Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 23.3

By the time the livestream ended, the total number of audiences who watched the entire day had already bypassed the 100 million mark. At its peak, the total number of people watching totaled tens of millions. 

There were a few hot trending topics on Weibo. 

There were even a number of topics that were artificially pushed up behind the scenes. 

Gu Yanshu didn’t need to think hard to know that Shen Jue and him had basically stayed on the trending list the entire day. 

Gu Yanshu returned to the room first. He covered the camera, removed his mic, then took a shower. After that, he lay prone on bed and took out his phone, only to find that Fang Yuan had already posted countless Weibo messages. 


There were a lot of words, all of them lengthy messages. Every single one of them were filled with furious exclamation marks. He was clearly following the entire livestream closely.

And all the words culminated into a single conclusion. 

Fang Yuan: “Gu Yanshu! Didn’t you promise me that you will stay away from Shen Jue? Is this what you call staying away? Don’t you know that this is a livestream? There’s no post-production editing! If anyone wants to screw you over, they’ll have all the information they have to be used against you!” <Link attached>

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“Regardless of whether you’re laughing, throwing a tantrum, scared, or feeling lonely, as long as you turn around and look, I’ll forever be by your side.”



Goosebumps rose on Gu Yanshu’s skin. 

It was reminiscent of when he was in junior high, and he saw the QQ signatures by the girls in his class. 

It’s been a long since then, why are such statements still so popular?!

Gu Yanshu wanted to turn it off disdainfully, but his finger told him that he could still watch it for a few more seconds.

The video had moved to sunset, where he pulled out some cotton candy and handed it to Shen Jue with a gentle smile on his face. 

Shen Jue opened his mouth and ate the cotton candy. The camera zoomed in specifically on his lips. 

The fair finger, covered with the translucent and sticky cotton candy, touched the red lips, appearing exceptionally ambiguous and erotic. 

Gu Yanshu had a bad premonition of what was to come. 

True enough, in the next second, the video moved to a scene where Shen Jue and him were hugging, and starting to remove his clothes…


The tips of Gu Yanshu’s ears were red as he swiftly exited from the video.


However, when he exited the link, he saw that the donations for the video was ranked on top.

@XiaoShenXiaoGuIsAMatchMadeInHeaven: Giving 13145.20. [1]

Why was there a rich CP fan like this account?!

Gu Yanshu was fuming when he saw the username. 

Without this person, the things in the amusement park wouldn’t have happened. He wouldn’t have to go through the haunted house, and he wouldn’t have held Shen Jue’s hand out of fear. Most of all, he wouldn’t be trending under such nonsensical topics. 

If he wasn’t careful, he would either make some mistakes somewhere, or end up offending someone he couldn’t afford to offend again. 

Gu Yanshu clicked on the username, wanting to find out who this person really was. 

A voice suddenly sounded from behind him, “What are you looking at?’

Gu Yanshu’s hand shook, and he didn’t know what he clicked, but he didn’t have the time to check. He could only hastily lock his screen and turn back, before saying in a cold voice, “Nothing much.” 

He was clearly acting suspiciously. 

Shen Jue stood by his bed and his towering gaze fell down upon Gu Yanshu, as he raised a brow, “Nothing much?”

Gu Yanshu remained impassive, “Yes, nothing much.”


Shen Jue chuckled, “Why are you so nervous if it was nothing much?”

Gu Yanshu was still expressionless, “Who’s nervous?”

He was so nervous that his ears were piping red, yet he was still denying it. 

Shen Jue bent down with a devilish smile, then put on a suspicious expression, “Could it be… That you’re reading negative comments about me?”

“Do you think everyone is as free as you are?” Gu Yanshu retorted, his brows knitted tightly. 

Shen Jue acted shamelessly, “That means you were really reading bad stuff about me.”

“I wasn’t.”

“You were!” 

“Shen Jue, why are you so childish?!”

Gu Yanshu couldn’t hold his anger back anymore, and he raised a leg to kick Shen Jue.

The latter agilely grabbed his foot. 

Gu Yanshu immediately raised his other leg and kicked him.


Just as the two tall men, who were acting like kindergarten children, were about to fight, the phone that Shen Jue placed on the bedside rang.

The two men froze, then turned to look at the phone.

The screen was flashing.

Shen Ji.

Shen Jue’s father.

The room instantly became silent.

Shen Jue no longer had a teasing look on his face. He stood up and said, “I’ll take the call first.” 

Then, he took his phone, walked towards the balcony, and shut the door tightly behind him. 

[1] 13145.20 translates as “Forever, I love you”. 1314 is a homonym in Chinese for “A lifetime” (一生一世), and 520 is a homonym for “I love you” (我爱你).

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