Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 25.1: Two In One

Why would I want to be good friends with you?

Gu Yanshu recalled bitterly the events that happened in the haunted house, and his face fell. He immediately stopped following this user. 

In his hurry to hide from Shen Jue when he was watching the video, his finger clicked on the wrong button accidentally, causing him to follow this account. But this crazy person had followed him back. 

Just from the username “I’llBeatUpThatBastardShen” alone, couldn’t the other party tell that they were on completely different sides? 

Immediately after he cancelled the follow request, the other party sent a message, “?”


Gu Yanshu replied with the same message: “?”

@XiaoShenXiaoGuIsAMatchMadeInHeaven: You were the one who followed me first. 

@I’llBeatUpThatBastardShen: ……

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He wanted to ask Shen Jue when he would be returning. 


But he didn’t know what position he should use to send such a message to him. 

Gu Yanshu paced around the room for a while, then put down his phone and walked to the window. From a small gap between the curtains, he peeked outside. 

The trees around the house were swaying, and under the reflection of the moonlight, they appeared somewhat menacing. However, there was no one in sight. 

Gu Yanshu lowered his gaze, then put the curtain down. 

There was a knock on his door. 

He looked up, and his eyes lit up. 

Huang Yinan’s voice sounded from the outside, “Xiao Shu, can I come in?” 

Gu Yanshu’s face fell again, and he went to open the door. 

There was a glass of milk in Huang Yinan’s hand, and he asked, “Shall we chat?” 

Gu Yanshu took the milk, then sat down beside the coffee table. 

Huang Yinan sat down across from him, then stretched, “The camera has been following us these two days, and we never had a chance to really talk.” 

The VJ and him had just finished filming for the day. The camera in the room was being blocked, and his mic had been removed. He had just taken a shower, and he felt refreshed. Finally, he could relax for some time. 


“Shen Jue said that you’re scared of the dark, so he asked me to accompany you.” 

Gu Yanshu took the milk and his face was sullen as he said nonchalantly, “Don’t listen to his nonsense.” 

Knowing that Gu Yanshu was easily shy, Huang Yinan didn’t say anything else. He changed the topic, “Shen Jue and you haven’t added each other back on WeChat?” 

Gu Yanshu took a small sip of his milk, but did not reply. 

Huang Yinan chuckled, “Aren’t the two of you childish? How old are the both of you? Why are you still acting like kids when you quarrel? The both of you have obviously made up, but neither of you are willing to back down and apologise?” 


“Does that mean that you are still angry with Shen Jue?” 


Gu Yanshu’s voice was emotionless. 

Under the weak lighting, his fair skin appeared somewhat translucent. His eyes gaze was lowered, but he appeared especially cold and even somewhat cruel. 

However, Huang Yinan knew that Gu Yanshu was a soft-hearted man. It was just that his self-preservation instincts were too strong, and he was too stubborn, hence he had covered himself up in a shiny but icy shell. 

And this shell could only be melted by Shen Jue’s shameless and uninhibited personality. 


Huang Yinan decided to try to persuade him, “Don’t be angry with Old Shen anymore. It wasn’t easy for him either. If he didn’t follow his father home back then, do you know how we would have become now? Besides, didn’t he come back once after that to try to explain to you?” 

Gu Yanshu seemed completely unaware of this. He raised his eyes and looked at Huang Yinan, “He came back to look for me?” 

“That’s right. Didn’t you know that?” Huang Yinan raised a brow in astonishment. “It was on the day before we moved out of the hostel. You locked yourself in the room and refused to come out, and even stopped eating and drinking. We didn’t know what else to do, so we asked Old Shen to come back.” 

As though he was recollecting the events of that day, he shook his head, “But Old Shen looked terrible when he appeared that day. He looked as though he was fleeing or something. Wait. Didn’t the two of you meet then?” 

When Shen Jue returned that day, the other three of them felt that they needed to give them space to talk. Hence, they left the hostel, but when they returned, they saw Gu Yanshu packing. His eyes were swollen, and they thought it was because Shen Jue and him and quarrelled again, so they didn’t dare to probe further. 

But who knew that they didn’t meet at all?

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