I Rely On Beauty To Stabilize The Country


Chapter 92 Part 2

Underneath Quan Zhuang was a network of hot springs, causing flowers and plants in the manor to flourish throughout the seasons. The temperature was spring-like, and even without his cloak, Gu Yuanbai didn’t feel cold in his single-layered attire.

Gu Yuanbai entered the water, the two wolves guarding the path. After he closed his eyes, the wolves, previously asleep, suddenly stood up with vigilant eyes. After a while, inexplicably, they dispersed and returned to lying on the ground.

The sound of flowing water surrounded Gu Yuanbai, and just as he was about to close his eyes, there was a movement in the grass. Before he could react, a large hand covered his eyes, and someone behind him called out, “Your Majesty.”

The voice sounded hoarse and carried a scent of blood and dust. Gu Yuanbai’s breath caught; the hand was hot, making his eyelids warm. Despite the person being so close, the wolves remained silent. It couldn’t be unless it was Xue Yuan.


But Xue Yuan was in the northern frontier.

Reason argued it was impossible, but Gu Yuanbai’s tone was firm, “Xue Jiuyao, you have quite the audacity.”

Silence followed for a while, only the sound of trickling water heard. Just as Gu Yuanbai thought something was wrong, the person behind him suddenly laughed, lowered his body, and whispered near Gu Yuanbai’s ear, “You haven’t forgotten me.”

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“You’re about to take a consort and get married,” Xue Yuan’s eyes were bloodshot, shaking as he controlled his strength, “At this time, you want me to be obedient? Do you find me not calm enough?”


The dried blood smell mixed with the scent of sulfur rushed over, and the splashing water hit Gu Yuanbai’s face. His calm demeanor shattered, and he grabbed Xue Yuan’s clothes, pulling him close. The sunken temples pulsed, his expression ugly, “What madness has possessed you? Do you call this obedience?”

“You’re damn taking a consort into the palace! Getting married!” Xue Yuan’s eyes were reddened, trembling as he held Gu Yuanbai’s chin, struggling to control his strength, “At this time, you want me to be obedient? Do you think I’m not obedient enough?”

“How do you define obedience? Is it determined by your choice of a wife, the selection of three thousand beauties in your harem, and ultimately, your demise in the beds of those women?”

The harsh breath hit Gu Yuanbai’s face, his own breath becoming rapid. His mind pulsated, aching, and his heart raced. He released Xue Yuan, took a deep breath, and seemed to calm down. “Go back.”

Trying to maintain composure, he said, “Go back to your borders.”

Xue Yuan stared at his cold and ruthless expression, suddenly clenched his fist, slamming it heavily on the ground next to Gu Yuanbai.

Gu Yuanbai’s aura turned cold, and he spoke slowly, word by word, “Even if We don’t take concubines, it’s none of your business.”

“You shouldn’t have come to us, stirred trouble in front of us,” Gu Yuanbai continued, his anger rising. “What do you want? What are you daring to do? How bold are you!”

Even someone weak needs to control their temper. Gu Yuanbai suppressed his emotions, and Xue Yuan fell silent. After a while, his voice lowered, tired, “I’ve always protected my back on the battlefield, afraid that when I return, it will be covered in scars, leaving no room for your nail marks.”

“Why would we leave nail marks on your back?” Gu Yuanbai retorted.

In a sudden move, Xue Yuan grabbed his hand and pressed it against his left chest, saying, “Feel your heart.”

Gu Yuanbai’s hand was pressed, layers overlapping on the left side of his chest. Something slipped through his slender fingers, brushing against Xue Yuan’s palm. Gu Yuanbai’s face changed, “Xue Jiuyao!”


Xue Yuan’s palm itched, and a hint of surprise appeared in his dry eyes.

Gu Yuanbai’s complexion fluctuated, “Xue Jiuyao! Even if there’s no one around, even if I’m powerless, my momentum won’t soften, and I won’t be outdone. Ha.”

Xue Yuan’s voice suddenly lowered, pleading, “Gu Lian, let me kiss you.”

Gu Yuanbai tightly pursed his lips, the color of his lips incredibly alluring beneath the mist. He didn’t refuse or agree. In the hazy atmosphere, his appearance seemed softened by the warmth. Xue Yuan, bewitched, moved forward. Their noses touched, and the distance between their lips was so close that they could speak.

Xue Yuan whispered, “Are you going to take concubines into the palace?”

With each word, their lips seemed on the verge of touching.

Gu Yuanbai, cold and indifferent, seemingly unaffected, spoke evenly, “None of your business.”

This was something Xue Yuan liked to say. His breath was already erratic, and he smiled, “Don’t take concubines; your health can’t withstand women.”

Gu Yuanbai sneered, lips hooked, “What do you mean?”

“I won’t have a wife, won’t have a woman,” Xue Yuan said with warmth, dewdrops forming on his sword-like eyebrows. “We’ll be companions. I’ll treat you well, keep you comfortable, warm your hands and feet. How about it?”

Gu Yuanbai’s voice lowered, “Get lost.”

“I won’t leave,” Xue Yuan moved closer, his strong body pressing, a powerful force calling for closeness. “You don’t believe what I say?”


Gu Yuanbai chuckled, but Xue Yuan took his hand, expertly tending to the emperor whose eyes were covered.

“I think you’re uncomfortable, with a headache, craving blood, wanting to kill,” Xue Yuan’s hand on Gu Yuanbai’s eyes didn’t let go. “You want to cut it off, a strong grip can break it. I know I’ve crossed the line, no rules, not to your liking, but Gu Yuanbai, I like you too much. I don’t want to see you like this, but I can’t control it.”

“I don’t want to be like a wild beast in heat, wanting to learn the gentlemanly style of Chu Wei,” his breath moved to his neck, and Xue Yuan sucked on Gu Yuanbai’s Adam’s apple, husky. “But I can’t help it. As soon as I think of you, I can’t suppress it. I ran for fifteen days, day and night, from the Northern Frontier to the capital. I just wanted to ask if you wanted to take concubines.”

He let go of Gu Yuanbai’s hand, instead skillfully serving the emperor, whose eyes were covered.

“I’m obedient, very obedient,” Xue Yuan grinned, raising his head to kiss Gu Yuanbai. “Even if the master treats me like a dog, I’ll  come and go as commanded.”

In their private space, it seemed like just two individuals, unrelated to the emperor or minister. Two people with complete personalities.

Gu Yuanbai finally spoke, his breathing became labored. His fair neck lifted, as graceful as a dying deer. His Adam’s apple rolled, water droplets sliding down. “You’re obedient? Ha.”

Xue Yuan licked away those droplets on Gu Yuanbai’s mouth. Gu Yuanbai reached out, grabbing his black hair, commanding, “Bow your head.”

Xue Yuan, still using his hand, said, “I can’t bow my head now. I can’t let you see me.”

A faint displeasure appeared on Gu Yuanbai’s face.

Xue Yuan said, “Because I’m too ugly now, it would scare you. I can’t let you see.”

After Gu Yuanbai felt comfortable, Xue Yuan took that hand and carefully pinched Gu Yuanbai’s chin. He kissed it passionately, the kissing sound loud. After kissing, he said hoarsely, “I know you still don’t like me now, but it’s okay.”


This time, his laughter was finally somewhat pleasant, followed by a gentle and soft voice.

“Gu Lian, I have a lifetime to spend with you.”



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