and turning as he dreamt of Shen Jue, and he seemed to have even argued with the latter. But he thought that it was all a dream, so he didn’t think too much of it. 

Yet, it turned out that Shen Jue had returned to see him, but he didn’t open the door for him. 

No wonder he would say, “This time, remember to keep the door unlocked for me.” 


Gu Yanshu’s fingers almost crushed the cup of milk. 

Huang Yinan consoled him, “It’s all right. This is not your fault anyway. A young kid like you travelled all the way to the city, and your life was so pitiful. Then came Shen Jue, who treated you so well, and you relied on him like your own brother. But he walked off so easily, so you must have been hurt.” 

Huang Yinan looked like he understood him, and for once, Gu Yanshu felt that he couldn’t refute him. 

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Before he opened the door, he seemed to have recalled something, so he turned back and said, “Oh yes, Old Hu is getting married two weeks later. The invitations have been sent too. Come with Old Shen, alright?” 


“Sure,” Gu Yanshu smiled faintly at Huang Yinan. 

Huang Yinan waved goodbye at him, then left the room.

Gu Yanshu’s face was serious as he found a place to hide the money, then drank his milk and washed his cup. 

When he looked out again, he realised that there were small white specks on the areas where the night light shone. 

It was snowing. 

The car could only stop at the entrance of the estate. Would Shen Jue bring a brolly when he returned? 

Soon, the snow became heavier. Layers and layers filled the ground, turning the entire area white. 

Gu Yanshu pulled a jacket on, grabbed an umbrella, then left the house. 

Strong winds accompanied the snowfall, and the withered trees were shaking, creating all sorts of scary shadows. 

Gu Yanshu looked down and walked briskly. 

Finally, he arrived at the entrance of the estate. When he looked around the area, it was empty, and there were no signs of cars at all. 

Gu Yanshu looked down disappointedly. He kicked the small pebbles around him, and pursed his lips tightly. 


Time passed slowly. The fingers that were holding the handle of the umbrella were almost frozen, and his knees were starting to ache. Whenever there was light from an approaching car, he would look up expectantly, but when he had a clear look of the people in the car, his gaze would drop again. 

A strong breeze blew at him, and he was freezing cold. He sneezed softly, then pulled his jacket tighter around him. 

The guard asked, “Handsome man, are you waiting for someone?” 


“It’s snowing so heavily. The person might not be able to come back. Why don’t you call and ask?” 

“Mmm, thank you.” 

That’s right. The snow might be too heavy, so he might not be able to come back. 

Anyway, Shen Jue was a habitual liar, and it wasn’t the first time that he was lying to him. 

Gu Yanshu turned back calmly. With the umbrella in hand, he slowly turned back. 

He told himself that this wasn’t the first time that he had been abandoned, that he was already used to it, that this was nothing. 

But suddenly, he heard a voice behind him. 

“Gu Yanshu.” 


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